Hurricane Lee staying out at Sea

Posted On: Thursday - September 14th 2023 6:56AM MST
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In the comments under this recent post, Adam Smith and The Alarmist - no, not a rock band, just 2 guys who like Peak Stupidity - discussed Hurricane Lee for a bit.

Would this one make landfall somewhere on the mid-Atlantic area of the US, say, Washington, FS, maybe NYC? That was the speculation and the hope. I looked a couple of days later, was even more hopeful, but just now deleted that image and grabbed the one above from the very nice National Hurricane Center site. (Please, NHS, don't change the page! It's good, and I'm used to it! Nah, that won't' stop 'em.)

Here's the page for Hurricane Lee. This isn't good. We need a miracle easterly steering winds every day. We've got that yellow coastline - Tropical Storm winds - starting at Rhode Island and up, but that's well past NYC. (Yes, they can hit New York.*) These weather guys are usually on the conservative side. However, they don't really know, as this thing is still down abeam, way-off abeam, Jacksonville, Florida.

This post sounds pretty malevolent - thank you, Jordan Peterson (and Jordan Peterson imitators) for getting this term stuck in my head. Well, yeah ... The Regime in Washington, with large branch offices in New York, HATES me and HATES you, the average PS reader. When it comes to the illegal alien invasion, they enjoy the benefits** without the pain. When it comes to devastating storms, Regime figures and media have openly hoped for Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, Hurricane Central, to look bad for not helping people enough. There's a memory of George Bush and Hurricane Katrina involved. DeSantis does a great job there, so no joy for these folks.

It'd be nice to see the Regime Capital inhabitants feel the pain personally, as they are, finally, with the illegal alien invasion.

So, yeah, I'd like to see a Category 5 storm hit one of these places. If nothing else, it would shut them up and down for a good while. That's really all we want. General Lee came close to defeating these people 160 years ago this summer. We'd like to see Hurricane Lee give it a good shot.

PS: The New York Post's Eric Spitznagel sounded pretty hopeful last year with his article/book review How a Category 5 hurricane could wipe out New York City for good.

* Sandy in '12 was not even a hurricane but just a Tropical Storm, but it dropped a lot of rain. The biggest was what they just called "The New England Hurricane" 85 years ago, which was from a Category 3 to 5. Edna in 1954 was a doozy.

** Votes for one squad, cheap labor for donors to both, and the overarching wish for the demise of the White Middle Class.

The Alarmist
Thursday - September 14th 2023 9:58AM MST

They used HAARP to steer it away from DC, and ended up screwing the people of Morocco with an earthquake and Libya with a huge flood. The hallmark blue flashes were caught on camera over Morocco just before the quake.
Thursday - September 14th 2023 7:40AM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, that'd be only after they got internet service back. ;-}

Tarheel, we just experienced a rip tide recently while moored off a sandbar. It would have been kind of scary without the boat having been right there, in case. It took 20 ft. of hard swimming to get to the point of being able to stand and resist the current.

Too bad about the Dad and 2 kids(?)
Thursday - September 14th 2023 7:31AM MST
Lee is kicking up seven-foot waves here on Amelia Island. Unfortunately, tourists keep jumping in the ocean even though double red flags are flying. A Dad drowned trying to pull his kid out of a rip on Sunday. A fifteen year old went missing in the surf yesterday. The search is on.
Thursday - September 14th 2023 7:27AM MST
PS That would just have them banging away louder and longer about the CLIMATE CRISIS!!!!
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