Jordan Peterson and Free Speech, eh?

Posted On: Tuesday - August 29th 2023 7:59PM MST
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As a whole, your Peak Stupidity staff kind of likes Jordan Peterson. We enjoyed 1 hour 40 minute video of he and Camille Paglia. We've made a little bit of fun of the man due to his idiosyncratic ways and that Canadian accent. (See Fun with Jordan Peterson....)

He's not the cat's meow though. I do realize that the man won't go full out when it comes to truth on racial matters. His campaign against what was Political Correctness and is now the much harder-core Wokeness would need some of that to get to the root of the problem.

I can imagine, however, that he wouldn't have gotten as far as he has in his punditry/youtube/motivational speaking career if he'd started out too strong for what is already a cowardly and unprincipled Canadian political and academic class. I also imagine it'd be same here, if not for our foresighted Founding Fathers having written the right to free speech, assembly and all that into the Law of the Land.*

The obvious truths he has been speaking about are catching up with him anyway. It's not the Government that's after him directly but the College of Psychologists of Ontario. The following (see the link below) is what they don't like:
- Peterson responded to a July 2, 2022, tweet by someone worried about overpopulation that they were “free to leave at any time.”

- Comments made during a January 25, 2022, appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience.” The document states that Peterson was identified as a clinical psychologist and talked about a “vindictive client” whose complaint he described as a “pack of lies.” On the topic of the correlation between air pollution and childhood deaths, Peterson was accused of saying, “It’s just poor children, and the world has too many people on it anyways.”

- A February 7, 2022, tweet in which he called former Trudeau advisor Gerald Butts “a prik.” (sic)

- A tweet on the 19th of that month regarding Ottawa City Councillor Catherine McKenney. McKenney uses they/them pronouns, and Peterson referred to her as an “appalling self-righteous moralizing thing.”

- In June of 2022, Peterson tweeted, “Remember when pride was a sin? And Ellen Page just had her breasts removed by a criminal physician.”

- In May of that year, Peterson aired his opinion of the Sports Illustrated plus-sized cover model. He commented, “Sorry. Not Beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.”
Good stuff, Mr. Peterson. Still, Truth is no excuse for this. It's Canada, so, whatchu' gonna do when they come for you, Jordan?

It's been many years, but I used to follow Instapundit's (Glenn Reynolds') reporting on the Ezra Levant free speech struggle in Canada. Mr. Levant won his battles with the PC Government back then. This Wokeness now has got real Totalitarianism behind it, so Mr. Peterson doesn't seem to stand a chance.

I'm just hoping Jordan Peterson gets off lightly. From what I've read he must undergo reducation. That's better than hanging but Orwellian to the letter of the book. Perhaps The Court will rule that he must first clean his room.

* Yes, I do know that it's only as good as the people who must be vigilant and defend it, who are fewer by the year. We've already let go of about half of Amendment I, and the rest is on thin ice.

The Alarmist
Thursday - August 31st 2023 1:30AM MST

Quatsch mit Soße, Dieter.
Wednesday - August 30th 2023 7:29PM MST
Off-topic, but I love it, and worth noting. DeSantis said “You loot, we shoot.”
I love this guy. Another batch of people just decided to move to Florida, hurricanes notwithstanding. I would love to see this one go all the way.
That is, LeLooter gets shot, and Biden and Garland bring federal charges for a civil rights violation. DeSantis then announces he will conduct a plebiscite to secede Florida from the union.

Dieter Kief
Wednesday - August 30th 2023 1:55PM MST
Alarmist - whaddaya, "sock puppet" whaddaya?
And "somebody's" sock puppet is even more prescise, Sir!
Wednesday - August 30th 2023 6:54AM MST
PS: Good morning, people! Been commenting like a madman on the Steve Sailer and Ron Unz posts this morning.

Adam, I read that, and I was going to write something like that about psychology, but I wouldn't have done it so succinctly. Thanks.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - August 30th 2023 5:30AM MST
PS: Good morning,

The risks of harm identified by the ICRC included “undermining public trust in the profession of psychology”...

Lol... The profession itself is perfectly capable of "undermining public trust in the profession" without Peterson's help.

Adam Smith
Wednesday - August 30th 2023 5:24AM MST
PS: 2+2 has always equaled 5. ☮
The Alarmist
Wednesday - August 30th 2023 5:03AM MST

Peterson is somebody’s sock puppet, but like the proverbial stopped clock, he is occasionally right. That the government of Canada would “investigate” and prosecute his opinion shows that it is an even bigger sock puppet.
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