Do we NEED the US Police State?

Posted On: Wednesday - September 27th 2023 11:55PM MST
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The courageous Paul Kersey* wrote some of his racial commentary a few days back about a Salt Lake City TV station article that asked "Will weapon detectors at Salt Lake high schools disproportionally affect students of color?" ("SOC"s, I presume?) The reader may well ask "Salt Lake City?! Isn't that a Whitetopia?" That depends on whether you mean the city or the whole metro area, something discussed by commenters under Mr. Kersey's post In 59% Non-White Salt Lake Public Schools, Weapon Detectors Are Required in High Schools and Elected Officials Worry It Will Disproportionately Affect... Non-Whites Carrying Weapons Mr. Kersey does go for those long titles, but you get his point quickly from them anyway.

Though Mr. Kersey's commenters discussed some of this too, I want to mention an ideological point about this story. When it comes to idealogy Peak Stupidity claims our Libertarianism as well as Conservatism. We have a topic key for the former - the Conservatism is a given, I suppose - along with US Police State.

For almost my whole life I've agreed with the Libertarian/Constitutionalist Ron Paul's, Lew Rockwell's, and Vin Suprynowicz's* on the encroaching, now almost fully extant, US Police State. I still do, but I can see much more clearly than I use to the problem with trying to resist it while there exists certain segments of the American population.

This is an area in which pundits like Paul Kersey have taught me a few things. Rather than immediately want to retort (and there's a place for comments too!) "What you write is simply unConstitutional!", I understand that the US Constitution wasn't written with a large black population in mind as citizens. It's not just the non-understanding of it by black people, most immigrants of the that have come in over the last half century, and plenty of White people too. It's not just the lack of support for this document as the Law of the Land by said modern Americans. It's that certain contingents - taken as a whole, of course - can't behave well enough to allow the freedom we used to enjoy. That's what Paul Kersey means by "This is why we can't have nice things." (It's not his only point by it, but part of it.)

Is it just due to the lack of the technology that there were no metal detectors in schools going back 50 years or so? No, that's not the case. It would have seemed abhorrent, an affront to Liberty, going back to the 1980s even. That they were in airport terminals before then for a very specific purpose (not that I agree) was already the case, but in one's kids' schools?! That'd have been considered very Police State-like then.

When a respecter of Freedom sees the picture above today, he will still see this as an abhorrent piece of the US Police State. The need for this sort of thing is not worth the humiliation and loss of Liberty. Then, one will see the picture - or scene in real life - below.


In answer to the question in our title, no, WE don't need the US Police State for ourselves. However, we've got people in the country whom we often don't see any other way to handle. I don't see any way out of this conundrum without separation of those who CAN maintain and live under a free society and those who CAN'T.

PS: I do think of "Paul Kersey"***, he being very wise not to use his real name, as one courageous guy for writing the truth about racial matters daily. I'll also add that I like his variation in subject matter, something that was not so much the case in the past. It used to be kind of repetitive, truthful and important as it was, with most posts about crime in specific far-gone cities, shootings at funerals, and city/private efforts to "stop the violence" by black "leaders".

* See also Part 2 and Part 3 of that series.

** BTW, "weapons detector" must be the new term for metal detector. This is about guns and large knives, I guess. You can make a weapon out of other materials. The racial contingent in question is not so creative about it, really because it's their impulsivity and lack of foresight that has them bringing in and using guns.

*** ... taken from the Death Wish series of movies. Charles Bronson played the part of vigilante Paul Kersey.

Sunday - October 1st 2023 9:39AM MST
PS: Thanks for the comment, Blondie.

Re: "Any cop who cuffs anyone for not wearing a mask is a traitor and a coward . Just following orders ma’am . So were cops just following orders when they let blm block EMS from getting to a hospital?" Yeah, down in Miami early '21, the signs say you need to wear a mask on the beach walk. One in 10 or so was. We weren't. 3 cops standing around give us masks. My friend starts chatting with them, while I took the one he gave me and put it into the nearest trash can in plain sight.

That's resistance, but not so organized, more the 3rd-World way, IMO. We don't care. They don't care. However, if someone wants to blackmail, threaten you, or have you arrested, well, that's easy enough. "He was not wearing a mask at the beach."

Yes, I've read your comments on your small town on TUR. I hope it stays non-diverse, as I know you are worried about that.

Thanks for the comment.
Sunday - October 1st 2023 9:34AM MST
PS: It seems to me that Kersey, Unz, etc. have a job. It’s to keep us perpetually in a state of rage. “But, but, but,….that’s unconstitutional! The police can’t do that!”

Well, I was following, and often enraged about, this stuff in the mid-1990s, JimBobla. That's when I knew this Republic wouldn't stand. See:

When did the Feral Government get OUT OF CONTROL?

Part 1:

Part 1:

That was when we had a bigger portion of the population that DID understand my point. Now, well, ...

I agree with you re the police for the most part.
Blondie Callahan 1970
Sunday - October 1st 2023 5:31AM MST
PS- We don’t need the police state for OURSELVES . Indeed we do not . But we have it , like it or not . China Virus was the perfect time to break out and test run the police state. How many times did we see people being harassed and sometimes jailed for not wearing a mask , plenty. How many times did we see arsonist and looters being jailed ? And if they did get jailed, cities like New York and Denver handed out cash for infringing on the arsonist “rights .”

Yes Paul Kersey wants you to be pissed off , we need to be or we will be walked to the gallows with smiles on our faces . The self hating whites could immediately help the cause , they could just end their self loathing white guilt ridden lives , today . The world would immediately improve , overnight.

Any cop who cuffs anyone for not wearing a mask is a traitor and a coward . Just following orders ma’am . So were cops just following orders when they let blm block EMS from getting to a hospital?

Cops are useless . They are not you’re friends and they are most certainly not here to assist you in anyway . They’re tax collectors and the eyes and ears for the maniacs in charge. Maybe 10% or so understand our rights and want to help people . The rest are bullies and are there for a pension . Arresting White women for going to work is the act of a coward and a traitor . You’re blind if you believe otherwise .

Cops are not needed in majority White areas . If they were then how does one explain thousands of small White towns across the USA with no cops and no crime ? Petty crimes still occur , so what ? Petty crimes still occur when cops are present . Cops are here to prevent Whites from doing what needs to be done . This is the reason we Whites do nothing , no one wants to go to prison. They’re replacing us and letting poc murder Whites daily , and people like Mosby let black criminals out of jail . Try and defend yourself , Johnny law will have you cuffed and stuffed in no time , to quote the great Roscoe P. Coltrain .
Sunday - October 1st 2023 4:08AM MST
PS It seems to me that Kersey, Unz, etc. have a job. It’s to keep us perpetually in a state of rage. “But, but, but,….that’s unconstitutional! The police can’t do that!” Tut, tut, my little friend. Yes they can. They prove it by doing it, and getting away with it. The Constitution is as useful in an argument as a buggy whip is in a Tesla. The police are little more than storm troopers, ready to follow the next order, or to assault or kill you for a perceived indiscretion. “But what can we do?!!!” “We” can do nothing but ride this out-of-control beast to its last breath. Signed, Black Pilled.
Thursday - September 28th 2023 1:51PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, by "we" I meant the Peak Stupidity readers. ;-}

I agree it's that last reason that's the important one, SafeNow. If it were truly Constitutional actions being taken, then likely there wouldn't be too much humiliation or inconvenience for most people anyway. It's some trouble to obtain a warrant, so I figure most of us wouldn't be inconvenienced or humiliated.

That "if you've done nothing wrong, what are you worried about?" argument pisses me off. These people don't see the future. They didn't before the TSA (just for example) or DUI traffic stops (another), but those things came. More is coming.

Thursday - September 28th 2023 1:47PM MST
PS: I finally got a chance to write. (Using the phone of this is miserable.)

My point in this comment is not really an argument within the discussion among Bill, Adam, and M. I use the term "Police State" the way Libertarians tend to do to describe extra-Constitutional (as in "un") actions, such as these searches, which will often, but not necessarily, be performed by police.

I have made peace with it because over 20 years later no other air travelers seem to give a rat's ass at this point, but I'm still of the opinion that the TSA is unConstitutional. The word "reason" in ".. against unreasonable searches and seizures..." in Amendment IV is not to say "well, we've been doing this for 20 years - seems like a pretty reasonable precaution. "Reasonable" is to be read as "we have a reason for this search", so we obtained a search warrant from a judge.

Whether it's this new(er) Feral Gov't organization of Blue-shirted "officers" doing it, local police, or the FBI or whatever, it's the mark of a "Police State".
Thursday - September 28th 2023 11:54AM MST
The police-state supporters are always asking: “If you have nothing to hide, then why would you object?” Well, three reasons: because of inconvenience, humiliation, and the distant possibility of expansion beyond tolerable bounds. The last of these is the East Germany scenario - - children turning in their parents and so on. The moral and criminal unraveling has gotten so bad that the first two are worth putting-up with. It’s the last one that presents the big problem.

Thursday - September 28th 2023 11:20AM MST
PS What do you mean “we” kemosabe? Maybe you don’t need a police state? Maybe I don’t need a police state. But the global billionaire class who want to own and control everything need a police state. They usually get what they want.
Thursday - September 28th 2023 8:56AM MST
Police are intended to prevent mob "justice", since that is error-prone.
They take orders and direction from our leaders. Who are soft-headed or psychopaths.
When your leaders are bad, nothing will work.

It's also a case not of "why does this go wrong" but rather "why did it work right for so long?" Entropy exists; to remove it from your vicinity is a constant struggle.
Some leaders thought they could rest; that the fight was won. They were wrong; the gods of the copybook headings are limping back (again) as we type.
Adam Smith
Thursday - September 28th 2023 8:29AM MST
PS: Greetings, everyone,

I respectfully disagree, Bill. Police are not "defenders of freedom" and a police state will not solve negro criminality. Police are armed bureaucrats, often psychopaths, who will use violence on peaceful people to advance the interests of the criminals masquerading as the state. They have no place in a free society.

Bill H
Thursday - September 28th 2023 7:25AM MST
PS With all due respect, it sounds like someone has fallen prey to liberal rhetoric in coming to see the police, who were formed as defenders of freedom, as the problem and as creating a "police state."

Police are in place to defend our freedom to live normal lives. We have imported (and raised) so many criminals without adding police to balance them that police are no longer able to carry out their mission successfully, but that does not make police the "bad guys."
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