Dispatches from The Middle Kingdom (and the UK): Rudeness on the Street

Posted On: Saturday - August 26th 2023 5:50PM MST
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In the comments under the first actual "Dispatches from China" post here on Peak Stupidity, SafeNow and I discussed the friendliness and respectfulness of people and how it correlates with population density.

As SafeNow stated, we know New Yorkers are known to be rude, probably not as much as we think, but as compared to Southerners and people all over in small towns, yeah. Regarding friendliness, well you can't say "hey" or "hello" to everyone on the crowded streets of the big city. Many people make no eye contact.

To SafeNow I wrote:
One thing I didn't mean to imply is that Chinese people on the street are all "Howdy" to a stranger, making lots of eye contact, and "No, you first." "No, go ahead please!" It's nothing like that. I believe their personality is on the opposite end from black people, with hispanic, then White, then Oriental, as far as emotional outbursts or getting upset at the drop of a hat. Therefore, they can be so close together and not get on each others nerves, at least outwardly.

They are not necessarily polite, but they are respectful enough so that millions of people can be out and about, yet there's no big outburst, fist fight, whatever, maybe in the whole city all week. (No, I don't know the numbers, but I don't see anything even approaching that.
Let me put it this way: You won't see guys acting like Richard Ashcroft of The Verve does on the Hoxton, London sidewalks. You pull that shit in the streets of China, and you're gonna get a Bitter Sweet Kick in the Ass!

Did I put together this short post purely for that bolded line at the bottom? In a word, YES.

Peak Stupidity has featured this song before. I hope you like it - we've been running out of music ideas, but there've got to be thousands of songs that still ought to appear. Thank you all for reading and commenting this week! Next week, we'll have more on China, more on Leon Trotsky's advertisement for Communism*, and that other stuff that we've meant to write about and not gotten to. (Hopefully, that include thoughts on population decline.)

PS: I'd forgotten that part in the video in which lead singer Ashcroft walks over the hood of the little car. It seems like it might be a good way to meet chicks, but then, all those tattooes...

* Yes, the name of that post does indeed read like an Andrew Anglin title. I don't like the way this is headed ...

Tuesday - August 29th 2023 10:05AM MST
PS Hail: No hostile takeover. They don’t need a hostile takeover. They’re being invited by the millions. The takeover will be entirely peaceful. The Board appoints an Indian CEO. Before you know it, the entire C-suite is Indian. Then, it’s Indians all the way down.
The Daily Stupid
Monday - August 28th 2023 7:12PM MST
PS: In related news...

Trump Pays $12 Extra To Get The Cool Laser Background Mugshot!

Monday - August 28th 2023 6:09PM MST

"According to police, the officers confiscated the apparent joint and handed the Governor a bottle of water. "Sir, this isn't weed. These are lawn clippings," said Officer Ramon Gonzales, putting out the lit end. "Even if it was weed, for a first-time offender we would just tell you to put the dang thing out and go home to your family. I know you need the mugshot sir, but I'm sorry - you're going to have to do a lot better than this."

At publishing time, DeSantis was reportedly spotted at a Wendy's asking if the officer could arrest him for getting Sprite when he only asked for a water cup."
Monday - August 28th 2023 6:07PM MST
PS: Aaaand ... to beat Alarmist at the punch, from the New Newspaper of Record:

‘Hey, Look, I Am Smoking A Marijuana!’ Shouts DeSantis At Police In Bid To Get His Own Cool Mugshot

Monday - August 28th 2023 3:22PM MST
PS: I thought of Ron Unz, because I read his latest post/advertisement on his site, with his usual appending of his Covid American origin theory. I read the thread below and came upon a succinct and excellent comment by a guy going by Wielgus:


I'd like to put this in a post, but I hesitate to ask him right now, while Ron Unz is reading everything there. (He wrote many reply comments. He's fixing to get mad at me again...)

I can paste it here though:

In reaction to Colin Wright who provided a link about Chinese initial reaction to the Kung Flu in Wuhan and "The maps show the Chinese literally shut down the whole country."

Mr. Wielgus:

"That’s my recollection, and I remember initially the reaction of liberal Western media outlets was that the Chinese were being terribly authoritarian. This soon changed, as the word got about that being terribly authoritarian was the way to go…"

Right on!
Monday - August 28th 2023 2:40PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I could not really get into any of the big financial picture stuff re: China from my visit there. I have read about some of this. ZeroHedge and those guys have lots more to say - some of it is wishful thinking, but the Chinese economy has lots of houses of cards and wasted money, I agree.

The posts about China that put it in a good light as far as infrastructure, transportation, and these parts of the economy are just to say this: Right now, China works!

Indeed, it doesn't take much stupidity from the top to change that at any time. My timeline on the Kung Flu stupidity in China has that initial few month bout of panic and stupidity from January through March(?) of '20, but then nothing really overbearing (except for visitors, but that's not their problem) until late winter of '22. That Covid~Zero craziness went on about 9 months.

Yes, stuff like that can derail everything. Things got derailed here, to me if not part of a plan, a nice benefit for Big Biz and Gov't here, but I think the Covid~Zero effort in China was even worse, albeit shorter.

They'll be plenty more, but I do want to write some (many) short detailed posts on life there. I suppose I should leave this sort of thing that you write about to ZeroHedge.

Then, BTW, you've got your Ron Unz types who love everything about China without having ever been there to see, but also to meet people who could give him the real story. He also wants to criticize EVERYTHING about America.
Monday - August 28th 2023 2:32PM MST
PS: Yeah, an about infinite number of good songs is out there, Adam. The Verge reminded me of Oasis too (your first pick). Never heard Gorilaz - the singer sounded like Rick Davies of the Kinks. I'm not a boxing fan, but thanks for the vids.
Monday - August 28th 2023 10:56AM MST

-- On the Chinese economy: A view of its woes --

Let me add a brief word on China's economic successes, as a kind of counter-essay to the general theme of Peak Stupidity for the past weeks that China is going to dominate the globe economically.

China's economic ascent may turn out to be fool's gold after a certain point, and China may be in a "lost decade" period even as we speak (ala Japan's famous stagnation of the 1990s and beyond, though Japan is actually doing just fine even as people have tut-tut'd over its GDP numbers or deflation or whatever else for thirty years now).

The economic press has been sounding alarm bells about China's economic woes for some time. Every week seems to bring some new news of woe as people recognize concerning signs.

It's all too soon to say. But some might date the problems to have really started to "show" as early as the mid-2010s, in longer retrospect. Published GDP numbers you can google right now do not tell this story, for it is one of "fundamentals." Some economists were already publishing to this effect ("China is in trouble" by about 2017).

Ironically, the prestige mega-projects that dazzle the visitor may themselves be in part to blame, and/or obfuscate the problem. Huge amounts of borrowing have been going on. The role of China's attempt to create a global sphere of influence with minor, buy-off-able countries with the Belt and Road Initiative (trillions of net favorable loans and infrastructure gifts) may have a role.

Some time from now, people may identify China's big (largely U.S.-assisted and -enabled) economic expansion as being from, say, 1977-2017, with relatively few humps along way, but then a distinct net-stagnation period.

The stagnation period, which as I say some data suggests we are already in, may be harder for them to manage than when boatloads of cash is flowing in from Wal-Mart and other favorable U.S. trade arrangements across the board and the big helping-hand from the Clinton administration and others.

Finally, the Corona-Panic of 2020, which China originated with its stupid lockdowns and masks and haz-mat suits and chemical anti-virus spray videos. In the wider economic picture, people might even remember the Chinese Lockdowns of 2020 as a signal of how much China was worried about its economic bottom-line, and it made a stupid call at the time out of worry unrelated to a flu virus, or for misidirection's sake, or some other reason. The Evergrande scandal, a hugely indebted Chinese real-estate empire (now the first of several such cases to fail in China), for example, was wobbling in a way everyone knew it by about mid-2021, which suggests the Communist Party apparatchiks probably knew it a year or more earlier, i.e., by January 2020.
Monday - August 28th 2023 10:38AM MST

Mr. Blanc says:
"It remains to be seen whether it will be East Asians or South Asians who come top, but it will be one sort of Asia or the other."

I would disagree with the proposition that slick and cunning pure-Asians, like the presidential "H1b Candidate" V. Ramaswamy, will simply take over in a hostile conquest. The realistic scenario, which is indeed already happening, is a fusion of elite-Asians and others with a Jewish-heavy and part-WhiteChrisitan-origin elite. I think there are signs of this all over the place.

The most ambitious "Asians" in the USA usually aren't heard moaning about some half-made-up grievance from the old country, but moaning along the lines of Jewish-style victimization narratives in the USA (which don't really exist in recognizable form in Asia proper, where they run their own affairs). A lot of this type of Asian, which is the usual type among those raised in the USA, will be openly and even aggressively anti-White, rhetorically and politically. It's in just the same way left-wing Jews are, and for similar reasons, because they think it's high-status -- and, for some reason, it is (thanks a LOT, Ellis Island).

In the 19th and 20th centuries, when a degree of open anti-Jewish feelings were a norm, many comparisons were made between the Overseas Chinese and Diaspora Jews, I think originally by the King of Thailand, who resented their meddling. This did not refer to left-wing political beliefs but to manipulating a host-population and exploiting it. In our times, the currency of such things is victimization-nationalism, so they do it.
Monday - August 28th 2023 10:29AM MST

SafeNow says: "The East Asians, in my experience, are by far the more intelligent, industrious, decent, and ambitious"

Enquiry: What shade of "rose" is the tint applied to your spectacles, good sir!
Adam Smith
Sunday - August 27th 2023 10:54PM MST
PS: Many, many (so many!) cheers, and so many good wishes for all the bestest bestest ever! (You all know who you are!)

Dot Dot Dot...


And so many more that I could otherwise post...

PS: I love the bitter sweet symphony...

Cheers! ☮...
Sunday - August 27th 2023 6:42PM MST
Which kind of Asians possesses the culture and wiring to predominate? If only we had someone here who lives in Orange County, and thus, has had extensive experiences and observations of each kind of Asian. Ideally, someone who lives close to the Asian Massage Parlor (“AMP”) capital of the U.S., and, being burdened by a bad back, has, over the years, had very extended conversations with East Asians. Wait! That’s me. So here it is. The East Asians, in my experience, are by far the more intelligent, industrious, decent, and ambitious. And, to borrow a phrase from Yeats, the superior “pilgrim soul.”
Sunday - August 27th 2023 9:05AM MST
PS: I lean toward East, Mr. Blanc, if it's to be a crowd of one or the other. Looks like both right now.
Sunday - August 27th 2023 8:14AM MST
PS Asia has some positive features, civilization-wise, because Asians. Asia has some negative features, civilization-wise, because Asians. As Asians become the dominant groups* in the former USA, the former USA will come to resemble Asia. But with a lot of Negroes.

* It remains to be seen whether it will be East Asians or South Asians who come top, but it will be one sort of Asia or the other.
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