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Posted On: Saturday - September 16th 2023 8:03PM MST
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I would have never thought that Bill Maher and I would ever have anything in common. However, like the ctrl-left punditard Maher, I too am in defiance of the writer strike. Must ... keep.... writing .... I have no control of the post titling and the editing during this contentious period, however. [Damn straight - go strait [sic] to hell, you f**ing scab! - Ed.].

I got away with mostly pictures yesterday, so we'll see how far this one goes. With the China reports and the gun story (more on that coming will be good news) taking up half the blog-week and my fatigue from the beat-downs at the picket line, I didn't get to the rest of the verbal destruction of High-Holy Communist Leon Trotsky, nor more on the Depopulocalypse. Then, there's plenty more on the front burner... wait...

OK, I'm back. I finally clicked on that yahoo link. I'd only seen about 3 headlines on this writer's strike over the last month or so, without clicking of them, and it turns out that blog writers, not being members of any union, are not part of this strike after all.

Good! It's about TV writers or something. Why the heck should I care about the people that write the stuff that's said on TV? I've not been hooked up since early 1999. I hope that you don't care either. This strike could go on for the rest of our lives, and Peak Stupidity readers might never notice.

Now, if it were really all writers, would we miss them? So long as Lionel Shriver is a scab too, I'd be fine with that. Moby Dick must have been finished by now, right? (Don't know for sure - even the Cliff Notes for it were too long for me!)

Have a happy and restful Sunday, readers, commenters and The Editor! [Thank you. I hope we're good... just have to tell you that Peak Stupidity corporate is not responsible for damages to employees' property... say car doors that have been keyed and such ... no, just sayin'... - Ed]

Sunday - September 17th 2023 3:06AM MST
PS: Eagles lyrics are popping up everywhere, SafeNow.

Yes, true, one can enjoy the entertainment of the old stuff - "Seinfeld" and "The Office" are my favorites - and also see the world of the good old US, as with a "read-only" time machine.
Saturday - September 16th 2023 10:10PM MST
Yes, the writers haven’t had that spirit here since 1999. In other words, writing has gotten worse, which is why I don’t care if I cannot get current writing. It’s easy enough for me to watch old comedies and dramas, US and British. So many things have gotten worse but you would need a time machine to use the old version. Half-full plane, empty beach, etc. At least with writing the old versions are still available.
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