Peak Stupidity is FOR the alleged Depopulocalypse - Part 1: Substack essay

Posted On: Friday - September 8th 2023 8:43AM MST
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Heh! I just realized how humorous that cute coinage is after trying to pronounce it. It's 6 syllables long, if that helps you. A Depopulocalypse, a large decline in fertility and therefore medium-future populations of the world's nations, is what seems to be a big worry for many. That includes one substack (named Postcards From Barsoom) pundit named John Carter, whose 3rd post* in a series got me motivated to write this post.**

Upon going back to his Part 1, I almost gave up very early on, upon reading:
The collective carbon footprint of that eight hundred million US tons of human biomass is giving the planet a fever, destroying ecosystems, depleting resources, stripping the topsoil, poisoning the air, killing the oceans, filling the fields with trash, and causing traffic jams. A less crowded Terra would be in everyone’s best interests, right?
This is his intro., after which he explains why, "no, not right." It was just that "carbon footprint" and "giving the planet a fever" thing I didn't like, and with way too much material on the internet for me to peruse every morning, I do tend to quickly dismiss and quit reading anything that starts off way on the wrong foot. However, it turns out, from my perusing more of this series and then a few other substack posts, this guy is a Conservative, sometimes even Libertarian, albeit with a R.C. Christian-style penchant (at least, on Part 3 of this series) for then suggesting WE need to do this or that a little to heavy on the "WE" rather than leave people alone and let it get figured out. Finally, as this post was not supposed to be a criticism of this John Carter or his essays, I do note that in his criticism of D.I.E., he included the following:
The rot is everywhere, touching everything, a miasma of mandatory make-believe that has choked off the oxygen of rational inquiry. Whether the subject is race, or sex, or "gender", or climate, or COVID, or most recently Ukraine, there is a "narrative" from which deviation is not to be tolerated. Naturally the narrative is always false; it is precisely because it is false that it forbids even the discussion of alternatives, a taboo that expresses itself in the deplatforming or cancellation of deviants who dare "deny" the sacred narrative, or even to raise the most timid of questions about some minor aspect of it.

[My bolding.]
So, was that one line from the intro. sarcasm? The rest wasn't. The guy almost lost me with that one sentence! A good warning to myself and others is that an unrecognizable piece of sarcasm can turn people on a dime.***

OK, well, seeing as I'll never get to my point in this post, and I want to read Mr. Carter's 3 essays more thoroughly first, let me just link you to them now and note here that he is not so against this Depopulocalypse as I'd first thought (after reading nothing but some excerpt and a title). Read them if you are interested. This may help me better pare down and elucidate the point I wanted to get to, and you all may have some comments on his series. The subtitle of the series is Suggestions for solving the fertility crisis. See, I don't think the fertility crisis need solving. It would solve itself, barring some big problems that I see, and I think Mr. Carter does too, from first glance. His essays are:

Depopulocalypse II – Solutions That Don’t or Won’t Work
Depopulocalypse III – From SINK to FLOAT

It might be a little confusing, but the pundit has 3 Roman-numeraled "installments". Those are the 3 links above. He mentions "chapters", but there are more than one of those per installment.

Next time, I'll get to it: Fertility is going down nearly everywhere, with that "nearly" a very important and terrible factor. That factor aside for some of this thought process, why is declining fertility a bad thing?

* ... from which I took the image above. He must have coined Depopulocalpyse too. Mr. Carter seems to like sci-fi fantasy, with allusions to material therefrom that I am not too familiar with.

** There was also an excerpt in a recent Steve Sailer post, which I'll mention at some point. It got me re-motivated.

*** People write in tags for fun or to be informative (/s), but maybe it could go farther than that. There could be a true HTML tag that changes the font to silly fonts or something. Underlining, italics, and bold are getting old.

Adam Smith
Sunday - September 10th 2023 10:52PM MST
PS: “A world without Caucasians is a world not worth living in.”

Agree x 1000! x 1000! (x 100000!) etc...


Adam Smith
Sunday - September 10th 2023 8:58PM MST
PS: Greetings, Mr. Alarmist!

Conspiracy theory indeed! ;)

I hope you and Mrs Alarmist have a great rest of the weekend...

And a great week too!


The Alarmist
Sunday - September 10th 2023 6:22PM MST

Yeah, conspiracy theory years ago ;)

Adam Smith
Sunday - September 10th 2023 9:15AM MST
PS: Good afternoon,

Chemtrails and HAARP are just conspiracy theories!

I'm just sayin' if someone could cloud seed Hurricane Lee with 100lbs of dry ice this thing might just hit the shithole on the Potomac.(?)

Cheers! ☮
The Alarmist
Sunday - September 10th 2023 3:07AM MST

No doubt that TPTB have cranked up HAARP to steer this thing out to sea. Rule #1: Protect your queens.
Saturday - September 9th 2023 6:29PM MST
PS: I just looked at the NOAA NHC site to make sure westernrifleshooter wasn't spoofing us. I'm looking forward to THAT landfall, Alarmist. Last one standing on top of the Capitol, wave your Pride flag wide and high!

Now you reminded me of another Jimmy Buffett song with good lyrics - tune is just OK:


"I lived half my life in an eight by five room,
just crusin' to the sound of the big diesel boom.
It's not close quarters that would make me snap.
It's just dealing with the daily unadulterated crap.

Sail away, for a month at a time.
Sail away, I've got to restart my mind,
and you'll find me back at it again.

Oh, I love the smell of fresh snapper fried light.
What you say pouilly-fusse to round out the night.
The mid-morning watch is the best time to look.
Oh, what would they do if I wrote the big book.

'Cause I've seen incredible things in my years.
Some days were laughter and others were tears.
If I had it all to do over again,
I'd just get myself drunk and I'd jump right back in.

Sail away, that's the way I survive.
Sail away, that's just no shuck and jive.
It just makes my whole life come alive.

The wind whistles through the cold riggin' at night.
Crazy crowds boogie to the sounds and the lights.
Bums down in Capo's he's just havin' a ball.
What would he do on another landfall?
What would they do if I made no landfall.
Oh, what would they do if I flew to Nepal.
What would I do if I met Lucille Ball.
I'm tryin' to make a little sense of it all.
Just tryin' to make a little sense of it all."
The Alarmist
Saturday - September 9th 2023 7:59AM MST

The thought of a Cat 5 Hurricane Lee heading for DC ... priceless!
Saturday - September 9th 2023 6:34AM MST
PS: Alarmist, that's the subject of another post, regarding specifically the White Western world. Those seem to be the only places in which the population replacement program has been implemented - and HARD. They seem to be trying to do their magic on Japan too, but I don't see any huge success. VDare has had a few articles on this.

SafeNow, I figured by "showing up", Alarmist meant being born. What are the recriminations, well besides being a kid in a country in which you are born being one of the hated "Emanuel Goldsteins".
Friday - September 8th 2023 4:11PM MST
Well-said, Alarmist. But let’s remember that “showing up” can trigger
recriminations. That message has gone out loud and clear, in a variety of ways.
The Alarmist
Friday - September 8th 2023 12:25PM MST

The future belongs to those who show up, and by and large, the world’s Caucasians are not trying or planning to show up.

To paraphrase Vlad Putin, a world without Caucasians is a world not living the in.

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