Impeachment - What's the point?

Posted On: Saturday - September 23rd 2023 6:07PM MST
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Ann Coulter's most recent column, dated September 20th:

Peter Brimelow's 2nd most recent post on his website VDare, dated September 13th:

Ann Coulter very likely reads VDare regularly, but then again, the two pundits could have had this same idea independently. No matter what the deal, I agree with their point.

Bai Dien and friends and family are corrupt greedy bastards with no concern over the future of this country., well, none for a good future. (More on this...) They, and a few dozen others ( take the Hildabeast, please) take the cake for in-your-face corruption, but, as they say, "they all do it".

At the Presidential level, one may have to go back to Ronald Reagan to get to a man (not necessarily the administration) who wasn't involved in some shenanigans for personal gain. Donald Trump is not innocent, but then I think he'd admit himself that in the New York City real estate business, corruption if part of business. After the bad things Peak Stupidity has written about him regarding his capability as President, I will say that this man cares more about his country than his own personal gain, pretty obviously In the meantime, Zhou Bai Dien may do the bidding of China due to his wayward son (carry on!) and starts wars for business reasons.

Peter Brimelow's and Ann Coulter's point is that the corruption Impeachment charges may get Americans riled up, but for no purpose. Bai Dien must be Impeached with treason charges for his actions to destroy America via the immigration invasion, so that this existential issue is loud and front and center. I said that Zhou Bai Dien is not concerned about America, but then, actually, he is concerned that the destructive plans of his puppet masters come to fruition.

One difference between Ann Coulter's and Peter Brimelow's view of the supposedly anti-invasion politicians involved in this is that the former believes they are stupid, while the latter assumes they are evil:
Meanwhile, the not-stupid—but unfocused—conservative Freedom Caucus is threatening to shut down the government unless they get concessions, primarily cuts in government spending.
OK, not stupid, but "unfocused".
Republicans, are you awake?
They are just unfocused or asleep. Are you sure that's all it is, Ann? Mr. Brimelow:
I fear the reason is obvious: The last thing the GOP Leadership wants is to stoke up rage in the base about immigration. McCarthy has always obstructed meaningful action—see Kevin McCarthy Cucks On Border Security—No Immigration Provisions In Debt Ceiling Bill. Undoubtably, they plan to obey their big donors and stifle meaningful action as they did after President Trump’s election.
What a downer of a way to end the blog week, but then, this invasion has gone full Camp of the Saints - in America and Europe*. I hope you will keep reading anyway. Have a pleasant Sunday, all!

PS: There's one paragraph in this column of Miss Coulter's that I don't agree with and don't like one bit. Regular Peak Stupidity readers would be able to pick it out in a jiffy.

* See John Derbyshire's latest article
"Preventable Evils"?—Lawfare Crippling European (And U.S.?) Immigration Patriots
. (He separates out England from Europe so discussed three invasions.)

Sunday - September 24th 2023 6:58PM MST
“Deportations would have to happen in big numbers…massive efforts by the people…Will they go out in the street.” - Moderator

Some wag on Unz once quipped that what it would take would be strict enforcement of e-verify, with the employer’s penalty for violation being execution; death penalty. In other words, nothing can be done.
Sunday - September 24th 2023 2:58PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, I did mean to add at the end that whether it's Impeachment for this or for that, there'll be no conviction. My hope is that if it's for the border treason that people will wake TF up and call it treasonous and call Bai Dien and the whole Regime treasonous.

Is is too late? Deportations would have to happen in big numbers. Is the Uni-Party going to do that? Not without massive efforts by the people. Will they go out in the streets of the Regime Capital and protest, which is part of what it would take? Nah, I guess J6 took care of that.

I'm not too hopeful, but I haven't given up.

A-G, good way to put it.
Sunday - September 24th 2023 9:39AM MST

Thesis, stupid. Antithesis, evil. Synthesis, stupid and evil.

The Stupid-Evils and the Evil-Stupids.
Sunday - September 24th 2023 7:45AM MST
PS The Repubs don’t have the votes to remove him from office. Hence, any impeachment process in the House will be nothing but a circus that will end with the Repubs having egg on their faces. Yes, Totally Legit Joe is corrupt. Yes, the immigration invasion is destroying the former USA. Impeaching TLJ will have zero effect on either of those situations. Expecting the Repubs to oppose mass immigration is doomed to disappointment. Corporate America loves cheap Third World labor. The Repubs are not going to oppose anything that corporate America loves. We don’t have many resources with which to fight global elites. Wasting what little we do have on pointless political circuses borders on the lunatic.
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