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Posted On: Friday - July 14th 2023 9:34PM MST
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You've got the whole speech (and transcript thereof), along the Q&A period, embedded there in our previous post. Timestamps from me and commenter Hail to help pinpoint sections you may want to view or hear were provided.

From those descriptions by the times, any serious iSteve reader can easily see that this speech was not on new material. He put together many of his ideas - though not nearly all of his myriad ones - that his readers would be very familiar with into the speech. He did this in a very organized fashion.

I'm not here to get critical of Mr. Sailer's mannerisms, style, or whatever (production values?) That's not my thing, but also, he does not do public speaking for a living or for his ideology - he noted in this that he is no ideologue. To me, he spoke clearly and calmly, with a little bit of humor and just a little bit of self-promotion thrown in. The 19 minutes of charts and graphs might have been boring to a some people, but I have no problem with that stuff, except that I'd seen every bit of it before, as a solid regular reader of his blog on The Unz Review*. Others should have been able to learn much from the graphs, as they were very well done.

At that Vdare castle in the conference room Mr. Sailer was "preaching to the choir". I'll write again, he's no ideologue - he just notices stuff and connects events together, very calmly, with no animosity toward anyone... even the violent Black! thugs that make up the data in some of his graphs, the BLM and antifa Commies who arranged all of that stuff behind the data, and anyone else who is involved in purposely destroying this country!

I can't do that. I can't remain calm and just report about it without wanting to DO SOMETHING, like NOW! Mr. Sailer, to be fair, has his place. He knows that his writing is read by many influential people, almost all who don't acknowledge his origination of these ideas due to job security and/or lack of courage.

The thing is, he comes across as thinking that if ONLY, if only lots of more people understood his simple common-sense analysis of what he's noticed over the years, then people in charge will understand how wrong they are and change things per Mr. Sailer's recommendations, based on well-calculated statistics.

NO! They WON'T! Most of the people who iSteve, his readers, and the influential pundits, etc. who borrow his ideas laugh at and try to correct, are not actually stupid. They often know inside that we are right. They don't care how right we all are. They HATE HATE HATE traditional White Middle Class American society, and they want to destroy traditional America and kill us.

Still, Mr. Sailer can teach those on the fence what's what in order to counteract the Lyin' Press, so we got that going for us. Really, he's a treasure for the alt-right. He's just not the cultural wartime guy that's gonna pound his fists on the podium and then go out and raise Holy Hell. That's not his job, and he doesn't claim it is.

Just my take ...

* As ALL regular Peak Stupidity readers would have figured out.

Monday - July 17th 2023 6:54AM MST
The concern over black deaths is because the depolicing etc. measures were advertised as being necessary to reduce black deaths due to police shooting them.
This shows that those measures not only did not reduce black deaths, they made them much worse.
Bill H
Sunday - July 16th 2023 8:49AM MST
PS This concept that these people hate this and hate that is a dangerous misconception. They do not hate America or Americans or whites or anything else. These manifestations are distractions, and the fact that we are all howling about how they hate this and they hate that proves that the distractions are working. They are distracting us from the real problem, which is simply what they are.

They love POWER, and will do anything to achieve and/or maintain it. That is what it is all about. As long as they can keep us fighting between ourselves, as long as they can keep us distracted with details of the methodologies, they can keep us from uniting to throwing them out of power.

Because we cannot throw them out unless we are united. Unless we are all one one page. Unless we all care about only one thing, and that thing is not what they are doing, but is the basic fact that they are in power and must be taken out.
Mr. Anon
Saturday - July 15th 2023 1:00PM MST

"The winner-take-all aspect of American life has a very dark side. What to do with the non-winners?"

This is an important point. My own theory, based on my observations, though not quantitative in any way, is that this aspect of America - the devil-take-the-hindmost mindset that often prevails in this country - is a consequence of anglo-saxon culture, which is much more individualistic than the more communitarian cultures of continental Europe.

It can be seen in microcosm even within the United States. Upper midwest states like Minnesota and Wisconson, which were heavily settled by the descendants of Middle and western European immigrants (German, Polish, Austrian, Czech, Dutch) are much more socially cohesive and - well, in very many ways - nicer than the Southeast, settled by people from the south-east of England, Scots-Irish, Borderers, and low-land Scots. Those people (southerners often seem to have a more "I've got mine and to Hell with the rest of you attitude". I say this with no sense of animosity as I myself descend from that latter category rather than the former.

I am not saying it's all bad either - that sense of individualism, a zealous desire to guard one's own rights and privileges - that has an upside too, obviously.
Saturday - July 15th 2023 9:07AM MST
PS Sailer and others present and discuss social issues along with documentation. People can choose to ignore all of that at a cost.
The winner-take-all aspect of American life has a very dark side.
What to do with the non-winners?
How to keep them productive, or at least neutral instead of destructive?
Or just acquiesce in the annihilation of those parts of society that someone else has decreed anathema?
Saturday - July 15th 2023 8:47AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, you are right that the numbers of these Black! deaths, even though in the 10's of thousands, are small compared to the ones you speak of (and that Dieter Kief and you have been pointing out in the Steve Sailer threads.

I can't really tell if Mr. Sailer is really very concerned about these excess deaths of exuberance. He comes across as a very honest guy. That might be the case. I seriously doubt it was the case for the large majority of the VDare and the iSteve audience/readership, as our big efforts are not being made for the purposes of saving 20,000 Black! people a year. It's about saving a formerly great White country.

Another possibility is that Mr. Sailer is acting like it's all about the Black! deaths to get certain people to care or pretend to care so that they'll do something about it that will inadvertently help out White people and the country.
Saturday - July 15th 2023 7:42AM MST

Traffic-deaths, homicides, and drug-overdose deaths (it's not close) --- See:
Saturday - July 15th 2023 7:41AM MST

My criticism of Steve Sailer's recent interest in "Black traffic statistics" and the Black homicide rate is that these are both minor phenomena compared to some other things easy-enough to measure -- the drug-overdose crisis is a non-controversial (?) one. The birth-data that I recently tried to put into useful form is an even-bigger deal. In the time Sailer has been "on the job" tracking Black traffic-accident fatality rate, the White birth-share has dropped by a certain degree that swamps Black traffic-deaths.

The defense of Sailer's interest in these things is they are a proxy for other things that matter more in wider culture or society. But I am not sure he makes the case as firmly as he could that the real interest is the Black traffic deaths as proxy for some kind of wider social health.
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