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Posted On: Tuesday - May 30th 2023 7:10PM MST
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Peak Stupidity has already discussed the 25 year ridiculously stagnant value for the alleged number of illegal aliens in the US, that assumed but completely bogus 11 Million. (That was posted just 3 days over a year ago.)

Steve Sailer does this one right though:

"Pew" comes from the Pew Center. Steve's grammar isn't quite right here, but his snark is A+ top grade!

Should we assign a normal English letter to this constant or a Greek letter? Either way, it's really great to have a constant that's easier to memorize, rather than say, Avogadro's 6.02 x 1023 nucleons/gram. (Actually, it came right back to me.)

11,000,000 is a Rational Number even. Well, it's rational if you're a mathematician, and rational if you're a Lyin' Press reporter, but an imaginary number for those of us who keep up with Immigration Invasion.

MBlanc 46
Wednesday - May 31st 2023 9:17AM MST
PS Those Who Rule Us are cagey about what they say out loud about the border jumpers. If they’re talking to us, they minimize the numbers. If they’re talking to each other, they crow about how high the numbers are. Whitey is almost replaced!
Wednesday - May 31st 2023 3:05AM MST
PS: Good one, Alarmist! I'll do an edit.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - May 31st 2023 12:52AM MST

I would have thought it would refer to Pepe le Pew.

BTW, 11,000,000 is an imaginary number.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - May 30th 2023 10:40PM MST

Steve Sailer's Pew-number refers to famous mathematical mastermind Poo-the-bear.So, as you said, Mod. ultra-novel mega toppish nova-snark that. The wrong grammar thing completely melts into soemthing else here, see: I mean: Grammar will also be gone, once the sun - öhö: Nova-ed! - It's already under most fiercest pressure Mod. - - - -q. e. d.!
11 million - a house-number, safe now - - that's what it is: Something cute! - - And the easy to meorize thing is important in this context too. The debate behind closed doddrs goes like this: We have all these not bright and on top of that illiterate people out there - - - -remember Kahneman and Thaler and this nudge stuff? -See: We threw Kamala at the low-IQ low formal ed crowd and offered them this John Fetterman-man and our No. One - Numero Uno, haHA!! - - too - that should be enough to please them!- and well: Our screenings with the eleven came out great: Add the Numero-Uno-President (HarrHarr!!!) to the eleven, and the result are the Twelve Apostles: The Spanish eating crwod and...(imitates a fart) - - - harrr-harrr-harrr!!! - - they .l.o.v.e. these religious contexts, har-harr!. It's about all we can feed them, this eleven number - - -but it - höhöh!!! - is doing WONDERS already: They liike it like that - they're eating this stuff right from the palms (har-har!) of our hand!!
Tuesday - May 30th 2023 9:00PM MST
PS: "The house number" is I guess, like a "file photo". You can lie with either, as Mr. Sailer has also discussed quite a bit lately. Thanks for the comments, SafeNow.
Tuesday - May 30th 2023 8:53PM MST
A few years ago, a very prominent regular columnist for a very prominent newspaper used the 11 number in a column. I politely took him or her to task. His/her email reply to me did not defend the number’s accuracy. Rather, the columnist wrote, “I was using the house number.” Thus, he/she had privately acknowledged to me that he/she had no rational belief in the accuracy, but rather, was forced to be a lying columnist. (Obviously we had a mutually trusting relationship, which I respected above, where I was careful to not disclose identifying information.)

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