Charlie Brown and Peanuts reunion

Posted On: Saturday - August 19th 2023 4:47PM MST
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From the good Unz Review commenter Herbert R. Tarlik, Jr (a handle name which will ring a bell for late 1970s TV viewers), I just watched this hilarious Charlie Brown and Peanuts reunion clip:

Stick with it for a couple of minutes. It's got a happy ending. Thank you, Herb Tarlek, for this one!

OK, that's the blog-week, Peakers. Thank you so much for reading and writing. We'll have more, much more, on China, but there are about 10 topics I've hinted about but never got to, so Peak Stupidity will forge on ...

The Alarmist
Monday - August 21st 2023 5:58AM MST

Wish I had seen this earlier....,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

The Alarmist
Monday - August 21st 2023 5:04AM MST

There was a pet shelter in NY called Bideawee ... that’s actually a better name for Bidenomics.

Commies gonna commie ... they never apologize. That’s why they shot Ceaucescu and his wife. There’s something to be said for that.
Sunday - August 20th 2023 5:12PM MST
PS: "Bidenomics". Is that something to be proud of?
The Alarmist
Sunday - August 20th 2023 8:41AM MST

Let’s call it a Joey Biden Crisis.
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