Gaige Grosskreutz: Just a whole lot of 3 year-old Karma comin' down

Posted On: Monday - September 25th 2023 6:54PM MST
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The picture above comes from the Glorious Summer of '20, Glorious for thug looters and antifa Commies alike. Only, for a few moments in Kenosha, Wisconsin during the taking of that video including the shot (pun works) above, a real hero showed that we Americans don't actually have to take being attacked by Commies. However, Kyle Rittenhouse was just lucky that he didn't get railroaded by the Regime in the courts in Wisconsin for his defense of his person against a murderous Communist aiming a handgun at him.

The man who had his right bicep about shot off by Mr. Rittenhouse in the latter's self-defense goes by the name of Gaige Grosskreutz. OK, he WENT by that name, as he is now somehow known as Paul Prediger. I'll just go by his actual name here.

On this just past September 2nd, Mr. Grosskreutz was physically "attacked" yet again. This time it was not due to his own violent murderous intentions but due to some extremely careless black guy driving an SUV on the mean black streets of Milwaukee. Writer Keven Downey, Jr. at PJ Media reports that Mr. Grosskreutz suffered more serious injurious to his person.
Grosskreutz suffered a lacerated liver and broke multiple bones according to a report.
If that vehicle hadn't been an SUV (of sorts) with a decent ground clearance, Grosskreutz would have probably been killed. Oh, the black guy drove off - a hit and run. Whaddya, whaddya??

Yet Black! Lives Matter, and they shouldn't be subject to harassment by the police for driving they way they would like based on their diverse culture. Gaige Grosskreutz would have said that 3 years ago. Now, he's helping with an investigation by... get this... the COPS, to find out who ran over him. Whaaa? He should feel honored to have been run over by a Black! man! This kind of destructive thing is what the Communist Grosskreutz wanted for this country, and the motivation behind his coming after Kyle Rittenhouse with a gun three years ago. He's getting it too, good and hard, like a transmission case coming at you...

Is the guy accident prone or what? I think it's the "what", that what being called old-fashioned Karma comin' down.

There's just a little fashioned karma coming down,
just a little old fashioned justice going round,
a little bit of sowing and a little bit of reaping,
a little bit of laughing and a little bit of weeping,
just a little old fashioned karma coming down.
Coming down, coming down,
just a little old fashioned karma coming down.
It really ain't hard to understand.
If you're gonna dance, you gotta pay the band.
It's just a little old fashioned karma coming down.

I wish Willie had a few more lyrics here, as this is the most ironic piece of Karma that's come down in a while. Perhaps Willie should have sat down with Alanis Morissette for a spell and hashed out a tune together. If they could have somehow gotten John Lennon involved, well now we're talking:

Old fashioned irony's gonna get you.
Gonna knock you right on the head.
You better get yourself together.
Pretty soon you're gonna be dead.

[where's the confounded bridge?!]
Like an AR ... on your protest day,
like eating asphalt under a Chevrolet.

I'm butchering it - needs work. Take it, Willie...

[UPDATED: 09/26:]
Per Adam Smith's correctional comment, changed Grosskreutz's weapon from knife to gun.

Wednesday - September 27th 2023 4:54PM MST
PS: Mr. Moderator, I am going to guess that I get one or two more paper checks before they force the issue. Since SS is an 'entitlement' perhaps they have to keep giving it to me, though.

There is an exemption for people with mental issues such that electronic payment would cause them undue distress, but the form requires you to tell them why it would cause said distress. I am sorely tempted to tell them something like --- well, I don't know what, but it would not be very polite.

Mr. Alarmist, American Distress. I like it.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - September 27th 2023 3:30AM MST

@Robert, you don’t want a U.S. Treasury debit card?

American Distress … Don’t leave home !

Tuesday - September 26th 2023 6:27PM MST
PS: I held out for a long time at a corporate job without giving any bank routing numbers to them. We should take bets, Robert.

I even thought about getting a new account in a separate bank for these direct deposits, just so it's not quite so easily connected with the other money. (Yeah, I know when push comes to shove, the IRS has all the info.)

Keep transferring money elsewhere. "If they can put it in, they can take it out." is what I always say.

I don't know my Code of Feral Regulations 31, part 208 as well as I should, Robert, but it might make you feel better that they've been pushing that "Illuminati", errr, REAL ID deadline back for years. It's sometime in '25 now.

I wrote this one last year:

"Illuminati ID delayed. Peak Stupidity delighted."

That "know my regulation" bit was facetious, of course!
Tuesday - September 26th 2023 6:19PM MST
PS: I remember your post well, Mr. Hail, but my "recall" is not as good as my "recognition" memory. Thanks. I think I'll post the Clifton Hicks ballad up here sometime soon.

Thank you for the background info on Mr. Grosskreutz. I did not know any of that, yet I already pegged him as a Communist by his deeds.

"From the hospital in coming days, Gaige Grosskreutz told several people he regretted “not being able to kill” Kyle Rittenhouse that night with the pistol he packed." Yeah, I kinda wish it had been a different vehicle or "better" driver that hit him. I don't know if I chalk this behavior up to stupidity. I gotta give evil some credit.
Tuesday - September 26th 2023 6:03PM MST
PS: Totally off topic:

I have recently started getting my Social Security payments. While I am ambiguous about the propriety of participating in the program, I do need the money.

I did not give them (pronouns, bastard and bastard) my bank account number, and they have sent me (so far) two paper checks with a glossy piece of paper:

Attention, you are out of compliance with the law. 31 CFR part 208states that you are required to convert this paper check to direct deposit or the Direct Express Card.

I am curious to see how far I can go. As far as I can see after a quick look on the interwebs, the social security agency is required to convert all payments to electronic forms, but there is nothing about the payee. Can they really do anything, or are they stuck with someone who won't co-operate?

Tuesday - September 26th 2023 5:41PM MST

See also:

“The Ballad of Kyle Rittenhouse” (2021).


Selected verse from the ballad:


The last to try young Rittenhouse,
was pistol-packing Gaige!
But Kyle blew his arm in two
and Gaige did run away...
Gaige did run away.





(3) GAIGE. The third villain in the “Ballad of Kyle Rittenhouse” folk-song is Gaige Grosskreutz, who also has a criminal record. Gaige is much like Anthony Huber in that while he is of normal height he also strikes the pose of the moral defective (moral midget), skinny-anarchist violence-prone sub-variety.

“Pistol-packing Gaige” is a longtime cadre member of the People’s Revolution Movement, a maoist outfit in Milwaukee — described in some media as a “social justice group.” (Yes, that’s “where we are.”) I assume he got involved in far-Left maoist politics in the late 2000s or early 2010s, in his teens, and has skated along that scene ever since. He told the court he had attended dozens of protests in summer 2020 to back up his crew (the People’s Revolution Movement) and their allies.

Gaige Grosskreutz still lives and will probably be back doing what he loves. But on the night memorialized in this ballad, after the protagonist “blew his arm in two,” Gaige was unable to continue supporting physical violence or mayhem, unable to continue raining blows on Kyle Rittenhouse, and finally “did run away,” as the balladist puts it.

From the hospital in coming days, Gaige Grosskreutz told several people he regretted “not being able to kill” Kyle Rittenhouse that night with the pistol he packed. ...
Tuesday - September 26th 2023 10:17AM MST
PS: "BTW, Rittenhouse did NOT get a fair trial, just a correct verdict." Well, I didn't follow the details, so I'll take your word on this. I'll also add that there shouldn't have even been charges filed. I wouldn't think there had to be any investigation into the basics of what went on, because it was all clear there on video - self defense.

Then, we are living under Anarcho-Tyranny, so ..
Tuesday - September 26th 2023 8:52AM MST
PS Bleeping N*groes. Can’t do anything right. The punk is still alive.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - September 26th 2023 7:42AM MST

BTW, Rittenhouse did NOT get a fair trial, just a correct verdict.
Tuesday - September 26th 2023 5:59AM MST
PS: Not trying to beat this dead horse, but check out this paragraph:

"The shooter walked away and got to sleep in their bed that night. Some people didn't get that luxury -- two people that night, myself (as well), didn't get that luxury," Grosskreutz said.

Wait a minute, whose bed did Kyle sleep in that night? Was he rewarded by patriotic Americans with a night with the Kardashian sisters? This "their" thing can get plain stupid. We know the sex of the subject, so "he" works just fine and has the added benefit of not making the English language sound stupid!

Oh, and the more important part, yeah, those other 2 only slept with the fishes, so to speak, because they tried to kill a young man for not being OK with their violent fiery peaceful protest.
Tuesday - September 26th 2023 5:54AM MST
PS: Yeah, upon zooming in, it looks like it sure isn't a knife but some handgun. I should have zoomed in first, before writing. Anyway, while TRYING to find out what gun Grosskreutz had, I got to this CBS news site article. It is biased as all hell - amazingly so. I don't even know if the old Pravda would have been this bold:

The more I read there, I gotta say, I'm glad the dude got run over. He's a lying piece of shit, and the CBS news writer goes along with all of it. Sickening.
Tuesday - September 26th 2023 5:46AM MST
PS: Good definition and example, SafeNow..

You don't have to keep up with the Eagles, haha, to read/write here though.

Alarmist's suggestion, "Victim of Love" (from "Hotel California") is just not my favorite tune out of all the great ones, so I didn't pay attention to the lyrics that much. I always liked the line "I could be wrong, but I'm not." though. I just read the rest, and it's pretty good.

How about "The Last Resort" - one of my favorites for the melody and the lyrics:

"They called it Paradise, I don't know why,
you call some place Paradise, and kiss it goodbye..."

(I added a few articles that Don Henley may have skipped for the meter.)
Tuesday - September 26th 2023 5:41AM MST
PS: Firstly, thanks, Adam, for the correction. It's been 3 years, and I trusted my memory over some story that made it out to be a knife. Another guy, as I recall, had a skateboard in his hand, something that can kill too, if wielded right.

An important part of this event was that Kyle was backing up at the time to get away from the attackers. He was not shooting. Then, he tripped onto his butt, giving him not enough time and no way to keep away from them. If they'd stopped, yelled at him, whatever, but not kept charging, they wouldn't have been shot. Kyle had no choice at that time - pure self-defense.

I too, was amazed that he got a fair trial. However, of 3 important cases, he, the 3 guys down in Brunswick, GA, and I may be thinking of Chauvin as the 3rd, only he got justice. The others got railroaded by the Regime.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - September 26th 2023 5:31AM MST
PS: Good morning, y'all...

Grosskreutz didn't attack Rittenhouse with a knife... He pointed his pistol at him... And that is when Rittenhouse shot him in the bicep leaving a fairly nasty wound as the fast bullets will often do.

Self defense so obvious that even a 2020 jury could see it.

Serious question... How did Kyle Rittenhouse get a speedy trial? What kind of magic is this?

The Alarmist
Tuesday - September 26th 2023 1:53AM MST

I thought it was Paul Pedophile.

Ironic Eagles song? It has to be Victim of Love.

Monday - September 25th 2023 11:28PM MST
I will define irony (in its modern “situational irony” sense) as follows: An incongruity exists between the expected result, and the actual result, in a way that makes a mockery out of the expected result. For example,
NY declares itself a sanctuary city because migrants would be such a cool thing, but it turns out to be so uncool that it is destroying the city.

I can’t think of any Eagles song lyrics that express the concept of irony because I am basically pre-Eagles, although I am trying to catch up.
However, I can think of many older song lyrics that express irony - - I think this is very common in pop-/rock/folk music.
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