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Posted On: Saturday - July 1st 2023 7:26PM MST
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That's pretty easy to achieve in the age of the www.

It's time for Saturday Southern Rock. Peak Stupidity has featured music from Skynyrd - the unarguable Kings of Southern Rock - and The Allman Brothers, the Marshall Tucker Band, a couple by The Outlaws, Molly Hatchett, and then one or two by ZZ Top.

These tres hombres* were from Houston, Tejas* and played together for 51 years! That was until one of them, Dusty Hill, died in 2021.

I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide was from the band's 6th (studio) album, Deguello.

ZZ Top was:

Billy Gibbons – guitars, lead and backing vocals.
Frank Beard – drums, percussion.
Dusty Hill – bass, backing and lead vocals, keyboards.

We just ran out of time today for any substantive post. However, the horrible S. African story, as it may apply to America, must appear sometime, then there's another about university enrollment, one having not so much to do with AA, perhaps more on the Titan sub story, some more on Feminism, an "I told you so" report on Ron DeSantis, an attempt to wrap up our Kung Flu coverage, and more... The Stupidity stops for no man!

Thank you all for reading and writing in this week.

* "3 Men", in Spanish, the name of their 3rd album. "Tejas" was the name of their 5th album. They made 15 over the years, but arguably 9 of them in their prime - through 1985.

The Alarmist
Tuesday - July 4th 2023 10:52AM MST

Happy 4th of July, from the Mother Country... lulz.
Monday - July 3rd 2023 8:14AM MST
PS: That one by Jerry Reed is close to what they called "novelty songs" back then. "The Streak" is another. Good on your neighbor, Alarmist. Let me give that a listen - it's been a while.

Mr. Hail, I just read that Financial Times article. I'd always said, let the Chinese deal with the Africans and let's just stay out of it for a century or so. See how they both like it. Of course those massive resources make the Western Globalist types pretty jealous.

From the article: "The middle class here is not yet large but we have to prepare for one day when the market starts to mature.” Haha, we'll see what kind of Middle Class the Chinese overlords get to experience. It might get so tiresome... as I watch with my Orville Redenbacher gourmet corn.

I think a post about Africa under Chinese influence or control would be a good one. I'll save that article. Thanks.
Sunday - July 2nd 2023 4:31PM MST

- China and digital-life in Africa -

I'd like to draw your attention to a recent report covering at least three of Peak Stupidity's biggest interests (China and its doings; the power of Big Tech; and moves towards a digitally-mediated cashless economy, in this case one built, overseen, administered, funded, and/or controlled by China):




Financial Times
June 28, 2023
850 words

The dream of establishing smartphone “super apps” that can operate across Africa’s markets is galvanising Chinese investment into Nigeria.

Nigeria, with about 220mn people, is the continent’s most populous country and its biggest economy. So, when two Chinese-backed fintech companies hatched ambitions to build African versions of Chinese mobile payment giants Alipay or WeChat Pay, they decided to start in Lagos.

“(We are building) a very, very super app,” says Chika Nwosu, managing director of PalmPay, one of the Chinese-backed mobile payments start-ups. “Nigeria is the hub for business in Africa.” Also open for business in Ghana, PalmPay has seen its active users grow fivefold to 25mn over the past year and plans to expand to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, Nwosu says.

So-called super apps aim to be one-stop shops for a range of services, and PalmPay’s offering through its smartphone app is increasingly comprehensive. Users in Nigeria can pay utility bills, top up mobile phone accounts, pay about 500,000 merchants for a variety of goods and services, make bank transfers, arrange loans, receive money and perform a host of other transactions.

(continued at https://archive.is/VUUqL )
The Alarmist
Sunday - July 2nd 2023 6:13AM MST

How about a post with Jerry Reed’s “When You’re Hot You’re Hot” in dedication to my French neighbors’ summer of love.
Sunday - July 2nd 2023 6:03AM MST
PS: I don't know, Alarmist. I had a cheapo one called a Cort. I may yet still have it somewhere...
The Alarmist
Sunday - July 2nd 2023 5:03AM MST

Telecaster ... ugh!
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