Living and Dying in 3/4 time.

Posted On: Saturday - September 2nd 2023 8:58PM MST
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A Lost (Son of a Son of a) Sailor:

Jimmy Buffett is lost to us. I've got the humor tag on this one in addition to "music" because Jimmy Buffett put a lot of humor in his songs. (I'll put some of my favorite lyrics here.) He was an excellent lyricist, a good songwriter in general, and he probably promoted the laid-back island-lifestyle, and sailing, drinking (and flying too) to more music fans than anyone. Oh, and the humor can be seen in the name of his Coral Reefer Band too.

I'm no hard-core Parrothead, but I saw a good show by Jimmy Buffett and his Coral Reefer Band in between a Giants double-header at Candlestick Park. There was one other time at some amusement park. Then too, I've been down to his world in the Conch Republic - the Florida Keys, that is a few times. (Jimmy Buffet was not FROM there - he grew up in lower Mississippi and Alabama - hence the nice ballad Biloxi.)

Nobody said it was all profound and that Jimmy Buffett was the next great crooner. He entertained, and he, wittingly or not, promoted that sailing and island life. That all sounds great, especially after you've gotten a few Margaritas in you, but we can't all be Jimmy Buffetts, living in 3/4 time, or it wouldn't work. That's why the islands are what they are, and America was ... a good place for Jimmy Buffett to write and sing about all this.

My favorite album of his is Living and Dying in 3/4 Time, but I'd put Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes, Son of a Son of a Sailer, Volcano, and A1A* next. Here are some great lyrics from songs I know by heart - no, not the album, but songs that I know by heart:

Miss You So Badly from Changes in Latitudes has the same theme as the more popular Come Monday:
We're stayin' in a Holiday Inn full of surgeons.
I guess they meet there once a year.
They exchange physician stories
and get drunk on Tuborg beer.
Then they're off to catch a stripper
with their eyes glued to her G,
but I don't think that I would ever let 'em cut on me.
Part of Boat Drinks from Volcano:
Twenty degrees and the hockey game's on.
Nobody cares; they are way too far gone.
Screamin' "Boat drinks," somethin'
To keep them all warm.

This morning, I shot six holes in my freezer.
I think I got cabin fever.
Somebody sound the alarm.
I'd like to go where the pace of life's slow.
Could you beam me somewhere, Mister Scott?
Any old place here on Earth or in space.
You pick the century and I'll pick the spot.
Of course, there's the whole song, but how about this one line from Why Don't We Get Drunk?, off A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean
They said you are a snuff queen, but I don't think that's true...**
Some of they lyrics are very specific, making them dated now, such as a line about Anita Bryant in his Manana off Son of a Son of a Sailer, and more so the end of the title song of Volcano:
But I don't want to land in the New York City.
I don't want to land in Mexico.
I don't want want to land on no Three Mile Island.
I don't want to see my skin aglow.
I don't want to land in Commanchee sky park
or in Nashville, Tennessee.
I don't want to land in no San Juan airport
or in the Yukon Territory.
I don't want to land in no San Diego.
I don't want to land in no Buzzard's Bay.
I don't want to land on no Ayatolah.
I got nothing more to say!
I don't know what he had against San Diego. Anybody?

Best old-country-style song titles of his: Tryin' to Reason with Hurricane Season (not one his best tunes, IMO) and My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink, and I Don't Love Jesus. Album Titles: Well, yeah, A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean and also Last Mango in Paris.

For you Parrotheads, I am sorry for your loss. My very favorite used to be played by a local musician who is one of the few guys I've known who steadily made a living at it (with 4 kids). His name was Jim too.

Now he lives in the islands,
fishes the pilings,
and drinks his green label each day.
Writing his memoirs,
losin' his hearin',
but he don't care what most people say.

Through eighty seventy-six years of perpetual motion,
if he likes you he'll smile, and he'll say,
"Achmed, some of it's magic, some of it's tragic,
but I had a good life all of the way."

For a son of a son of a sailor, and others:

Surely, some Steely Dan music should have appeared this evening on Peak Stupidity. However, you can see why we'll have to get to that next music post***. I didn't have time for so much blogging this week, so that's it. Come Tuesday, it'll be alright...

And he went to Paris,
lookin' for answers to the questions ...
that bothered him so...

* That's the highway the runs down the east coast of Florida from Fernandina to Key West. However, the ~Homestead to Key West portion is one and the same as the US-1 - only that one road takes you through there. A1A runs on some barrier islands when it's not concurrent with the #1, while the #1 is on the land side of the intracoastals, and I-95 is generally a little bit further inland.

** Till this day, I thought it was "slut queen". The song was written by one "Marvin Gardens" (that's Monopoly property), but that was actually Jimmy Buffett.

*** There have been at least 5 Jimmy Buffett songs featured before, but there are few more that ought to be. Coming ...

Sunday - September 10th 2023 7:23AM MST
PS: "Well, dang. Do I have to be the one to say it? Buffett was a die-hard Dem who hosted fund raisers for Hillary Clinton." Yeah, I saw you wrote about this on the iSteve thread too Kylie. My comment here (3rd one up here) probably came from my reading from you there.

How do you get like this? It's the people you hang out with so long, I guess. They are were not all sailors and adventurers.

"I can enjoy the music without respecting the man." Agreed.
Saturday - September 9th 2023 10:29PM MST

Well, dang. Do I have to be the one to say it?

Buffett was a die-hard Dem who hosted fund raisers for Hillary Clinton.

Yeah, he was a clever wordsmith with a congenial laid-back persona. And on a personal note, I have fond memories of listening to "Grape Fruit-Juicy Fruit" while living with the only man I ever proposed to, who turned me down repeatedly--eventually it got to be a joke we both enjoyed.

But Buffett was a clever leftist (they aren't usually, tending to be book-smart and people-dumb and forever mistaking snark for humor). He portrayed himself as basically too lazy, too baked by the sun and the reefer to be political, while actually being a pretty committed leftist, supporting and raising funds for the Dems, including one of the few public figures I consider to be truly evil.

I can enjoy the music without respecting the man.
Al Corrupt
Tuesday - September 5th 2023 2:45PM MST

Not a parrot head, but there are some songs I appreciate, especially “The great filling station hold-up”
Adam Smith
Monday - September 4th 2023 2:34PM MST
PS: Greetings, Achmed...

(Looks like she got a facelift along the way.)

“Thanks for your opinion on the people involved in the general panic. I really hope they won't try a repeat.”

Looks like they're trying to resurrect the plandemic with some new variants...

I heard a rumor that they are pushing face diapers and booster shots on a military base in Florida. Seems Alex Jones might be right about this.(?) (I do hope he's wrong.)

We'll know soon enough if they start pushing this nonsense at airports and such. Some people would love to return to the good old days of 2021.


Monday - September 4th 2023 1:45PM MST
PS: Thanks for the pictures of Pablo and Jimmy, Adam. They look what I'd expect people'd be doing in Panama, at 5 O'Clock +-3 or 4 hours.

I figured it's a Cessna Caravan based on the tail number before I checked. (Cessna's designation is C208, but that doesn't need to be in the tail number) The owner is "STRANGE BIRD, INC". I guess we can figure who that is anyway. It's up on floats, an amphibian.

The FAA is kind of coy and won't let me link directly to the result, but type in N208JB in the one textbox.
Monday - September 4th 2023 1:36PM MST
PS: About the Boomers, Alarmist, I'm also near the younger edge, depending on who's classification scheme one uses. No doubt the large mass of Senior Citizens, a term nobody like to be referred to as, especially this crowd, are a big outsized influence on the priorities of government and big business, especially when it comes to the (business-wise) really screwed-up system that is American healthcare.

However, whenever I hear a whole generation being referred to as having done this or caused that, I try to explain that nothing big political over the years has been unanimous. Even Barry Goldwater still got 38.5% of the American popular vote in 1964 - granted the Boomers had nearly squat-all to do with that. (Reg Caesar on iSteve will let you know exactly why that is - with glossy maps with circles and arrows...)

There are people on both sides of big political issues from every generation. I could say: "Hey, those Zoomers sure are a bunch of complainers ... about the Boomers..."

Regarding the PanicFest, one could give examples of Boomers on both sides too. I though I remember some poll data (for what that's worth) showing the the younger people were more Panicky.
Monday - September 4th 2023 1:27PM MST
PS: Corrected intercoastals to intracoastal. Thanks Dtbb. I guess I can chalk that one up as a typo, as I've been on some patches of them (land an water) and intercoastal would mean a canal such as the Panama Canal I suppose.

Without resorting to the rest of the intranet, dang, InTERnet, I've got the gist of Jimmy Buffett and the Kung Flu. I don't know if he got caught in the middle, the promoters and such probably wanting to cover their asses, even if they weren't outright Panickers. You'd really hope a guy who lived the lifestyle Jimmy Buffett did would "chillaxe" and take no part in the PanicFest personally. Yes, Mr. Hail, it'd have lopped off more than 1/2 of his remaining lifespan. Thanks for your opinion on the people involved in the general panic. I really hope they won't try a repeat. Isn't the Climate Calamiity™ keeping them busy and virtuous?
Adam Smith
Monday - September 4th 2023 12:58PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, gentlemen,

Unlike howard stern and gene simmons, it was a little difficult to find any sort of public comments by Buffett endorsing the clot shot or the panic in general. It even seems as though it was the venues themselves requiring vaxx cards or negative coof tests to attend Buffett's shows. Perhaps Jimmy didn't really care much about such things? Perhaps he was just looking forward to playing shows again?

Then I found this story written by a real panicker...

“I didn’t think about the pandemic at all, except when Buffett praised those of us who were properly inoculated.”

I know it's not much, but perhaps Jimmy 𝒅𝒊𝒅 drink the Coof flavored kool-aid.(?)


“I don't think Jimmy Buffett was on the water all the time, as he is in his songs (as made out to be in "Son of a Son of a Sailor", but he did do some of that, lived where the sun stays high...”

I once met a gentleman (through a friend, I didn't really know him) named Pablo, who owned a marina in Panama. One day this boat comes in to dock. So Pablo runs out there and ties up the boat and starts chatting with the guy who was on the boat. They talked for awhile and really seemed to hit it off.

After a while the man from the boat says to Pablo, “You don’t know who I am, do you?” to which Pablo replied, “No. I don’t have any idea who you are.”

Turns out the man from the boat was Jimmy Buffett. And they became good friends. Buffett rented a slip in Pablo's marina and kept one of his boats there and even hired Pablo to captain his boat when he was in town. He ended up working for Buffett as a captain for many years.

Pablo passed away a couple years ago from heart trouble.
Here's a few pictures of Pablo and Jimmy...

(My friend was good friends with Pablo and sent these pics last night after he heard about Jimmy's death.)

(And that's the only somewhat relevant thing I have to add to this Jimmy Buffett Memorial post.)

Happy Monday!

The Alarmist
Monday - September 4th 2023 6:32AM MST

They had Hong Kong flu killing a few million in 1968 & 1969. The also went ahead and had Woodstock in 1969, despite the obvious “risks” to the weaker members of the populace.

Boomers are The Solopsistic Generation. Call something a “Boomer Remover,” and they will sacrifice everything and everybody to keep their grip of a world they see as theirs (and I say that as a late Boomer).

Monday - September 4th 2023 6:25AM MST

-- On Jimmy Buffett legacy, as symbol of American over-prosperity --

Mr. Moderator says: "the prosperous USA - biggest economy in the world - could afford to have people, and I'm thinking more of millions of hippies than one laid-back sailor - who lived the relaxed life style. There was plenty of productivity for all."

Is this is the real Legacy of Jimmy Buffett, a symbol of mid-20th-century American prosperity? In earlier eras, only the very wealthy could generally lead that lifestyle. By the b.1940s generation's time in adulthood, at least for most Westerners, it was (to a great extent) possible to live such a lifestyle for the average man.

Whether the above is/was a good idea to do so, or not, is another question. But there was no possibility of a "Jimmy Buffett"-type figure preaching on the themes he did, x decades before his time. Not as a "pop star," certainly.

I'm also thinking of the lead character in The Big Lebowski movie, who lived that lifestyle, under the guiding principle of a self-consciously laid-back lifestyle and no petty striving. (There is an entire group of people who use The Big Lebowski as a religious motivating principle, which they claim connects to Taoism, or somesuch.)

There can be a value in this lifestyle for some, in some times and places and circumstances. I can be persuaded of that.

But, as usual, and as VDare would say, it really only works in a mono-racial environment with everyone on the same page. That is to say, without migrants who don't get it. Elite immigrants see Whites who choose versions of this lifestyle and it reinforces the notion, inherited from a certain non-Christian ethnic group, that White-Christians on the whole are ridiculous, silly, exploitable Goyim who can be easily repossessed of the nation, culture, and institutions that they somehow (as if by magic) inherited.
Monday - September 4th 2023 5:45AM MST

-- On Jimmy Buffett in the 2020s, the COVID Panic, and Victims vs Villains of the Panic --

A response to Mr. Alarmist pointing to Jimmy Buffett's role during the Corona-Panic of 2020-2022. It is an interesting "call-back."

I don't know the extent that Jimmy Buffett was hardline Panicker, but I can believe he was. Let's say he was.

He egged things on and loyally carried the Panic banner for two years or so, including all the iterations of the Panic including: the angrily-mandatory vaccine phase; the finger-wagging about Unbelieves Will Cause a Winter of Death phase; the We Have Lost Out Patience with the Evil Covid-Deniers phase. So he burned two years unnecessarily.

This is supposed to be the "Life is for enjoying guy," the travel-guy, demanding people be locked down in homes. (Maybe he thought that in the 2020s, people could watch Youtube videos of the beach and could just shut up about aspiring to life any kind of interesting life or visit any beaches.)

Irony: it turned out, as the year 2020 opened, that this man had only 3.5 years left (assuming for argument's sake his vaccines played no role in hastening death). He chose to burn 2 years of his remaining 3.5 years? With terminal cancer, the 1.5-years after he Panic receded was probably not so pleasant, either. It's all very disappointing, and looks irrational in retrospect.

-- --

Born in 1946.

What if the exact same man were instead born in 1976, 1986, or 1996?

Hold everything exactly the same about this man but knock back his birth-year by some decades (and thus lower his age substantially when the Panic formed, starting in January 2020, after the still-today-mysterious Chinese lockdowns, the armies of Communist-officials fanned out in hazmat suits with Chinese letters warning of a Virus Apocalypse, the Tiktok videos of Chinese collapsing on the street, the Chinese-Communist spray-trucks with their heroic anti-virus mist-spray suddenly active in every city). Would THAT version of Jimmy Buffett have embraced the Panic?

Or, more realistically, if the same Jimmy Buffet, b.1946, had observed a panic over a flu virus back in the 1970s with calls, from shrill idiots, for lockdowns and all of it.

What would 1970s Jimmy Buffet have done, thought, said, upon receiving his orders, back in the 1970s, to lock down; to not see friends, or visit restaurants or bars; to not go out at all if he was not an ESSENTIAL person; and certainly to stay away from the beach, lest he be tormented and publicly humiliated by that one guy in his DeathSantis costume who was on the scene to expose the evil-doer Virus Deniers out there and their fascist governor-of-Florida figurehead.


Is Jimmy Buffett a good case-example for the explanation that the Panic of 2020-2022 was really CAUSED BY the advanced average age of the White population, and the relative power and influence of the older age-cohorts among the advanced-average-age White population ("gerontocracy")?

I don't mean with these comments to denigrate this man, for a man should be judged on the median of his life's work and so on, not his worst moments when carried away by events around him, especially in old age. In fact, let me go so far as to say: Jimmy Buffett may better be called a VICTIM of the Corona-Panic itself, even if his decision to get the various vaccines and boosters contributed zero to his ultimate death, because his mind was manipulated by the Panic-pushers of 2020, to his own loss and the loss of all.

The funny thing about Panics is there often really aren't really identifiable villains. When stampedes occur and people are killed, do prosecutors seek to scour China-style blanket-CCTV footage to identify the marginal handful of men whose weight their sensors suspect were decisive? But weren't even those men panicked by people rushing around them and trying to escape like everyone else?

Make no mistake, there are Corona-villains out there, but I don't know that Jimmy Buffett or other such celebrity lockdown, mask- vaccine-pushers are best seen as villains, or if it's best to see most of these people as the deluded victims of the real villains. It's a hard thing when the real villain is a sociological phenomenon and not a handful of conspirators, like the Yiddish-speaking gentlemen who rigged the 1919 World Series: a clear villain there; but the Wall Street Crash of 1929, not clear if there are single villains to identify.
The Alarmist
Monday - September 4th 2023 12:34AM MST

OK, I'll say it. Dude was a Coof Kool Aid drinker who required people attending his concerts to show proof of vaxx and a negative test. Wanna bet he was fully vaxxed and that aggravated his cancer. Not quite as suspect as Hank Aaron keeling over days after hisvery-public vaxx, but certainly not to be ruled out.

Sunday - September 3rd 2023 10:03PM MST
The term is intracoastals.
Sunday - September 3rd 2023 8:41PM MST
Yeah. I check in occasionally. I knew you would note Jimmy's passing. Thanks for remembering!
Sunday - September 3rd 2023 7:56PM MST
PS: Good to see you're still reading, Downtown Bobby Brown, was it? (Trying to remember here.)
Sunday - September 3rd 2023 7:55PM MST
PS: What I meant by that, Mr. Hail, was that the prosperous USA - biggest economy in the world - could afford to have people, and I'm thinking more of millions of hippies than one laid-back sailor - who lived the relaxed life style. There was plenty of productivity for all.

Than again, AnotherDad in the iSteve threads has brought up a point a few times that automation is making it to where we can all be non-hard-working people. I don't know...

About that Sea Gypsy lifestyle, we can't all do it for a somewhat different reason. It works because there are places (moorings, slips, infrastructure) for whatever 100s or even 1000s might come to this beautiful island or that, but could 10 million boats or boaters still get to do this? I think the ocean anywhere near ports and such would be overwhelmed and be madhouses. I supposed these people would still have to start with some decent monetary stash too. Do you dock and then work for months to pay off the fees and supplies? Hmmm, maybe remote technical/creative work via satellite link-up. Personally, I'd get sea sick right quick!

I know how to sail (been years though), but I don't feel comfortable being tied to the mass of over-my-head water, so to speak. Some like it. Jimmy Buffett sure did.
Sunday - September 3rd 2023 7:45PM MST
PS: I don't think Jimmy Buffett was on the water all the time, as he is in his songs (as made out to be in "Son of a Son of a Sailor", but he did do some of that, lived where the sun stays high - not quite right to the top even in the Keys, but ALMOST. (Key West is 1 degree N of the Tropic of Cancer, with seriously no pun intended there by any means.) Lots of sun - he did many outdoor shows, flew float planes out there.

Then again, people often want to think they know the actual reason someone got cancer (something I had a disagreement with Steve Sailer about, slightly), for the purpose of feeling safe if that's not their behavior. It could have been a guy who lives in Quebec and just had bad genes too.
Sunday - September 3rd 2023 6:37PM MST
He will definitely be missed!
Sunday - September 3rd 2023 5:05PM MST

-- Can bands of sailboats beat Wokeness Juggernaut? --

A sample from Ray Jason's latest entry (see the comment immediately below), from April 2023:

"my goal is to inspire those who are already living aboard their sailboats. My hope is that I can encourage them to band together with other like-minded sailors who believe that society-wrecking catastrophes might lie just below tomorrow’s horizon.

Groups of 5 to 8 boats, when properly prepared and equipped, have an excellent chance of surviving - and even flourishing - despite any emergency. There are 100s of anchorages scattered all around the world filled with self-reliant sea gypsies..."
Sunday - September 3rd 2023 4:34PM MST

-- On lifestyles and philosophies of Jimmy Buffett; and Ray Jason, Sea Gypsy --

"we can't all be Jimmy Buffetts, living in 3/4 time, or it wouldn't work. That's why the islands are what they are, and America was ... a good place for Jimmy Buffett to write and sing about all this."

I'm a little confused by your line here about the USA of the 1960s-1990s (?) or so being "a good place" to sing about a lazy "beach bum"-type island-lifestyle. Can you expand on what you had in mind? I can make my guesses but would like to hear a few lines specifying more what you meant by this intriguing idea.

By the way, James Howard Kunstler did a well-received interview with a guy who has lived the "Jimmy Buffet" lifestyle, out of a sailboat drifting from place to place, usually in the Caribbean, I think. The name of the life-sailboat guy was: Ray Jason. He goes by the nickname "the Sea Gypsy Philosopher," with an interesting blog here:

See the interview with Kunstler... which this man, Ray Jason, urges young White men to join the merchant-marine and ultimately become proficient sailboaters for true freedom from an oppressive system.

Ray Jason is an interesting character and of the type you can and do meet if in certain places or engaged in certain kinds of travel.

But our good-old-pal Herr Doktor Emanuel Kant would say it is an immoral choice because if everyone did it, things would fall apart. (Or life on Earth would become like that 1990s movie where everyone lives on a handful of boats, I think the name was Ocean World.)
Sunday - September 3rd 2023 4:24PM MST

It is being reported that Jimmy Buffet died of:

...... A kind of skin cancer.

I suppose that any kind of cancer can happen to anyone. But someone of European-complexioned skin who has been famous for decades for hanging around in tropical sun, and (famously) making a virtue or life-philosophy of doing so, well, it may be worth mentioning that it was skin cancer.

Maybe the fatal skin cancer was not even related to the "hanging around in the tropical Sun" lifestyle (if, indeed, such a thing even WAS truly his lifestyle, and not just a stage-persona or something). But it seems poetic, in a morbid kind of way.

Still, he got many good years in. We all have to "go" sometime and in some way. Insert that Mel Gibson quote about every man dying but not every man truly living.
Sunday - September 3rd 2023 3:45PM MST
PS: I had no idea there was a Mayo Clinic South, Tarheel. It says JAX. Not a bad area at all. I think it's a part of Florida that still has Southerners in it even!

I wish all the best for your wife.
Sunday - September 3rd 2023 1:23PM MST
I'm living beside A1A myself these days. Had a nice setup in NC to ride out the coming economic apocalypse but a tough diagnosis for Mrs. Tarheel made us scurry South (changes in latitude) to be closer to the Mayo Clinic. She's having great results, and the Docs are confident. All will be fine. Still, it has been quite the journey.
If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane.
Sunday - September 3rd 2023 8:44AM MST
PS: I thought about that as I wrote about Anita Bryant, Alarmist. She was an OK Conservative from what I recall. Back in those times - late '70s - I suppose they all had to be vilified reflexively.

Anywhere right near A1A has got to be nice, I figure.
Sunday - September 3rd 2023 8:42AM MST
PS: Agreed, SafeNow. Jimmy Buffett didn't write music to make people aware of something or save the world. It was escapism, that for some may have been encouragement to escape for real.

Now, his thing about supporting the Hildabeast that I read about has me a bit miffed, but you gotta think of who he's hung out with since making the big bucks. I try hard to ignore that stuff. It's not in his songs at least - well, I can't say I've listened to much of his new stuff, "new" meaning post 1985?
The Alarmist
Sunday - September 3rd 2023 4:07AM MST

I didn’t know Jimmy Buffet even had five songs.

RIP, Anita.

A1A runs through my barrier island in my US home, parallel to my street. It’s a pretty oceanside drive in my neck of the woods.
Saturday - September 2nd 2023 10:11PM MST
I always found Jimmy’s lyrics to be very pictorial, and pleasingly so. You can’t help but form an image in your mind as you hear each line, and this sweeps you away to another place. Try it. Read or sing the lyrics. See what I mean? Isn’t it nice there? Interesting there? Isn’t nice to get the heck away, and immerse yourself in a Buffet scene?

Maybe Jimmy didn’t want to land n San Diego because it is a military
town (isn’t it? that’s the reputation.)
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