Cry the DeConstructed Country - Part 8: As Falls S. Africa...

Posted On: Tuesday - July 25th 2023 5:39PM MST
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... so falls America?*

(Continued from Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6. and Part 7)

They had and have a big portion of a continent - south of the Sahara desert - as big as the whole N. American continent , yet they just have to have it ALL - can't leave the White man even that bottom tip.

This should be the last post in this serious with the weird title. (In case it makes NO sense, I was playing off the set-in-S. Africa movie title Cry, the Beloved Country. I haven't seen this one, but perhaps I should. I linked to the original 1951 movie, but there was a remake release in '95.) I will link again to the article SOUTH AFRICA AT WAR WITH ITSELF, written by Michael Witkin, that instigated this series of posts. That article does a good job describing for us how much S. Africa has descended into ruin, first gradually, now suddenly.

Could this sort of thing happen to the good old U.S. of A? No, I mean it couldn't have to the "good" and "old" U.S. of A, but could it to this country we inhabit now? I've seen that speculation of a bleak future, with increasing Black! control of government and society out of commenters on various virtual venues. I've dismissed the idea as many have, for the same reasons. "We aren't a small minority of the population, as South African Whites are."** "We gave the Black! people their freedom 160 years ago and have given them special benefits and "rights" above and beyond for half a century. They shouldn't have any grudges against us now." "We're a Democracy! OK, fine, Constitutional Republic, whatever. This is a whole different deal."

Yes, the numbers are different. S. Africa has a decreasing and always fairly small, minority of Whites, the mixed race people called "coloured" and plenty of •Indians. Here, if not a majority anymore, we have lots of White people in America running the show still. Then, there are a ton of Hispanic residents, not fans of black*** leadership or black residents period by any means, and then there are other big groups in addition - Orientals, our own •Indians, etc. The top-down Regime-pushed program of black worship is not held by most of the population. It's strongest in White people, sad to say, but then, that's only seriously the case with a minority of them. (I mean there, those actually believing the bullshit.)

Let me go back to the above "Yes, the numbers are different." Fertility rates of most groups (I don't know about the Moslems) are fairly low, we keep hearing. However, regarding blacks in America, the Globalists are making it up in volume... in volume of black immigrants direct from the Caribbean and Africa that is. Mark my words, for the ones the census counts - I'm sure there are many illegal ones, who may or may not be counted - you will see some LARGE numbers of BIA or BIC black Americans next census, you know, to keep the pressure on. I've noted before that Big Biz LUVS LUVS LUVS these people for employees. The companies can meet their quotas while getting generally harder working and smarter people. However, big numbers, tribalism and genes trump assimilation, any day of the week, I'm sorry to say.

That said, also, the ruination that S. Africa has seen is not JUST due to the overwhelming numbers, that is, after they succumbed to Communist and other World political pressure (see Part 5) to let go of their control of their country. As I mentioned, from that original Witkin article, even the current 8% of the population White people there are discriminated against in employment by Affirmative Action. Yes, still! In case you don't recall Part 3, "The intake of white [surgery and medical] students is capped at 2%." The recent SCROTUS decision has many Americans hopeful, but I don't see that alone as enough to push back against the AA-on-steroids that is just one part of Wokeness, as discussed in our post Demographics to DIE for from.

That post mentioned the various other demographics too that have been degrading society from its former state of White-run competence. The problem is simple. Without a majority of White men in the workplace, civic groups, government****, etc, much of the competence and civility we used to see around us in society will be gone.

Well sure, the Orientals can keep things running, as we see in China, albeit while politically letting it go all to hell, and the •Indians can "code" and stuff too, as they close off the jobs that White men could be doing in their own country to White men, as soon as they make inroads. None of this is good for the White man, of course, but will American go to ruin in the way of South Africa? We probably won't need to care at that point, as it won't be our country to worry about.

Assuming we still want to, can Americans stop a ruinous slide into 3rd World incompetence and corruption resembling South Africa? Yes, but it's going to take some backbone. That's really the only thing necessary. People must refuse to participate in the wokeness. The employment aspect of it, the real worry, is being pushed hard by the Regime, but do Big Biz outfits really want to go to the mattresses and to ruin with all this? Do they want electrical power to be available only for small spurts daily due to graft of funds and theft of wire? (Rather than the railroads, as in S. Africa) do they really want bridges to crumble and roads to be closed, impeding the competent and incompetent alike from showing up to work regularly. I don't think so.

People are going to have to stand up, show a little courage, and speak up against the stupidity of letting the Wokeness keep pushing us toward that tipping point... from gradually to suddenly. There's another post I want to write. That's the end of this series. Look at what's happening in South Africa right now, and learn something, Americans. Good luck to all of us.

* Totally off the subject here, but one of the best album titles I've known is jazz musician Pat Metheny's As Falls Wichita, so Falls Wichita Falls. But, I like Geography... and some jazz.

** I don't know if the White Boers were ever a majority of the population of that vast land, but, as per Post 1, the Bantu black population mostly came AFTER the Boers had been there for a while. (Indigenously?) The black people there now came to live in that magic dirt. Somehow, the magic wasn't there in the dirt before the Boer and the English.

*** I'll stop with the Black! bit, oops, here. If readers want it back, it can come back upon request.

**** As I've written before, incompetence in government is not at a bad thing, the way the Potomac Regime has been rolling... trying to roll us, that is.

Wednesday - July 26th 2023 12:33PM MST

(off-topic from South Africa)

To SafeNow ----

Pleas see my reply/question(s) to you, at:

(This in case you see this comment at PS and not my question to you in the R. Weissberg article.)

Very curious about what your response would be; part of the larger California Question, of which you have better insights than most. If you prefer, feel free to reply in the Peak Stupidity comment-box if you don't want to do so there for any reason.
Wednesday - July 26th 2023 8:47AM MST
PS: It's more about Mr. Gilder's writing style, Mr. Hail, but not about the content of that long article. I'll write on your blog though...

All true, Mr. Blanc. Thank you.
Wednesday - July 26th 2023 7:54AM MST
PS The blecks have been very useful instruments for destroying the republic that our ancestors built. But they’re simply instruments. Others are pulling the levers behind the scenes*. When Whitey is seen off, in a couple of decades, the blecks will no longer be of any use to their controllers. What do the tens of millions of Hispanics, Chinks, and dot-Indians care about the blecks? Answer: They care nothing about the blecks. When they’re running things, they won’t be putting up with any bleck shenanigans. The poor blecks will wonder what hit them. Too late, they’ll discover that it was only Whitey who cared about them and protected them.

* Sure, at the local level, they’ll let the blecks run things into the ground. What do the globalist elite care about Detroit, Chicago, St Louis, or Baltimore?
Wednesday - July 26th 2023 7:31AM MST

"can Americans stop a ruinous slide into 3rd World incompetence and corruption resembling South Africa?"

Do you know of or remember so-called Smart Fraction Theory? It was proposed, as far as I know, by a statistician named La Griffe du Lion, and referred to often by Steve Sailer in his bolder days.
Wednesday - July 26th 2023 7:29AM MST

Let me add also on the George Gilder essay:

In book form, "Sexual Suicide" did extremely well, sold many copies, and became almost a standard point-of-reference for the men of the relevant generation. It was a hit. In other words, people paid real money to read the words and possess them in paper form to perhaps pass on to someone else (borrowed or given). Ideas spread in such a way, (much healthier than in the latest viral Tik-Tok craze?--!).

One thing this points to is the existence of a strong "reading public" at the time. Some of us would prefer such an era. Books really are good. That is, books done well. No such "reading public" exists anywhere near as much today. One struggles to find good used book stores (and these days I wonder if used books stores have agents scouring the Little Free Library boxes for fresh supply, sold at a profit at any price is acquired via the Little Free LIbrary). The whole idea of the "Claremont Review of Books," for example, is to be a journal for consumers of books.

Do 'people' read books anymore? Is the art of "book, as book" lost? People do a lot of reading, but it's often on cell-phone screens. People do a lot of consuming of quasi-political or cultural commentary similar to that which appeared in books of the past, but often again it's through screens and in video form, which is necessarily and (almost-)always an inferior medium for ideas.

Of the large and positive response and reaction on Twitter to my posting of the original George Gilder essay (it may be the first time ever to appear in easy-to-access HTML form online, and is at least the only copy easily available as of today), it is unsurprising that the older men gave the most positive reaction. By older I mean at least several years older than Steve Sailer (who was, in July 1973 when the essay appeared, age 14 and on summer-break from school between 9th and 10th grades, I think, and is unlikely to have read it, but maybe he did).

I understand that among the regular commenters here, at least two I can immediately think of -- Mr. SafeNow and Mr. Blanc -- are of the proper age-range to remember the era of the early 1970s, the birth of modern feminism. And the appearance on the scene of this essay/book, which is now an interesting historical artifact of the period, one that at least I got a lot out of in carefully re-engaging with.
Wednesday - July 26th 2023 6:52AM MST

The George Gilder essay is of the long-form essay style of writing, which was a more-common form of writing to engage with in generations past, of course.

I thought it was very good. Reading reviews of the time and seeing how often smaller-market newspapers reprinted it, the "Sexual Suicide" essay was really well received in its time.

It's another point worthy of comment that the style might not fit the 2020s, but for me the style itself is refreshing.
Wednesday - July 26th 2023 5:41AM MST
PS: Also, Mr. Hail, I'll put a couple of comments under your latest post this morning. I like your writing better than that of Mr. Gilder, in fact. (I left it in the middle of his writing, for a while...)
Wednesday - July 26th 2023 5:40AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I read Helen Andrews' - her of Steve Sailer reviewing and not so easily found comment fame - review of Ms (probably Ms.) Fairbanks book. This review unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, has me certain that I'll not be reading that book, though I thank Mr. Smith yet again for giving us access to it on-line.

Even the review by Mrs. Andrews is fairly light on the real truth of racial matters. Still, that was good reading. Thanks for pointing it out - I'll maybe make a post with some excerpts as an addendum to this S. Africa ruination story.

Alarmist, I saw that one coming!
Peak Stupidity Book Club
Wednesday - July 26th 2023 4:30AM MST
PS: Good Morning!

The Inheritors: An Intimate Portrait of South Africa's Racial Reckoning by Eve Fairbanks (4.4MB .epub)

The Alarmist
Wednesday - July 26th 2023 12:30AM MST

"Just the tip," and other lies White devils tell you ....


Tuesday - July 25th 2023 7:55PM MST

You may be interested in reading this, from a few months ago:

"Look Back in Anger --- The lights are going off in South Africa," by Helen Andrews, in Claremont Review of Books.

This is a book review of "The Inheritors: An Intimate Portrait of South Africa's Racial Reckoning," by Eve Fairbanks. The book was published about July 2022. Helen Andrews' review was published about Dec. 2022.

--- from publisher blurb: "(The Inheritors is the) winner of the PEN/John Kenneth Galbraith Award for Nonfiction. A dozen years in the making, The Inheritors weaves together the stories of three ordinary South Africans over five tumultuous decades in a sweeping and exquisite look at what really happens when a country resolves to end white supremacy."
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