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Posted On: Tuesday - July 4th 2023 1:22PM MST
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(It's almost 1/4 of the way into this century. I keep seeing 4 digit years written and hear them spoken. It's not about COBOL and memory space here, but how about we drop the "20" till the end of this century? That saves a lot of typing and talking.)

It's Independence Day. 247 years ago today, the brave Founders of this nation put their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor on the line, but signing their names under the Declaration of Independence. It's easy to read and hear this as a standard platitude, meaning nothing much to us. One might understand the feeling any of these men would gotten in his heart and guts, knowing that it this war against the most powerful armed forces in the world doesn't somehow end in their favor, he will be hanged, if he were involved in what's to come.

In this Unz Review thread, there was a discussion about separation of America from the tyranny of the Potomac Regime. How would that work, as we are all mixed together, not only within the various States, but within counties, down to the voting precinct level. The discussion was interesting. Who will dare to go against the Regime directly, as individuals, a militia, a State, or what?

My recent viewing of a short video within a VDare post by Federale titled Border Patrol Agents Now Under Orders To Cut Barbed Wire, Bring In Illegal Aliens!. got my blood boiling*. Thanks yet again to Adam Smith, here's that video:

Think about the traitorous actions of that Fed. Would the British commanders of a quarter of a millennium ago have ordered anything that egregious be done to the Colonies by a Lobsterback?

I’m telling you that, were I a Texas National Guardsman near there watching that, I know that the chances that I would raise my rifle and fire at the traitorous Fed would be non-negligible.

I spent a few minutes daydreaming after watching that scene. When it comes finally to a (hopefully successful) attempt by Americans at separating from the Feral Beast/Potomac Regime, that video has me imagining how it well get started. To me there's a good likelihood of it going like the following:

As with control of the invasion at the southern border, the Feds derail State policies that are designed to prevent the evil that the Potomac Regime has been implementing. Some Governor with guts, or maybe a group of brave locals, decides that enough is enough. Force is used against the Feds in something like a skirmish. Then, of course, the FBI, Motherland Security, or other alphabet group comes to the State to arrest said Texans or Floridians (my best guess, but it could be anyone/anywhere) that were involved. Then, State officials make the effort to prevent this by detaining these FBI men at the airport.

What would be next after that?

Please watch the video above of the traitorous Regime Fed. First, take your BP medicine, if you have a need to.

We'll light up a few fireworks for the sake of the kids this evening, with hopefully nothing like this scene from Adam Smith's youtube channel taking place.

Otherwise, well I am not waving any flag wide and high today. If I were, it'd be the Gadsden or Rebel flag. That lead us to the yearly tradition of the same featured music here at Peak Stupidity. For the 7th year in a row, I've got them US Blues.

* The video is embedded in a tweet, first one on that post. Peak Stupidity WILL NOT do tweeting or embed tweets here. I can’t find the video in question from youtube to embed here – Adam Smith, please pick up the HuWhite courtesy phone!

[UPDATED 07/05:]
Though it's not on his own channel due to a punishment levied on him for something else, Adam Smith came through with a link to the 1st video on youtube. Thanks, Adam. I took out words about going to Federale's article for the video. However, there's a lot more there though.

Thursday - July 6th 2023 4:07PM MST
PS Great version of US Blues!
Wednesday - July 5th 2023 6:19AM MST
Alarmist: It's a case of mutual doing down. Take a look at the terms the Americans loaned to the British during WW2 compared to the terms they gave the Soviets.
No it wasn't necessity, it was anti-British feeling on the part of the party in power (as well as Soviet agents as advisers).
Wednesday - July 5th 2023 5:21AM MST
PS: Mr Kief, I appreciate the update and your putting the violence in France in perspective. As for Andrew Anglin, the less said the better. (I'm still glad he's able to publish his "writings", often more like tweet-strings, on The Unz Review, but it's not my thing at all.)

I'll check out the Dalrymple article too. I wonder if he's read "The Camp of the Saints". That novel takes place in the south of France, after a while...
Wednesday - July 5th 2023 4:55AM MST
PS: Mr. Anon, I see a big difference between the situation in 1776 and 2023 when it comes to a separation.

I have read those same figures, including the 3 percent. Those loyal to the British back in those days weren't as widely different from pro-Revolution Colonists in culture, personality, and extreme political beliefs, as the modern ctrl-left are from the Conservatives here and now.

I mean, it was not like the Loyalists would have been all pro mandatory-quartering-of-soldiers, pro-punishment-without-trial, anti-gun, etc, etc, as in all that's written up in the Declaration. They'd not have had a problem with the Bill of Rights either, even with a possible nostalgia and favoritism for the British Parliamentary system. They just were not angry enough about the British rule and treatment of Colonists by the British to want a war. (There would obviously be the fear factor, in that their lives would be upended with this war - perhaps many would rather have worked this all out over the years via more diplomacy - they would consider the rebels "impulsive hot-heads")

Look at it this way, too. After the Revolution, was there any problem with former, or STILL, Loyalists getting along with those who fought or supported the Revolution? I realized some high-tailed it to Canada, but most remained - the new country didn't get 1/3 hollowed-out.

The British themselves, besides those soldiers that had been doing the enforcement of their rule here, well, they were still 3-4 thousand miles away across the ocean. Geographical separation was there to begin with. Only political separation needed to be accomplished.

How will we separate geographically? Yes, it can happen, but it won't be easy like that. We sure can't have the opposing sides in the modern conflict living together.
Wednesday - July 5th 2023 4:42AM MST
PS: In a way, I'm glad the US military is getting DIEversified and BLT-G+++'d, Alarmist. Even Trump (only partly because he was incompetent) didn't use the military to crush the antifa Commies and the Black! looters in the summer of '20. I don't see any situation coming in which the Regime military would be on our side.

Adam, you came through yet again. I just don't try enough different searches, I suppose, or was it that you came to the video via the tweet? Sorry that you are being punished by YT. I will write more about your channel in the post on Steve Sailer's speech, including some questions I have for you and other readers.

I'll put the video up in a while here.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - July 5th 2023 2:55AM MST

Research on the loyalties of the colonists during the revolution puts the fully pro-Revolution share at 45% of the population, Loyalists at 20%, and the rest undecided or opportunistic. While the class who stood to gain the most might indeed have only been 3% (does anything change, e.g. today’s 1%), they had at least another 42% or so fully on board, and many “loyalists” came on board as the screws were put to their economic and social well being were increasingly “cancelled” by the states.

Oddly enough, the Continental Army struggled to keep 20k troops in the field at any one time, though at its peak the numbered at 85k. Not much in the grand scheme of things, but Great Britain had other pots to watch, and believe it or not, they were more lucrative than North America.

What amazes me today is how enchanted Americans are with the Brits to this day. The Brits actively sought to undermine the US for more than a hundred years (e.g. US Civil War, where they supported the South, while, ironically, Russia intervened to support the North ... talk about ingratitude), and the Brits have quietly and covertly continued to interfere in America’s politics ever since (viz The “Dossier”). It’s one reason I occasionally enjoy skewering my British interlocutors in meetings. The Sun never sets on the British empire because God doesn’t trust the English in the dark.

Dieter Kief
Wednesday - July 5th 2023 12:18AM MST
PSAdam -- I saw your hand cut off video and decided not to retweet it but rather to write about it on some German blogs- - - nobody wanted to say it's authentic. It disappeared - - - maybe for a good reason.It is necessary to be sceptical, I'd think. Better to hold back than to be proven wrong.

II Andrew Anglin - a right wing doomsayer/France-panicker at Unz Review in the Nahel case

Andrew Anglin did go forward like a madman at Unz and landed in silly-statements-land ("this is a civil war in France").

There are uncounted deaths already - - - etc. . . . As I said: Panicky altogether.

Damage done something like 900 million Euros - - - - nothing special in France. Two dead - - a fireman and Nahel: Bad, but: Nothing of the scale of a civilwar at all.

Nahel's death is possibly legit, since the French parliament passed this law in 2017, because a man in a lorry had killed 80+ people in Nice. Oh - this new law says that dangerous motorists who resist the police's orders can be - - shot dead.

III Nahel's mother is white - - -and single mom - - - police public is clearly on the side of the policemnt who shot him dead 

The French donated the policeman's family 1,2 million Euros so far. Nahel's family was given 200 000 Euros by the public. Btw.: Nahel's mother is a white French single mom - - this is Steve Sailer stuff. And her "angel" - her "kid" as the French public had it, was a quite successful drug dealer/continous law offender and  - - - rising media star -with 17! - - - He is featured in a super-disgusting Rap-video**** - - -before his death. His car, that he drove without a driver's license and insurance - was a 300 HP AMG Mercedes, for those who know: AMG-Mercedeses are the Equivalent of ALPINA-BMWs - -  -tuned high priced versions of the basic models. Since Nahel had no driver's license, he rented the car via Polish connections - - which is what you do in a rapper's/drug dealer's France.

Btw. II - Nahel's mother is on her way to becoming some sort of media star too. She heads demonstrations now in white clothes  - - - and waves her hands, sending out kisses to the crowd - - - .  

****Theodore Dalrymple has the shooting of nahel at least partly wrong but he is right about the cirumstances - especially about the Rap-biography of Nahel - he has interesting details here!

goole his article in City Journal - Dalrymple lives partly in super-lovely southern France

France Under Riot | City Journal (
Mr. Anon
Tuesday - July 4th 2023 11:35PM MST

"How would that work, as we are all mixed together, not only within the various States, but within counties, down to the voting precinct level."

That was true in 1775 too. Tories and Patriots were all mixed together. The group known as the "3 percenters" (III) take their name from the fact that only about 3% of the population of colonial America took an active part in the revolution. I don't know if their figure is right, but it probably isn't too far from the mark.

Somehow, however, the revolution did happen. Die hard tories, well, died hard. Or f**ked off to Canada. Namby-pamby tories, I guess, decided that Boston, or New York, or Charleston, or Savannah was worth a mass, so-to-speak. The large group in the middle that never staked a bet one way or the other just went along with the winning side. That's what happens when history is made.

Of course, had the British Crown prevailed, the patriot ring-leaders would have been executed, we'd all be essentially Canadian (eh!), and July 4th would be called "Thomas Jefferson Day" and would be celebrated by hanging the Sage of Monticello in effigy (think Guy Faulkes Day).
Adam Smith
Tuesday - July 4th 2023 3:27PM MST
PS: Happy 4th of July, everyone,

I would upload this video to my channel, but YouTube is punishing me (my first strike) for a week (4 more days) for posting the wrong kind of video*. I wonder if that's why the embedded "Fun With Fireworks" video won't play in my browser.(?) I guess it could be some other kind of glitch.

* you can view the offending video if you wish...

I found it on twitter and it allegedly shows a Frenchman who had his hand cut off while trying to protect his car from being burned by rioters. (Don't know if it's true, but it looks like he's been beaten pretty badly.) I view of what's going on in France it seems plausible. (Perhaps I should be more skeptical.)

Happy Independence Day!

The Alarmist
Tuesday - July 4th 2023 2:55PM MST

They are wussifying the US military to prevent what we might soon see in France. France’s senior military are still very France-first, and we may soon see them leading a coup sgainst Mr. Macaroni.

The US’s senior military have been so political and soncorrupted by the defense and think-tank industries that they pose no threat whasoever. Then again, that is precisely why so many third-world coups are led by Colonels and below.

The US isn’t being compassionate with its open borders ... it is being invaded.
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