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Posted On: Thursday - September 14th 2023 8:17AM MST
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Peak Stupidity posted The Camp of the Saints 6 years ago yesterday. It was a review of a review of the prophetic book on immigration invasion by French author Jean Raspail. It was published right at 50 years ago.

I read the book. The ways and means, and the type people, of the immigration invasions into almost all Western White countries have been different from the book. It's the idea of the massive numbers let in due to guilt and stupidity of the residents (not to mention malevolence of "their" governments) that has made "Camp of the Saints" a good metaphor.

Now, as VDare's A.W. Morgan reports, a Camp of the Saints scenario is literally going on right now on the Italian island of Lampedusa: Great Replacement Update / Lampedusa: Literal Camp-of-the-Saints Illegal-Alien Invasion Swamps Italian Isle . This island, only 60 miles off of the closest point on Africa, on the east coast of Tunisia, has had many of these "refugees" land there before, on their way to continental Europe via Italy.

I put "refugees" in those quotes. Yes, they are refugees of sorts, but being a refugee from a shithole country simply because it is, after all, a shithole country, well, that's pretty much the premise of The Camp of the Saints and of Steve Sailer's World's Most Important Graph.

Per Mr. Morgan, 100 boats brought 8,000 to 10,000 Africans to this island with a normal population of 6,000 Italianos, in half an hour! Regular readers would know that I am no fan of TPFKAT*, but the multiple videos shown within the X's in the post show how very much like the dystopic novel this situation is.

The tweets, X's, whatever have writing that calls from those being attached for war and violence. That'd have been better accomplished long ago, and in fact made not even necessary if proper steps had been made. Right now, the best move would be to bring in 1,000 Italian troops ready to herd these people into camps or directly onto boats for the return voyage. Word will get out, but it would take a while. In the meantime, all other boats on the way should be escorted toward Tunisia and sunk if not in compliance. It's getting all too real now, this Camp of the Saints.

Here's some video, but not necessarily the same as is in the VDare post.

Looking at the invaders, I'd say they are mostly sub-Saharan, as in black Africans rather than Middle-Easterners. So, this is not the 1st country they could have taken "refuge". OTOH, Tunisia is not an insane country, so, why would the Tunisians let them invade. Trespassing the country on their way across, that's OK. As for Italy, like most of the Western ones, it IS an insane country. I don't know which type of invaders it'd be worse off with, along with the rest of Europe, where many will eventually be headed... if this true "Camp of the Saints" invasion isn't headed off NOW. Yes, violence will be necessary, the longer they wait, the more of it...

Oh, why don't we have a look at that simple Steve Sailer graph:

PS: I do have this problem with TPFKAT (X, Twitter) videos. Where I am now I cannot use speakers, but I have CC on. Holy crap, the stupidity of some of the narrative is something else! I was just reading closed captioning from one Natasha Ghoneim of Al Jazeera about all the logistics and money paid by these poor... INVADERS! Then, the former Mayor of Lampedusa now "Activist", comes on there bitching that "we aren't treating these people in a humane way". It's kind of hard to do so, you insane broad, when it's a small island fit for 1/2 this many Italian people. Of course it's a dirty mess. They didn't have to come, and they weren't invited, except by dumb broads like you!

Then, one Giovanna de Benedetto, with the Cher Moonstruck look, comes on about saving the 300 miners [cc sic] with their psychological trauma and getting them painting their homes (yeah, their homes!) and the boats, drownings, and sharks. Perhaps the parents should be put in prison for a few years for child abuse before the ride back.

* The Platform Formerly Known As Twitter.

Saturday - September 16th 2023 3:45AM MST
PS: One honest statement and your life gets ruined... very 1984-like, Dieter.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - September 16th 2023 3:15AM MST

Isn't this as a media-man a bit robot-like Floridian Governor of - Italian ancestry? - He seems to have conserved some of that old European warfare ideas: Lets shoot rockets at them refugees in Texas, if nothing else helps - - -that's what he said lately.

Btw. - -  a rather bright German right wing ex-AfD-politician Frauke Petry - the head of this party for some time even, a chemist, said once - off the record, mind you - - - to decent (!) German newspaper men, that she thinks that in case a refugee would use force to cross a border and that there'd be no other way to stop him, that yes: The German law would allow the use of firearms under some restrictions, even - - to stop the incoming refugee.It turned out that this moment was crucial for her. Because the decent newspapermen forgot just how decent they were and - - - - in a case of an emergency, you don't have to apply any good manners - - -told the German public, that Petry had indeed spoken of shooting a refugees- and that was it for her: A downfall ever since. She never recovered. She - a mother of five or so - - is now looking for a job, which nobody seems to be willing to offer her though - - - . I wish her good luck!
The Alarmist
Friday - September 15th 2023 12:55PM MST

I’ve never heard an actual French person say “Sacrébleu.”

I’m cool with sinking the boats. Cooler still if we row a few politicos out to share the ride.
Friday - September 15th 2023 12:03PM MST
PS: Good point, Bill H. It's the same story as with the millions that Herr Merkel let in to Germany, hence Western Europe. There weren't poor wretched families. Note that it was 300 children mentioned (in that video I watched which was too exasperating for me to want to embed here), but that didn't mean all 5 y/o's. Who knows how old the 17 y/o's actually are? Again, same as with Merkel's horrific act. This is out of 8-10,000 people, so it's NOT some bunch of uprooted families.
Friday - September 15th 2023 12:00PM MST
PS: Sacre Blue!! Confusion between the French and Italians. I'd already found one mistake in the post and fixed it, but thank you, Dieter, for catching the other one. Fixed.

I remember that quote from William Buckley, SafeNow. You must use the THREAT of violence, if not some violence, EARLY ON. Would the •Indians in the novel have started the voyage if they had a good idea that they're huge hulk would have been sunk off the Côte d'Azur by big guns? I can't remember that beginning - but then I got Adam's on-line copy to check - what made they think they could enter France* successfully.

Yeah, it's kind of late now, and still the Italians haven't all learned. They've got the "compassionate" lefties among them, as per the videos I watched, and as we do to.

* That's why I confused Italy and French, the book, obviously. Mr. Smith, I can say that the translator for the English version did a GREAT job. Translating some action novel may be easier, but this was a lot about the thoughts and attitudes of the French people 50 years ago, per Mr. Raspail, at least. (I think he depicted it all pretty well - very much like America at the time.)
Friday - September 15th 2023 11:51AM MST
PS Europeans won't stop the process. They are too invested in their sanctimony and posturing to think about the well-being of their own citizens, let alone the continent. They won't be able to tax their way toward accommodating the human tidal wave. Expect more emigrants and interior displacements northward.
Adam Smith
Friday - September 15th 2023 8:20AM MST
PS: Good morning, everyone,

You're welcome, Achmed. It's getting hard to find a non-digi copy and, as you say, they're pretty pricey. seems to have a few copies. They have a pair of used soft covers for $250 and $290. If you prefer a hard cover they have those too... For $1700 and $1950! I found one in France for just $25.20 plus $18.54 shipping, but it looks like it is in French.

It's almost like someone doesn't want people reading this prophetic book.(?)

“You can’t shoot them, you can’t starve them, and sorry Mr. M, you can’t sink them.” - SafeNow

Why not? If we want to live in a world worth living in this is going to have to happen at some point. Do we wait until they open fire first? (That doesn't seem prudent.) Do we wait until we are outnumbered? At what point do White people say enough is enough? At what point do White people roll up our sleeves and do what must be done if your grandchildren are to inherit a world worth living in?

And on that cheery note... Happy Friday!

Bill H
Friday - September 15th 2023 7:38AM MST
PS Look again at the videos. Families? Not one woman or child. Not one old man. They are 100% military aged males.
Friday - September 15th 2023 2:50AM MST
When William Buckley reviewed Camp of the Saints, he asked “Will you shoot them? Will you starve them? The questions were rhetorical. You can’t shoot them, you can’t starve them, and sorry Mr. M, you can’t sink them. Italy needs to take a lesson from the Chinese, who built those gigantic “Coast Guard Cutters” (12,000 tons!) to play at bumper boats. Ramming, and “shouldering.” (The US response was to send a carrier group.) If I were Italy, I would use flat-sided merchant vessels. To quote
the cheerleaders when the high-school football team is on defense: “pushem back, pushemback, waayy back!
Dieter Kief
Thursday - September 14th 2023 10:57PM MST
The Lampedusiani sono - Italiani, signore moderatore!
Italians don't much like the French too - this is a longstanding tradition that has reasons galore goin' for it, btw. . . . oh - - - and this is true the other way round as well. All of it. This is Europe, mind you! - A half-continent that was formed by - wars, not least.
Thursday - September 14th 2023 10:20PM MST
PS: I hope your area can hold out for a good while, Alarmist. You'd think that if having your country run by a minority of White colonists, sucked, it'd suck worse to live amongst a majority of them... for now... oh, maybe that's the point.

Thanks for this on-line book, Adam. Last I checked, the printed copies were few and far between, and wicked expensive.
Peak Stupidity Book Club
Thursday - September 14th 2023 11:33AM MST
PS: The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail...

The Alarmist
Thursday - September 14th 2023 10:03AM MST

I live in a corner of Europe still quite untouched by migration (aside from my own), but I am seeing more Sub-Saharan faces as time goes by. This is interesting, as it begs the question why they should be allowed to settle Europe while Africans are ethnically cleansing European settlers from Africa at a rapid pace.

To be frank, I hope that there are enough Europeans left with the stones to return the favor in my lifetime, but it’s not looking good.
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