Conflict Resolution ... (how long) will you be my neighbor?

Posted On: Monday - April 17th 2017 5:44PM MST
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This is not one of the ideas I had planned to write about this evening, but it just came up. This is about the small conflicts over things that could be called trivial that persist and turn into trouble that goes on for years. I just started a small conflict with a neighbor over a leaf pile - a leaf pile!! Haha, yeah, a leaf pile. The problem is that we all have our idiosyncrasies and mine is territorial. It is not even worth getting into too much detail, but, as I want to write something more on the (outdated, at this point, but still interesting) story, info-tainment really, about the Republic Airlines, dba United Airlines incident, it makes me think more on how conflicts can blow up like that.

I would like to say that everyone involved in that airliner incident, at least the ones on video, acted so uncivilly, and just not like calm human beings, that I couldn't see myself doing what any of them did. There will hopefully be a post in the morning on this. After this evening, I realize that there are certain people that one just can't deal civilly with. In my case, I believe it is both of our personalities. There are people with whom you are better off not talking and whom you just need to avoid, even a next door neighbor. It has been many years, but we just will never get along.

One thing I have learned from a friend's experience is to just take action, even if it might hurt one's pride, to put a stop to the conflict by giving in before (and this is where it relates to another post to come on the "student snowflakes" and the like) before it gets to the "I'm telling!" phase. It would never be on my part, but by "I'm telling!", I mean telling the law, getting city code enforcers, the tax assessors and all the various and sundry government bureaucrats that are paid to find and cause trouble, involved.

This friend is not sure that his old lady neighbor has died or not, but the best clue he has is that nobody from the city has come by in a long time to tell him what the hell he needs to work on, on the outside of his house, to comply with "THE LAW!" It had been going on for years, maybe the better part of a decade, that people on the taxpayers' dimes (well, Benjamins more like) had him working basically for them, not at his own pace, on this fixer-upper house. I don't think that my friend could even remember what small incident started the "I'm telling" phase, and I sure don't.

All this is my way of telling you, when your instincts tell you to let something go, and just "see and avoid", like Visual Flight Rules, you should listen. Some people ya just cain't reach.

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