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Posted On: Friday - June 2nd 2023 5:45AM MST
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Apparently, because I wouldn't normally give notice and give a damn, there's a remake movie out of a 1999 Disney classic titled The Little Mermaid. That link goes to the IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) website. That classic internet site is where Peak Stupidity movie links almost always go to, while the book links go to Goodreads.

IMDB is truly a classic site on the www, as it's been around since long before I ever opened a browser window, 1990, wiki says. 1990?! Was anyone viewing websites that year? Well, IMDB was the go-to place for movie info. Though they had their own very good review and rating system already, wanted the existing data and format so much that it bought IMDB in 1998. Now, the site has gotten graphically intense, hence much slower, but the news I just read is more annoying than that. I'll get to it below in due time, but let me discuss The Little Mermaid '23 first.

That's Halle Bailey with the scales there. I can see she's a hottie, or was, anyway . That doesn't stop me, and obviously others, from resenting the Black!ety-Black!ening of this part cartoon and part live-acting remake. You just get tired of that stuff after a while ... and start creating memes. (Not us, but they're easy to come by.)

Another thing you do, maybe even if you haven't watched the movie and plan on never ever watching it is to give it bad ratings on the internet just due to having had enough of the Wokeness. I don't know, and IMDB doesn't know, who actually watched The Little Mermaid '23, but Tim Young at the American Greatness site says IMDb Is Rigging Reviews for ‘The Little Mermaid’. Here's the gist of it:
In the audience review section for the Disney film, IMDB added the note:
"Our rating mechanism has detected unusual voting activity on this title. To preserve the reliability of our rating system, an alternate weighting calculation has been applied."
So, because the audience doesn’t like the film at such a high rate, the website has decided that it should alter the actual review numbers to make it look like the people like the movie, after all.

Deadline reported IMDb added a note that not all votes have the same weight on the final rating, but they didn’t want to say how they calculated the score. Essentially, IMDb admits they decided to alter the numbers in an arbitrary way.
"'Although we accept and consider all votes received by users, not all votes have the same impact (or ‘weight’) on the final rating. When unusual voting activity is detected, an alternate weighting calculation may be applied in order to preserve the reliability of our system,’ the website explains. However, it does not disclose the exact method used to generate the rating."
How did this impact the final rating of the film? As of this writing, “The Little Mermaid” on IMDb has over 34,000 ratings, of which roughly 14,000 (or 40.6 percent) are one-stars. Yet the average score, according to the site, is a seven out of 10. In short, it doesn’t matter if the majority of viewers—or even a plurality—didn’t like the new film. Their opinion no longer matters to IMDb. It gets a seven because they say so.
Yeah, the math doesn't quite work. Even if every single one of those other 20,000 ratings are 10 stars, the average would be 6.35 stars, which should not be rounded up to 7 stars. Dang, so close too, for deniability of the scam, implausible deniability, but deniability nonetheless. The Democrat party could have pulled this off in its sleep ... on any first Tuesday in any November!

Well, it's not like I ever looked at IMDB movie ratings. I just start up the movies, and I takes my chances. I use the site for details and trivia, if needed. When it comes to mermaids though, I will end up having watched neither of these Disney ones, White or Black!, because I know what a mermaid should look like:

For you young readers there was a 1984 movie, no cartoons involved, titled Splash, starring Tom Hanks and one Daryl Hannah. Yes, there was Hanky-panky, and just so's you know, name notwithstanding, Daryl Hannah has most certainly ALWAYS been a woman. No, I couldn't prove it, because ... well, how does that work with mermaids anyway? Where exactly does everything merge together? Just asking for a friend ...

Shame on you, IMDB! Thanks for the memories, Daryl Hannah, or should I say thanks for the fish... or something ...?

Note to readers: There's lots to write about, some built up from before, and some new stupidity, but the next few days will be busy for me. I figure we'll just have one music post through this week. It's been a while since we featured The Dead, come to think of it.

[UPDATED: 06/02:]
Thanks to commenter Alarmist, I stand corrected on the '23 Little Mermaid actress. That is Halle Bailey, not Berry! That's why I'd had the line "or used to be", because I couldn't see how Halle Berry could hold up THAT well. Who knows, I figured it was computers? How many Black! girls are named Halle, or how many people period are?!

Well, she and Miss Hannah have or had very nice Dorsal fins, which is what matters to the sharks. Cue Jimmy Buffett's Fins from his fun Volcano album.

The Alarmist
Saturday - June 3rd 2023 2:44PM MST

Speaking of fish tales, this is better than Austin Powers’ Dr Evil’s sharks with frickin’ lasers ....
Dieter Kief
Saturday - June 3rd 2023 12:58PM MST
More reasons to think that Governor Ron DeSantis is rather a - governor. I don't get how a (his...) team can be so unprofessional.

apropos the horribly uneasy restaurant scene of Ron DeSantis - - -the Trumper has a restaurant visit online now - - - it .s.p.a.r.k.l.e.s. good vibes --- poeple like that - - .
(since Trump exists, he is to one to beat - .)
Adam Smith
Saturday - June 3rd 2023 11:14AM MST
PS: Can a 𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤! mermaid swim???

Peak Stupidity Book Club
Saturday - June 3rd 2023 11:10AM MST
PS: Budding Prospects by T. C. Boyle...

The Alarmist
Saturday - June 3rd 2023 7:47AM MST

I’ll confirm Mr. Kief’s positive rating of the area around Konstanz.

It’s also a great place to cross the frontier without much hassle.
Friday - June 2nd 2023 5:39PM MST
PS: I'll check out your tweets, PAF, aka, DK. I don't know T.C. Boyle though.

Mr. Blanc, that's the deal - even with freely-provided internet "content", they can't trust the people. It's time to elect a new set of Reviewers.

What do you think of Mr. Ebert's TV show co-host, SafeNow? That'd be Gene Siskel, of course. I don't know enough about movies to rate him vs the expert Roger Ebert.

I like your cooking joke too, Alarmist. Thanks for that.
Friday - June 2nd 2023 5:36PM MST
PS: Pre-Alpine Fisherman, huh? Well, you fooled me once, but... Did you get an editor, Mr. Kief? Still, your specialized punctuation gave you away this time! ;-}

For Mr. Alarmist and the rest, yeah, I got messed up on geography in my head, thinking of Lake Constance being Lake Geneva. I didn't think Mr. Kief was on the French side of Switz./Germany. I finally looked at a map, as I should have in the 1st place. It's in the northeast of Switzerland making a border with Germany and almost to Austria. I've heard nothing but nice things about the area! ... from our friend Dieter.
The Alarmist
Friday - June 2nd 2023 4:21PM MST

BTW, I don't recall seeing blackened mermaid in Paul Prudhomme's cookbook. Just blackened redfish,
The Alarmist
Friday - June 2nd 2023 4:19PM MST

That's Halle Bailey, not to be confused with the older Ms. Berry.

IMDb was a run in a usenet group until ported to the web in '93.

This is a great example of the ongoing need to Whitewash failing attempts to blackwash our cultural icons.

Dieter Kief
Friday - June 2nd 2023 11:58AM MST
Huh - - ? Cpitol + Kids singin' Nat'nl anthem = police - -

Where's the alien to stop that - or the mermaid - would be alright with me too! - -
Friday - June 2nd 2023 9:30AM MST
I find Metacritic to be a useful source of reviews. It separates-out audience reviews (I ignore these) from reviews by critics. Brief abstracts of the critics’ reviews are given, and you can easily scroll down these to see which ones of these you would like to read the full reviews of (assuming that no paywall blocks the full review).

As I once posted on Sailer, I am a big fan of the now-deceased Roger Ebert, and I own all of his review-compiling books in hardcopy. If I had a teenage child, I would pay him to read these Ebert books over the summer vacation. After reading these, he will have gained a lifelong skill in understanding and enjoying movies. And, learned a heckuva lot of what life is all about and how life works, from all the novelists and screenwriters whose ideas and observations are contained within the reviews.
Friday - June 2nd 2023 8:37AM MST
PS “Objective” standards are so White Supremacist. Best to just do away with them and give the film the score it SHOULD have gotten.
Pre-Alpine Fisherman
Friday - June 2nd 2023 6:47AM MST
Strangely enough I did discuss the mermaid-question a few days ago with T. C. Boyle - - I mean I commented on his post of a mermaid as Caryatid in a posh Californian Restaurant - and in his picture was also in the left corner below a freudian hint a a male genital - -- pretty obvious - - - but what shall I say: The T. C. Boyle man was not much in .p.l..a.y.-along-mood - - - even though I served him a Boyle reference to his great-fun!-novel !!! Budding Prospects !!! on a silver tablet - - - - -a great entry for the PS book-club, btw. . . . utterly funny west-cost fairy tale about three grass-planters and their mastermind Vogelsang - an art expert and history buff and rather bright - öhh: entrepreneur & investor with a punk-girl girlfriend (in a way Boyle gave here the role model for Elon Musks Punk-singer liaison - - - ok: Here is the link - I hope it does show the restaurant-mermaid - - Uuhhhhh-huuu! . - .

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