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Posted On: Wednesday - September 20th 2023 6:40PM MST
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"In this corner, wearing the tight white trousers and low cut sweater, leans over stands the Eyetalian Hottie... ottie... eee... Drea de Metteo... teoh, oh, yeah!"

"In this corner, wearing spectacles and the shame of the whole world stands the Eyetalian Faucist ... ist ... Big Tony ... eee... yeah, dis fuckin' guy!"

"A bottle of red, a bottle of white. Whatever kind of mood you're in tonight..."

Peak Stupidity reports to you tonight from Hollywood, California. Is that not a first? Don't mistake us here, we hate the place and all it stands for. We do have an appreciation, though for the old Sopranos TV show and particularly right now the actress Drea de Metteo. I had never heard the actress' name before reading something a few days back, but I remember her as Adriana La Cerva (didn't ever know her show last name even), the girlfriend of Tony Soprano's nephew and loyal "associate" Chris.

Yes, I could find better pictures, but the one above reminds me of what I like about Italian life, the great food - I could tell Carmela's cooking was excellent even through the TV! - and those Italian restaurants* with the checkered tablecloths... yeah, it's all fun and games until someone pokes an eye , well, a whole head out.

Alright, the article from, yes, Hollywood in Toto**, says Drea de Matteo Unloads on Fauci: ‘The Real F***ing Mafioso’ . I really just like the headline, but there's quite a bit about this actress' turn from being the usual lefty to something of a Libertarian. The Kung Flu PanicFest done done it.
The actress said watching her country, and especially her fellow Hollywood liberals, give up their freedoms during the pandemic alarmed her.

She saved special ire for Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s pandemic front man and someone who pretends he didn’t demand the country lock down during the outbreak.

But he did.
Is "Front Man" the Hollywood word for miserable fucking Totalitarian? I'm not an insider.
“They wanna f***ing do it all over again,” de Matteo said about virus protocols, including mask dictates that ignore the growing body of evidence that masks do little, if anything, to help prevent exposure.
Ha, she sounds the same as on the TV! It's very catchy, this Italian talk, with the f-words and such ...
She hissed at Dr. Fauci without uttering his name.

“Public enemy number one, that other Italian. The real f***ing Mafioso …the little tiny Italian…. If there’s ever been a f***ing thug,” she said of Fauci, her voice trailing off in anger.
Pauli, you and Big Pussy, take care of this... wait, I forgot, we whacked Big Pussy. OK, you and Chris, whack this Totalitarian fuck and bring him down to the pine barrens, South Jersey. North Jersey and New York are too crowded already with whacked fuckin' psychos, live and dead!"

In addition to Big Tony Fauci, Adriana had hit Neil Young hard too.
“I cannot tell you how f***ing fast I stopped listening to Neil Young … at that time [Rogan] was gathering more information,” she said of efforts led by Young to deplatform the comedian.

“Who the f*** do you think you are, old man? Old man, take a look at your mother f***ing life now,” she added, quoting one of his classic hits.

“And he’s Canadian, and these truckers have a convoy lined up and you’re not fighting for the average man right now?” she added, alluding to a push to protest draconian government measures to fight the virus.
I'm in LUV!!! Well, I already was.

Adriana appears in this scene from The Sopranos. It's possibly my favorite scene from that series:

"A bottle of reds, a bottle of whites ..."

* See our very first post for the song that is now in your head.

** No, we're not actually there, but we are reading the magazines, online.

*** uck. Don't all Italians talk like Tony Soprano? What's with the asterisks, you miserable fucks?

Friday - September 22nd 2023 7:08AM MST
PS: Agreed on both levels, SafeNow. As for the individuals, these (TV-version, of course) ex-Sicilian Italians, is it just their culture or genetics?

Anyway, yeah, it's a really hilarious scene, as, no matter how the one guy tries to run this "intervention", per the Psychoanalytics books, it doesn't take long for the mob culture to come out. I like when Chris realized he knew the guy: "You're the guy who stole the..." or whatever it was.
Thursday - September 21st 2023 8:34PM MST
I had never watched this superb scene; thank you. To state the obvious
(yes, which I often do), the scene shows that coexisting with the vicious, thick-skinned occupational side of these people is a caring, loving, sensitive, empathic, supportive side. That’s the message about the group. The second message is that some people are so mono-dimensionally hard-nosed that they have zero tolerance for the above kindness.
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