Kids getting audited and going to camp

Posted On: Tuesday - June 6th 2023 8:16AM MST
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This is a follow-up to our April 15th post Kids eating goldfish and doing taxes. OK, it's not an audit, per se...

You give a kid everything he needs, the forms, copies of last year's forms, a computer, a calculator (on said computer), I mean what else would he need? The job was to get the Fed and State income tax forms done, copied, and sent off. Yet, STILL, 2 months later, there was a 2 page computer-generated reply in the mail saying we erred and owe the State some money.

The State's computers found 2 problems. The 1st one was a credit inserted that apparently we didn't qualify for. Well, you sure won't get these things without giving it a good go! Bully for him! The 2nd one was a wrong calculation on tax owed or overpaid. It was overpaid, but now it's owed. There are the tables, and then there are the simple formulas. I think the kid screwed up the math on the formula. That's not so excusable. He will need to pay his share of the penalty for that, out of his cash that he's accumulated... for a college fund.

I made a call to the lady in the office just to verify what the errors were for sure. Secondly, I wanted to make sure we wouldn't accumulate any more penalties and interest while we sorted this out.

"It's OK if my boy does these forms, right?" "Yeah, I mean I can still count him as a dependent?" "OK, now, it's his job to fix these things, but he can't get to it for another week. He went off to camp."

The adults already know, when there's trouble, you hit the road running. You'd better learn it fast, you'd better learn it young, 'cause someday never comes ...

It's a sad one, but that's one of my favorite CCR songs, though almost all of them are! Has there been any better voice in Rock music than that of John Fogerty?

Wednesday - June 7th 2023 7:56PM MST
PS: I won't insert myself into the Hanania discussion, having not read that post of his, except to say, I don't like him.

Alarmist, regarding this funny comment again - "Does your kid sign as a paid preparer?" - I thought about it more. He is being paid "in kind" with Super Flavor Blaster goldfish (more salt and orange powder resembling cheese for the same money) and some gummies too. Hopefully, the IRS won't get wind of what's going on, not because it won't be a wash, with my being the one expensing this (well, if I could itemize), but I don't want more work, dammit! ;-}

SafeNow, don't beat yourself up about it - you can't be responsible for all your colleagues. I really don't go for the generational blame thing anyway. I've been wanting to write a review of Strauss & Howe's "Generations"/"The Fourth Turning" since this blog started. One day, I'll just get right to it.

Mr. Smith, this goes back a long ways, but I knew some guys who were part-time smoke jumpers. Some of their colleagues got killed in a fire in the mountains of Washington State. There was something about women smoke-jumpers involved. I know someone I can ask about this sometime who also knew these people and MAY recall what happened.
Wednesday - June 7th 2023 6:19PM MST
“Has there been any better voice in Rock music than that of John Fogerty?”

I certainly give Fogerty a lot of credit. As vocal critics said about Sinatra, Fogerty has an instinctive gift to create a “subtext.” But as an ancient boomer who went to high school and college during the sixties, I would rank dozens of voices above Fogerty’s. Btw, I apologize, as a boomer, for
my colleagues having ruined the country.
Wednesday - June 7th 2023 4:43PM MST

RE: Muslims protest against LGBTQIA+ Rights, says R Hanania.

Yes --- promoting supposed non-Woke 'based' Muslims as good for the West. That definitely looks like the well-promoted, well-connected troll Richard Hanania's "m.o."

Richard Hanania was not a presence yet when the 2019 Boomer Cup was organized, and by age he would not qualify for inclusion. Although some b.1970s and even b.1980s people were included in the 2019 Boomer Cup by the organizer, they all had an older sensibility in some way.

R Hanania, meanwhile, although b.1980s, is more like a b.1990s or even b.2000s Internet troll, with everything ironic or misdirectionist.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - June 7th 2023 4:27PM MST
RE: Mr. Hail Boomer Cup - - -a possible next finalist

Mod. - - -first look at the vid, then at the name, if possible - -
Adam Smith
Wednesday - June 7th 2023 3:21PM MST
PS: Greetings, everyone,

Mr. Hail, I have honestly never heard of (this) Bill Mitchell before Achmed sent the link to this video.

Meanwhile, in other off topic stupidity...

“WTREX is an opportunity to engage participants of all different genders, ethnic, and racial backgrounds to explore the growing role of women in fire management.”

“An important part of the conference will focus on Indigenous cultural fire practices. Weather permitting, participants will also take part in a prescribed burn at Compound Meadows adjacent to the Banff townsite.”

“We’re going to be looking at all kinds of things – specific training, about mental health and gender diversity and inclusion,” said Jane Park.

“Parks Canada has extinguished plans for the main prescribed fire at Compound Meadows after preparation work for the primary burn got out of control on Wednesday afternoon (May 3).”

"The one thing that we cannot control is the weather," said Jane Park, incident commander for the Compound Meadows prescribed fire, in a Thursday interview with CTV News.

Maybe it's not wise to sacrifice competence on the altar of dieversity?


Wednesday - June 7th 2023 3:07PM MST

Bill Mitchell was a significant-enough pundit/commentator/figure and online-presence associated with some form of the Right, in the mid-late 2010s period, that he earned a slot in the Boomer Cup of 2019:



You may recall that Steve Sailer won the Boomer Cup, possibly because in later rounds he tipped the scales by appealing to his blog-readers to vote en masse.

Bill Mitchell, for his part, advanced to the second round, defeating the right-wing blogger Nick B. Steves, then losing to right-wing philosopher Nick Land. (Nick Land then lost to Scott Adams; Scott Adams advanced to the final, losing a narrow-race against Steve Sailer.)
Wednesday - June 7th 2023 2:53PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, it sounds like that from the short parts of the video where he talks. That's all I know about him, and I didn't do any looking up on his background when writing the next post, about this interview. He and Mr. Cuccinelli have both changed horses. I'm sure there could be some opportunism there in addition to honest opinion.
Wednesday - June 7th 2023 12:31PM MST

Wasn't Bill Mitchell a big-time MAGA Trump-personality-cult guy in the 2010s?
Adam Smith
Tuesday - June 6th 2023 9:32PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

As far as I can tell (quick search) this video is not on youtube. The video that I uploaded is "unlisted" meaning it won't be found by searching for it. The video itself is 160MB which would eat up your godaddy bandwidth and storage. Better to use youtube's bandwidth and storage.

As of right now the video still has zero views. It will be interesting to see if embedded views count as "views".

Hope you have a great evening!

Tuesday - June 6th 2023 8:37PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, now it makes sense. I was so happy to have the video, that I just kept it in a tab for later, but did not take the time to see it was on your "channel", hence not on youtube before. (I guess.)

I did see the twitterdownloader site the morning, but it was on a computer which I could not use to save stuff on, and then, I have no channel. (I really, really HATE signing up for stuff, but the video could stay on my hosting server I suppose. Then, though, I could run out of space if I keep that kind of thing up.)

When I embed this one in the post for which I want to write about it tomorrow, I want to see if you show more views. I never got straight whether the views via PS would count as views on your counter.
Tuesday - June 6th 2023 8:30PM MST
PS: Alarmist, no, I don't want to get him in too much trouble at such a young age. My wife has no idea what's going on with the taxes - I just say "sign here".

This brings me to Mr. Hail's question. I want him to do some constructive things to help the family - this is just one thing on the paperwork side. Also, he gets my attitude about the burden of tax return preparation and more so, the amount of money being confiscated. This boy is more interested in rubic's cubes of a number of shapes, some sports, and the creatures in the "Warriors" books and other series (and real creatures) than space aliens.

I hope Tucker will focus. I would love to see him run for President. This alien stuff, well I don't know, I always wonder why they seek out, meet, or let themselves be studied by, US Gov't officials rather than some better people. I did get this boy a telescope, as I had one at that age.
Tuesday - June 6th 2023 6:49PM MST

Does your son have any views on whether UFOs are real?

At his age, I'd think UFOs may elicit considerably more excitement and interest than "carrying the one" on a long set of calculations --- and following the whole ridiculous-and-arcane "tax preparation" process (most advanced countries do not have anything like it, the worker never "files his taxes" at all).

I ask because today Tucker Carlson endorsed the view, put yesterday by somebody claiming to be an ex intelligence official. This man, the ex intelligence officer, says he knows a guy who knows a guy who saw "non-human bodies" and the spaceships they piloted, in secret government bunkers.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - June 6th 2023 1:40PM MST
PS: Always happy to help, Achmed.

“Tell me your search terms, because I tried a number of combinations.”

I didn't search for anything. I simply downloaded the video from the twitter link you posted and then I uploaded it to youtube for your embedding pleasure.

I usually use to download twitter videos, but for some reason it wasn't working this morning so I used instead. Worked like a charm.

The Alarmist
Tuesday - June 6th 2023 12:16PM MST

Does your kid sign as a paid preparer?
Tuesday - June 6th 2023 10:35AM MST
PS: Thank you so much, yet again, Adam! I don't know why in hell I couldn't find it. Tell me your search terms, because I tried a number of combinations.

I would have run across your comment under 2628 too, as I've been in the habit of checking at at least the last 5 posts.

That's one of the first and fairly easy things for a site revamping - put a new comments link, or at least have a "tool" for myself.

I had all morning, too, to write about this video interview, but I'll get to it tomorrow morning, if not sooner.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - June 6th 2023 9:15AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Achmed,

I commented with this link under post 2628, but I'll put it here too because sometimes old posts get forgotten about...

Bill Mitchell's interview with Ken Cuccinelli...

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