I don't think I'm gonna ever let him cut on me.

Posted On: Wednesday - April 12th 2017 6:15PM MST
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Apropos only to the crazy scene on the Republic Airlines plane the other day, the worst part of which was just the ridiculous, almost non-human way all parties in that incident acted, there is this one lyric line that would apply to that doctor dragged off the plane:

From this verse:

"We'e stayin' in a Holiday Inn full of surgeons;
I guess they meet there once a year.
They exchange physician stories
and get drunk on Tuborg beer.
Then they're off to catch a stripper
with their eyes glued to her G.
But I don't think that I would ever let 'em cut on me!

Jimmy Buffett, "Miss you so Badly"from Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes:

Plus, the parrotheads have been feelin' no luv here lately. Mucho apologies!

Listen to all the lyrics - they're clear enough to not need to be in pixels here. What a great songwriter!

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