Steve Sailer's speech in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Posted On: Friday - July 14th 2023 12:39PM MST
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Peak Stupidity apologizes for just posting this a month after the great Steve Sailer's actual speech at the VDare castle in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

I'd watched his 49 minute speech already in the 1:13 long video*, but I didn't get to reading the comment thread under Steve Sailer's quick post with the VDare tweet containing it until about 4 days later.

Commenter Adam Smith gave us a link to Mr. Sailer's speech on his (Mr. Smith's) own youtube channel recently in the Peak Stupidity post Keep Kustomers' Kash King. I note that Mr. Smith also kindly embedded his YT channel video in a comment under that iSteve thread to spread the video (making is easier for those who don't read VDare, or maybe HATE HATE HATE tweets, perhaps, nothing personal...) I am glad Mr. Sailer acknowledged it and thanked you, Adam, as he'd directly asked for help on this.

Additionally, I notice a comment in that now-ancient thread with praise from commenter Dieter Kief for Peak Stupidity. Thank you, Dieter, and you were quite right to have wished the readers "Good luck!" on easily finding anything this site!**

Here is the speech and Q&A period in their entirety. I pasted in the intial timestamps that Commenter E.H. Hail kindly gave to us in some comments under a that same recent Peak Stupidity post. All the timestamps/blurbs after the 09:20 one are mine. The speech was titled "The Secret History Of The 21st Century” but Mr. Sailer considers Did Black Lives Matter Get All Those Black Lives Murdered? Yes. Yes, It Did.” as a secondary title.

00:00 - Introductory remarks by VDare president Peter Brimelow, on Steve Sailer's career in dissident journalism.

05:12 - A bagpipe tribute to Steve Sailer by Fred Kelly.

06:30 - Steve Sailer comes to podium to hearty applause (but speech actually starts at 7:05) .

07:30 - Sailer says this is his first public speech since early 2013; he had had other bookings but anarchists successfully used threats of violence to force venues to cancel all of the others he was invited to since then; Sailer therefore praises VDare for securing the cancel-proof Castle as its headquarters.

09:20 - Sailer says he is a "semi-legendary character whose insights show up, in modified form, in the work of 'edgier' and 'more interesting' pundits -- like Tucker Carlson, Matthew Yglesias, Ross Douthat, Scott Alexander, and lately Elon Musk -- but MY name, it appears, should never be mentioned!"

09:30 - Mr. Sailer explains why he writes and how he writes. He's not an ideologue but just "a historian of current trends". "I'm more focused on explaining "What just happened?'"

11:30 - He talks about Identity Politics, diversity, and the "childish discourse" that's just bad guys vs. good guys.

12:55 - Mr. Sailer's mentions that his anthology book is coming out, to applause from the audience. I hope he sells millions!

13:40 - Mr. Sailer gets into the diversity stupidity of both squads of the UniParty political parties, GOP first. The 1st example regarding the GOP is 9/11.

16:50 - He gives another GOP diversity stupidity example: The Iraq War and the attempt at "the spreading of Democracy" in a place with lots of 1st-cousin marriage, hence not too much civic sense.

19:45 - He gives a 3rd example, a domestic one, the Housing Bubble and crash of the mid-'00s.

22:45 - He describes and discusses his patented moniker for the Blue Squad Democrat Party, the Coalition of the Fringes. I liked a funny line there about the "constantly growing number of stripes on the gay flag".

26:30 - He explains that the only thing holding said coalition together is anti-Whiteness. He asks how much of this "anti-core" (-American) behavior can represent an overt conspiracy.

27:45 - He talks about media collusion, among the Lyin' Press itself, and also along with politicians, with the example of Øb☭ma. Applause line: "On the other hand, Emmett Till is news. Emmett Till is ALWAYS news."

30:10 - Mr. Sailer explains how this DIE system doesn't even work for its beneficiaries. (Gotta interrupt here: Contrary to Mr. Sailer, I say "fuck these beneficiaries.")

Mr. Sailer explains that's he's got to give some stats (you know you love it, Steve!), and the next, aka, last 19 minutes (40%) of the speech is a lecture with nice graphical slides on the Ferguson effect, de-policing problems, deaths of exuberance by Blacks!, murders and traffic deaths, and so on.

49:20 - Audience Q&A begins.

OK, you don't really need these, but just for fun...

1:12:10 - The shadow of Peter Brimelow appears (left toward the bottom).
1:13:07 - One arm of Peter Brimelow's appears.
1:13:15 - One hand of Peter Brimelow's waves "OK, now."
1:13:21 - Peter Brimelow appears and ends it there. He does like to keep to a schedule!

My timeline ended up too detailed, I guess, but I hope some readers can use it. Therefore, this post will stop here without commentary. Peak Stupidity will post a follow-up, hopefully later today, with both some basic commentary on this speech and some information/questions about the hosting of videos on youtube and the like.

Just as I got around to this, I took the hour and a half to watch an interview with Mr. Sailer, as embedded on his Unz Review-hosted blog site here. It deserves some commentary too, but hopefully not a month later here! (Plenty of it is already in comments under the post, with a hundred more to come, I'm sure.)

PS: A comment from Adam Smith below reminded me (because I do remember that now) that VDare had this transcript of this whole thing***. Reading can be 5 to 10x faster than listening. (I personally don't like speeding audio up.)

* The last ~25 minutes are the question and answer period.

** I came close to replying with a snide remark on the lack of searchability - someday ... - but then it'd have been 4 days later. Unfortunately, I didn't catch the part in your comment her about my going to unz and providing that link to the Helen Andrews article there, but I see you did. That would have steered me to another good thread.

*** I believe they have included transcripts for the all the speeches and panel discussions at the 2nd Annual VDare Conference held this past mid-June at their castle in Berkeley Springs, W. Virginia.

Friday - July 14th 2023 6:27PM MST
PS: You're welcome, re: the rest of the timeline, Mr. Smith. Thank you for the stats. This answers most of what I wanted to ask you I think. If I remember more that I had wanted to know, I"ll write back under this or the next post.

I'll link to the transcript too later on. Lots of people would rather read than watch/listen, if nothing else, based on a huge time savings. Usually that's me but not this time.

That commenter only got 1 of the 3 things he (probably) speculated on correctly, Mr. Hail. Something tells me he didn't bother to watch.

When I wrote this post, the video had 5,777 views, just for the record. That wasn't the "publish" time though - it's about an hour before that, but only roughly.
Friday - July 14th 2023 6:14PM MST

What do you think of the quality of Youtube commenters?


sniper6668's comment (July 1, 2023):

Get a bunch of "based" VDARE people in a room and what they discuss is: Democrates are the real racists, the plight of the poor black man, and proudly exclaiming that we are the true moral enlightened liberals! Its the same conversation and points of contention for 60 years, classic.

This I believe qualifies as a "malcontent."

I never finished watching the Sailer speech after my initial effort at time-stamping (but intend to), so I cannot confirm or deny, but ------ I doubt very much that Steve Sailer ever abruptly stopped and said:

"Okay, folks, let me just stop right here, and -- remind -- you of something my mama used to tell me: the DEMS ARE THE REACL RACISTS. You all know it's true! Yeah, in the back, you heard me. Yeah, you. Don't pretend you don't know the Dems are the REAL racists, alright? Don't forget it, and I'll say it a third time so the mentally-lazy or distracted among you get it: The. Dems. Are. The. REAL. Racists. You heard it from me, Steve Sailer, conservative pundit. Can I get an 'Amen'? Thanks, everybody; Now, back to my prepared remarks..."
Adam Smith
Friday - July 14th 2023 3:29PM MST
PS: Greetings, Dieter,

I don't know the stylish website of which you speak, but I am familiar with this...

Happy Friday evening to you, Dieter!

Adam Smith
Friday - July 14th 2023 3:25PM MST
PS: Me again,

It hasn't been a month. It was posted on June 28th.

Here's the zerohedge post that is driving 14% of the traffic...

(Gotta go wash the car. See ya!)

Dieter Kief
Friday - July 14th 2023 3:23PM MST
Thx. Adam! - Interesting. At the same time it - - - could easily be interpreted as an example for the big machinery to take over control over our lives - - - life, dear is a strange affair reads an introductory remark at a - stylish - website -- - -
Adam Smith
Friday - July 14th 2023 3:16PM MST
PS: Good evening, Achmed!

Thanks for the detailed timeline. It is much better than the one I came up with...

Recorded at Berkeley Springs Castle on the evening of June 17, 2023

The manuscript text of Mr. Sailer’s speech can be found Here...

0:00 - Introductory Remarks by Peter Brimelow
5:12 - Fred Kelly Playing “Minstrel Boy” on the Bagpipes
7:05 - Steve Sailer Begins His Speech
13:16 - The Secret History of the 21st Century
19:44 - The Housing Bubble that Led to the 2008 Economic Crash
31:27 – Did Black Lives Matter Get All These Black Lives Murdered?
49:20 - Audience Q&A begins

I meant to paste the timeline into the description on the video, but between my laziness and youtube locking my channel for a week for wrongthink (plus work and some chores and errands) I just haven't done it yet.

Also, I have lots of analytic data on this video, which is something you might be interested in.(?) For example, the average watch time is 13:52 and only 11% of the clicks make it to the end of the video. 62% of the clicks stopped watching by 44 seconds. But I did gain 38 subscribers since I posted this video.

It also informs me that 53.3% of the traffic comes from external sources. Twitter is the largest outside source at 41.7% (I imagine this is from Sailer's tweet with the link to this video). Surprisingly 14.2% of the traffic is coming from zerohedge. Not sure if they posted it or if this is from links in the comments. Plenty of other data about who watched this video. Anyway...

Cheers! & Happy Weekend!

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