June is a Two-for - Lots to Celebrate!

Posted On: Monday - June 5th 2023 2:24PM MST
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It's that time of year again. Peak Stupidity announces:

Hey, just what the hell are you trying to imply here? I'm not your buddy.

Oh, wait ... OK, well, I'm an intolerant bastard. I hate that flag and the Potomac Regime that it represents. I'll just be myself then, sure...

Not to worry anyway, there's more. Who could be against a safety campaign? I mean, unless you want People to Die!

There are only 12 months during which one can implement public indoctrination campaigns, so they had to double up in June. So, it's Pride Month and Safety Month. This should work out fine, right?

[UPDATED 06/05 Eve:]
Changed out gay bar picture for clarity.


Tuesday - June 6th 2023 8:32AM MST
PS: Thanks for the Pride informational poster, Adam. Regarding the worms, my wife says our whole family has them. I'm not that interested in finding out for myself.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - June 6th 2023 7:58AM MST
PS: One more link...


The Daily Stupid
Tuesday - June 6th 2023 7:56AM MST
PS: Top of the morning...

Building on the success of Pride Month, each of the seven deadly sins will be getting its own month of celebration in 2024, starting with Gluttony Month in February!


Tuesday - June 6th 2023 5:19AM MST
PS: "Remember the days when tearing down and lubing a tranny wouldn’t leave you subject to opprobrium?" Yes, indeed, I do. These days if I hear someone remark he's going to go out and lube a tranny, I would expect him to be wearing something other than coveralls.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - June 6th 2023 5:01AM MST

Remember the days when tearing down and lubing a tranny wouldn’t leave you subject to opprobrium?
Monday - June 5th 2023 7:17PM MST
PS: You know what, Mr. Hail, I was reminded of the rainbow coalition and the REVEREND Jesse already recently, but had it out of my mind when I wrote that - yeah, it comes before the gay thing, BUT, it was still not an embarrassment to have a notebook with a rainbow on the cover or whatever.

SafeNow, was that what it was Biden tripped over? I don't completely get the reference, but the "for want of a nail" idea is a very important one. That story is not particularly about safety, but it could apply there too.

What my car mechanic friend says is "if you take care of the little stuff, the big stuff will take care of itself."
Monday - June 5th 2023 7:16PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I am pretty sure your are right about Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition in 1988. I think that was his second run (I should learn to look things up). I also think it on the first run that he had a couple of good quotes:

“There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps... then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

"Hymie-town" for New York.
Monday - June 5th 2023 7:12PM MST

(The previous comment was re: "They already ruined the net concept of a rainbow," from the esteemed-and-honored Moderator.)
Monday - June 5th 2023 6:52PM MST

- The LGBTQ cultural-appropriation of the Rainbow -

Didn't Jesse Jackson run for president in 1988 under a quasi-political-party vehicle called the Rainbow Coalition?

I guess nobody at that time would mistake the term, as he used it, for a LBQTQIA+ Movement party. To the extent there was a Gay(etc.) movement at the time, it was not political interested in mainstream politics. That was a development for later.

By some point in the 2010s (earlier part, not later), it became "de rigueur" even on the Center-Left to be almost-flamboyantly pro-LGBTQ, which is one of the developments that would have shocked nice-liberal 1990s people, I think.
Monday - June 5th 2023 6:50PM MST
In view of my safety-oriented handle, I should offer a comment. Adm. Nimitz, concluding his review of the tragic “Halsey hurricane”: “It is foolish to be grudging about safety precautions for fear that they might turn out to be unnecessary.” Example: “Hey, what’s with this stupid sandbag? Biden is going to be here later, shuffling around this platform for an hour, shaking hands, whatever, eyes busy, unable to look down. Someone call maintenance, and have a guy get down here on the double with a drill, and some screws, so the screws do the support function that the stupid sandbag is now doing.” Said no one.
Monday - June 5th 2023 6:44PM MST
PS: Nice to hear from you, Robert. Posting on this stuff is not helping my health, as far as I am aware, and I'd be better off among the bees for Pollinator's month. (Or is this inclusive of human pollinators, haha?)

Mr. Hail, that may be the case. I don't know, but my theory leans toward the whole Gay and Weirdo community dropping the "Gay" off of "Gay Pride" in order to be more inclusive of other weirdos that we should be, well BETTER BE, proud of. It seems pretty recent, but then time flies.

What I hate is that now "pride" with the bad connotations from the Biblical verses, but then the very good ones, as in "proud father", is ruined as a term, for the most part. You'd have to explain most times that you don't "mean it in THAT way". They already ruined the net concept of a rainbow 2 decades ago. (That's just my very rough estimate of that timeline, Mr. Hail.)
Monday - June 5th 2023 6:39PM MST

The whole celebration of "(LGBTQIA+) Pride" is really strange.

Pride in what? Why?

And why limited to sexual-minorities (so-called)?

It doesn't make sense, when I think about it in the abstract. It really does only seem to make sense in a Regime-politics context.
Monday - June 5th 2023 6:38PM MST

- On Gay Pride morphing into just Pride -

When did the word "pride," as a stand-alone word, get requisitioned and repurposed to imply Gay Pride / LGBTQIA+ Pride?

You used to hear of "Gay Pride parades," but the word 'Gay' was dropped by the cool people some time in the 2010s. Eventually you heard things like:

"What's going on for Pride this week?"

"For Pride this year, I am going to..."

I think I first heard that kind of usage in 2013, possibly 2012. I remember someone saying she was "going to pride," which is not grammatical and not specific and therefore a failure of a sentence. I remember not understanding what was being referred to, which really made it a failure as an idea-conveying sentence. Was it a "pride" event in the local place, or a sports team perhaps, or a school of some kind, or what? I figured out it was what I'd hitherto heard referred to as a Gay Pride event.

Likely this usage of the word "Pride" was 'circulating' in the Gay Movement in the 2000s, then seeped into the bloodstream of mainstream society via intimate contact with Allies (such as the Woke White-Western Female from whom I first heard it, perhaps about 2013), and the Allies began spreading it in the early-mid 2010s. By the late 2010s, you'd generally only hear people say with-it people say "Pride." "Gay Pride" or some equivalent would be a shibboleth of non-Wokeness.

Does this sound right?
Monday - June 5th 2023 6:08PM MST
PS: June is also:
National Men’s Health Awareness Month
National Pollinators Month

It is also the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but that is not recognized by our masters.

P.S. That rainbow thingie is rather tattered looking. I like that bit --- gives me hope.

P.P.S. Mr. Blanc, surely you know that that would not be being yourself. In our Brave New World, being yourself means to be as "they" want you to be.
Monday - June 5th 2023 5:12PM MST
PS: That's the letter of the law, Mr. Blanc, if not the spirit... maybe not, but I'm no lawyer.
Monday - June 5th 2023 4:39PM MST
PS Suppose that when I’m “being myself”, myself wants to beat up f*gg*ts and tr*nnies?
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