Barrack Øb☭ma's "I did not inhale" moment

Posted On: Friday - September 1st 2023 6:48PM MST
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Do you remember the liar Bill Clinton and his story about his having smoked marijuana, technically, but not in the spirit of the thing, as he did not inhale? It was a different time, you understand ... seriously. These days it would take revelations of one being a transexual, I think, to just maybe put a damper on one's campaign.

Back in 1992, as Clinton was still one among 5 or so prominent D-candidates, revealing that one had taken recreational drugs in the past was not good for one's employment prospects. The grifter/shyster Bill Clinton out of Arkansas was gunning for the type of employment that can screw up entire countries.

Think about the time-line. If one had been 25 or older by the mid-60's, there's a good chance he wasn't involved in that "scene". So, anyone in his early 50's or older even could be forgiven for thinking the smoking of pot earlier (or anytime) in one's life was a big deal. Bill Clinton was only 45 y/o during that primary campaign season, so he likely thought nothing of it. It still mattered to the public, and the press still kind of cared what mattered to the public. In interview during the campaign on March 29, 1992, Bill Clinton stated:
"When I was in England, I experimented with marijuana a time or two. And I didn’t like it. And I didn’t inhale and never tried it again."
See now, I always thought that this answer made Bill Clinton look like a scumbag, well, more than he already was, as the answer could mean 2 things:

1) He is a liar. (Well, yeah, that turned out to be true, of course...)
2) He told the truth but is such a pussy that he had to succumb to peer pressure by smoking with his peers, but not inhaling so he could say in that lawyerly fashion later, "No, I never got high."

How can you experiment and find out whether you like it, if you don't inhale, you dumbass?

Well, the word is out that another former US President and scumbag along the lines of Bill Clinton had similar things to say about a relatively more important lifestyle than toking up. Barrack Øb☭ma was initially campaigning for President on 2008, only 16 years after Bill Clinton first was. In that 16 years a lot had changed in our culture. Being a pot smoker, at least in the past, was simply not a problem. Being a homosexual might have been a deal-breaker still. (Right, now, 15 years after that, it'd be a point in one's favor, and even genderbending freaks may not be ruled out.)

There's been a lot written recently about revelations of Øb☭ma's sexual "orientation" (is that what you do the summer before college?*), likely coming from what was written by David Garrow in his '17 Øb☭ma biography, Rising Star. I just came upon this Independent.UK article . The headline says: "Obama’s love letters from 1982 resurface: ‘I make love to men daily, but in the imagination’". He wrote this to his girlfriend. I am no poet, but I can see right away that this is not the way to wooo a girl. Or was the recipient actually... won't go there...

Was this homosexuality deal all in Barry's imagination, or was this a Bill Clinton-style lawyerly statement he wrote to his girlfriend at his college? I would like to see an interviewer bring this stuff up:

"Did you have sex with that man, Michelle , errr, Mike Robinson?"

"I experimented with putting a guy's dick in my mouth a time or two. And he didn't like it. And I didn't inhale and never tried it again."

Ookaaayyyy, well, it doesn't matter now - you've already "done enough" for our country. BTW, I read a good comment that noted that investigating Barrack Øb☭ma's homosexuality is still a much easier task than obtaining his college transcripts. That last was not a joke. Stop clapping.

* Perhaps the weekend at the college didn't turn out like he planned. The things he thinks are sexy, I just don't understand ...

[UPDATED 09/02:]
Fixed the joke, per Alarmist in the comments. Added a couple of sentences at the end.

Tuesday - September 5th 2023 6:20AM MST
PS: I liked that meme, Alarmist!

Maybe I need to post that video of Mitch "Tortuga" McConnell. That was something else.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - September 5th 2023 4:33AM MST

I realise both are technically a couple years older than the official boomer class, but this kind of gets to Mr. Mod’s point that not all boomers are the same....,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
Monday - September 4th 2023 5:08PM MST
PS: "But he let’s it slide with a warning." I didn't see it till now. But, if you want a warning, I can give you a warning:

WARNING, PS readers: SafeNow has linked to the NY Times. Do you know how we feel about the NY Times?!!

Wait, naked chicks... hold on ...
Sunday - September 3rd 2023 8:13PM MST
Okay Alarmist, thanks for being my straight man. I owe you one. Here goes…

It must have nice having a g/f who was adept when it came to rocks.

(Whoa, Whoa, says the Moderator, we are not that kind of blog! But he let’s it slide with a warning.)
The Alarmist
Sunday - September 3rd 2023 4:01AM MST

Thanks, @SafeNow. I always wondered how my college g/f became a Penthouse “Girls of the Geology Department” Playmate..
Saturday - September 2nd 2023 2:40PM MST
Even more difficult than obtaining a college transcript is getting hold of the nude “posture pictures”:of the fifties, sixties, early seventies. You never heard of this? Understandable… it was way back in my day. What ever possessed Ivy League men and women to agree to pose nude, front sideways and rear, under the justification that it was an important somatotype science project? Yale, Vassar, Wellesley, Smith, etc. The pics are out there, but you might have an accident. Here is an article about the boxes locked up in the national archives.
Adam Smith
Saturday - September 2nd 2023 11:49AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,

And greetings, Dieter!

If I recall, Naked Lunch is set in Tangier. (Written while Burroughs was living there?) Not surprised to learn about Burroughs' "aristocratic manners". And yes... It's generally 𝒏𝒐𝒕 a good idea to play William Tell while high on alcohol and amphetamines. But, as you say, times were different then...

Seriously though, I had no idea where Fagen and Becker got the idea for the name of their band. Many thanks for the rock history lesson.

Happy Saturday! ☮
Dieter Kief
Saturday - September 2nd 2023 11:08AM MST
PSMod. - - öhh - I have The Internet, right - and books too - stuff like Naked Lunch and other aesthetically elaborated tomes even.So - they cannibalised/popularised W. S. Burroughs with their band name and the "steam powered strap-on dildo's" name Steely Dan was in the package.The sexually loaded double talk thing is a blues trope btw. - - -now: That would be interesting to find out how all that: The Blues tradition of sexually loaded rite-de-passage like sexual double talk - which Blacks in the South did indeed use to get their minors closer to the subject - whether all this was thrown into the mix a by Burroughs and/or ! b by Fagan and Becker - - - - intentionally? Or not. - - - Greil Marcus used to write whole books on such subjects - but he is mostly retired these days. - So...- We might as well look out for a thorough  - - - Steely Dan book - - In the meantime, this article might do, which - almighty internet - I just found and which mentions some of the above stuff - - -and the psychedelic LP-cover even, the nerdy bunch commissioned.
The Alarmist
Saturday - September 2nd 2023 6:45AM MST

Obama said, “I tried putting a man’s cock in my mouth a couple times, but I didn’t swallow, so he was not very pleased. But it turned out the guy was a walking-talking Steely Dan, so I married him.”

Speaking of music, you might enjoy this:

Saturday - September 2nd 2023 5:09AM MST
PS: Much better. Thank you, Alarmist. Mine didn't make too much sense before. At this rate, I'll never be able to get that sit-com writer's job. Maybe I can be a scab. I heard there was some strike going on. Not so concerning ...
Saturday - September 2nd 2023 5:07AM MST
PS: Oh, you mean in the writing, Alarmist. Yeah, let me change that right now!
Saturday - September 2nd 2023 5:05AM MST
PS: Yes, Adam, that's it. Great guitar solos.

Dieter, I had no idea what the band name meant until a couple years of fandom. Someone told me that term was British for penis". We didn't have the internet back then, you gotta understand... Well, I know you do.

Alarmist, it's hard for me to find the perfect "file photo", haha. To me, the thing that has me wondering the most about Michelle/MIcheal* was the Joan Rivers death, a day after her bringing this up. Kind of strange, I guess, not her death (she was old), but that she felt the need to suddenly blurt this out to the paparazzi reporters.

* I don't really care very much on this score - not my favorite first lady to begin with ..
The Alarmist
Saturday - September 2nd 2023 4:10AM MST

BTW, the inhale joke works better if you have Øb☭ma putting the other guy’s dick in his own mouth.

The Alarmist
Saturday - September 2nd 2023 4:06AM MST

Clinton didn’t lie: According to witnesses in the room, he bogarted that joint.

Ask yourself why that young chef, who was apparently a good swimmer, drowned in so shallow water with his clothes in Øb☭ma’s crib. Did he see Big Mike’s package? BTW, what better time to come out, so that Big Mike can ride the tranny wave to the Oval? Then again, it was a fairly lazy FLOTUS, so maybe it doesn’t want the hassle, like its ambitious, ticket-taking hubby, Barak.
Dieter Kief
Friday - September 1st 2023 11:04PM MST
This is a song, Adam - - - the two Steely Dan men - - puh, I mean - Steely Dan, William Borroughs, a sophisticvated crazy guy with aristocratic manners - did he move to Tangier (from memory - some such in any case) to sport his aristocratic manners? - - - And what exaxctly did that mean then - - child sex - everybody went: And if! - He shot his wife but - you know: Those were the days: We all could have shot one another, drugged up like firing bazookas, as we were - - - now imagine Fagen and Becker, two guys who never got a tan as teenagers, because they stayed inside whenever possible and out of the daylight on to of that - - - loners, nerds if ever there was one - - -and they practise for years and finally decide to make this the name of their band: Steely Dan - a male sex toy from a William Borroughs novel - - and: Ha-ha - - nobody on top 40 radio will get that anyway - - ho- - - and right they were, these things never sutrfaced outside of the boundaries of elite intellectual circles, Mod., see - that's where you are too!? - - - Ok: And then - icing on the .s.n.o.w.y.**** cake - - heh-heh - - let's get this cover for the LP with a lightly disguised super-dooper shiny psychedelic penis waving around and some whores weiting in the shade - - -hahaha - - it will sell like crazy - - - AND IT DID.
***no snow, no show - the motto then
Adam Smith
Friday - September 1st 2023 9:47PM MST
PS: Of course they did...

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