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Posted On: Tuesday - April 11th 2017 5:26PM MST
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I have been in the vicinity of Washington, FS*. It would have been too disheartening to visit any of the government sites other than maybe Jefferson's memorial and the Air/Space museum, but no time for it anyway. It has only been the last 15 years or so in which I would have told anyone who asked that I feel ashamed of this place and "our" allegedly-federal government.

This is the opposite of what we heard from our deposed first lady of 2008-16, who had uttered that she "for once, felt proud to be an American" or some such thing. Of course, that 1st lady only cared about Black America, not America, and she was wrong anyway to be proud. 50 years of socialism have ruined black America along with a lot of the rest.

The first lady thing made me think that only one thing better now is we have a classy beautiful woman as first lady as opposed to some type of affirmative-action wookie. It's not enough to make me a proud American, but I do like her picture [cause it gets page views? - editor]:

Really, I don't know if she's classy or not, and I don't know if she's fashionable. A hottie like that looks good in anything shorter than a full-out, jihad-ready, burka-tent. We hear tell Jacqueline Kennedy was classy and all that too, but PeakStupidity does not claim to be a fashion site, nor should we be.

If we as a nation even survive long enough to care, I do wonder what Melania's "thing" as first lady will be**. Michelle Obama had the whole "eat-your-vegetables" nanny campaign, Nancy Reagan had the "just-say-no" to ingestible substances nanny campaign, and way way back, before most of our readers' times, there apparently was Lady Bird Johnson's (what kind of name is "Lady Bird" anyway?) "don't-be-a-litterbug" nanny campaign. That must be the first lady's job, though I missed that section and article in the US Constitution. I really don't think any of these*** were bad on the scale of what the rest of the Feral Government does. We can ignore the nannies, but we can't ignore the people with guns that will come if we act like free men.

* FS = Federal Shithole

** Just in case the administration has visited PeakStupidity this evening, I'd like to push a favorite nanny issue that Melania might have expertise in - sexy , I mean fashionable underthings for the ladies. She's got to know something about this, and since we've got littering licked, the paleo diet, and we're not smoking so much reefer, WE NEED THIS, first lady!

Melania Trump's campaign could be more of a "naughty nanny" campaign, rather than just a regular nanny campaign, dub it nanny 2.0. Here's a song about a naughty nanny that apparently had an influence on Mr. Freddie Mercury's life, but it may have backfired, now that I think about it:

*** I don't recall what Laura or Barbara Bush's nanny things were - maybe theirs were internal campaigns within the CIA. We also can recall no such nanny campaign from the Hildabeast, but she wouldn't be satisfied with the job of nanny - she was sent up from below, after the opening of the 7th seal, for better and bigger things.

Updated [4/12 evening]: Added note **, moved note ** to be note ***, and added Queen video to match note **. Got it?

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