Dispatches from The Middle Kingdom: Planes, **Trains-III**, and Automobiles

Posted On: Friday - September 15th 2023 12:20PM MST
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(Continued from **Planes**, **Planes-II**, **Trains**, and **Trains-II** of our Dispatches from The Middle Kingdom: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles series.)

I wrote that I'd put up some pictures of the high-speed rail journeys in China. (We made 2 HS rail trips.) To really get the idea of it all, you'd need video. I too lots, but as Adam Smith noted, this takes up lots of memory on the server. I am thinking of starting a youtube channel for things like this.

In some later posts on general life in China, I'll embed more pics taken from the trains too. The top picture here is from out in the sticks.

This is the big station where we started off our 12 hour trip. We were ahead in line, so these are the first few people trickling onto our train. Seats are reserved. There may have been 20 different tracks, and they turn around the trains fairly quickly - I'd guess less than 1/2 an hour.

That was an intermediate stop. No, see, that's not graffiti. Those are Chinese characters that say I don't know what, but our American minds expect graffiti at the stations, on the cars, everywhere. I HATE it.

I've written that Chinese words are usually small, one or two syllables long. This town is one of the exceptions. For the big cities, Chengdu, Chongching, Peking, etc. there'll be a "bei", "nan", "gong", or "xie" on the end, for north, south, east, or west, as these cities have more than one big HS (and other) rail stations.

Saturday - September 16th 2023 3:43AM MST
PS: Very good to hear about that "skip" button, Adam. When I got nowhere with protonmail (because I missed that), I spent an hour looking into other anon email sites. I think I found one, but this one made the new "customer" wait a couple of days for the account to be set. Things are getting tougher and tougher when it comes to not being tracked all over this world, so, again, glad to hear about the feature of protonmail.
Adam Smith
Friday - September 15th 2023 11:59PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

"BTW, will a fake email address to, as with The Unz Review, or do you need one to get some code to get started?"

I think you need a real one, not just a fake.(?)

"but protonmail, of which I've forgotten a couple of previous accounts, now wanted a good email address from me to send some code or identifier to me. WTF?"

WTF? Indeed... But... Not quite true. There is a skip button. I will fill you in later on my progress.(!)(Just opened up a new account with no other "good" email address.)(Look for the skip button. Not easy to find, but it is there.)

"Those 2 take a while to load but work."

Yeah, Mega.nz is a bit slow. But hey, it is anonymous and it works and it has not yet censored anything that I have ever posted.

Cheers, Mr. Moderator! (and) Happy Saturday Morning! ☮
Friday - September 15th 2023 8:18PM MST
PS: Adam, I will take all that into consideration. (BTW, will a fake email address to, as with The Unz Review, or do you need one to get some code to get started?

That's not a big deal, but protonmail, of which I've forgotten a couple of previous accounts, now wanted a good email address from me to send some code or identifier to me. WTF? How does this help one stay anonymous, unless he'd already got at least one anonymous account

I watched your Justin Trudeau video, Adam. Those 2 take a while to load but work. I'll have to get back to your youtube channel soon too.

SafeNow, I guess because the ride was so smooth, and we could get up occasionally, it didn't seem bad at all. I was busy trying to take good photos shots and video. We did get out at at least one station in which the train spent 10 mins or so.
Friday - September 15th 2023 8:06PM MST
PS: "Must be the Welsh part of China." Ha! I'm sure you're speaking from your own travels, but it does remind me of some signs I took pictures of in Wales, Alarmist.


"Local Multi-Culti" is the title of that post.
Friday - September 15th 2023 5:44PM MST
Darn, you beat me to it Alarmist.
Oh well, great minds think alike. (Except regarding whether Italy’s
Coast Guard should fire the first shot.)
Btw, Mr. M, 12 hours is a long time sitting in a train seat, even a comfortable seat on a smooth quiet ride! Congrats on your train
Adam Smith
Friday - September 15th 2023 3:41PM MST
PS: Me again,

So, I tinkered with the iframe embed code a little.
(Can't post it here, because blogworks.)


I think I like it better this way (in my browsers, your mileage may vary) even though it only works for video files.

Adam Smith
Friday - September 15th 2023 3:20PM MST
PS: Hey, y'all...

Youtube is good for uploading video and such but you might try vimeo.com (for video) and mega.nz (for anything) as well as imgbb.com for photos (I've noticed that imgbb has stripped my photos of their hidden .pdf and .zip data, damn their eye!).

Most of my youtube videos are unlisted (which is why you can't find them by searching youtube) because some of the videos I've posted to youtube have been flagged. I have not had this problem with either vimeo or mega.nz.

Here are a few videos youtube canceled due to "violence"...

Sometimes youtube will hassle me about copyrighted material. Vimeo and Mega.nz never have...

And... (You might find this to be the best feature!) Mega.nz (certainly) and vimeo (when I signed up) don't ask for anything other than a name, an email address and a password. Youtube used to let people signup without a text message but last time I tried you need some sort of textable phone number to signup to google/youtube/gmail. (Maybe there is a way around this?)

They say godaddy and vimeo play well together when it comes to embedding video. Mega.nz has some sort of embed code too, but I have never messed with it.

Cheers! ☮
The Alarmist
Friday - September 15th 2023 12:58PM MST

Must be the Welsh part of China.
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