The end of Claire Wolfe's "awkward stage"

Posted On: Friday - May 26th 2023 8:27AM MST
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This Totalitarian Potomac Regime Police State has been accelerating more than I would have ever predicted, even 3 years ago. It's not Zhou Bai Dien himself, a mere puppet-mouthpiece who mouths nasty threats at the American Patriots in between his bouts of senility (or maybe during), who's the problem. The Deep State, the Globalists, the Communists, all who are behind the destruction of this Republic must feel that it's time to go all out with this shit. I must admit, I'm still not really read for it.

Before these last couple of years, there were plenty of obvious infringements of liberty, of course. When it came to the 1st Amendment, the Regime has had its Lyin' Press arm, and the Big Biz "TECH Totalitarians" in charge of suppressing speech and creating the narrative of Constitution-respecting patriots actually being enemies of the State. Well, that's true, in a way, we are enemies of the Regime, but not of America. It's quite the opposite, regarding the latter.

Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers leader:

Things have recently gotten much more serious. Protestors, doing at worse a little rioting and trespassing, but protesting government action, are now shot dead from close range by Regime police with no repercussions, they are jailed en masse with no trial as Political Prisoners, and now a leader of a long-term movement to respect the Constitution has been sentenced to jail for 18 years (after being held 2 years before without trial). How many of the Bill of Rights that the Founders fought a war with the British over to enact have been violated.

Just one is the latter portion of Amendment I, reading "Congress shall make no law ...[Other Rights, and]... the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Oh, yeah, not quite peaceful, was it? That was a few of them who could be at worst charged with trespassing, a few with battery, etc, but not insurrection! Anyone who was THERE in the 1960s or seen video, knows that the massive protests over many years were not so peaceful themselves. The Conservatives of the Establishment of that era, respected the US Constitution though - that was a a big difference. This Regime not only doesn't respect the Constitution, it charges those of us who do with being White Supremacist Enemies of The State.

That brings me to Mr. Rhodes. I'd read about his group, the Oath Keepers, when it was being founded, about 15 years back. The idea was that this group would be made of people who were in positions in which they could, and others DID, act unConstitutionally, as cops in particular, but office-holders and others too. The name of the group boasts that these are men who will actually keep the oaths they made to the US Constitution, required to be taken by them on the 1st day of the job.

I don't know all the details, but I did read that Mr. Rhodes had encouraged others to bring guns into Washington FS on the Jan 6th '21 rally at the Capitol in Washington, "if needed". They had that right. He probably has a better handle than most of us on how this conflict is accelerating. Was he serious about "hanging Nancy Pelosi from a lampost", if it came down to it? I don't know. "Seditious Conspiracy" is how the Regime judge put it. I have had this quote from President Kennedy in mind for a while:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
About that Judge now, one Judge Amit P. Mehta, as Mr. Hail noted in the comments, I don't know if we can thing of him as an American. There is an immigration invasion to this Totalitarianism.

Amit P. Mehta, Regime Judge:

I've made this point numerous times (here, for one), but I'll do it again. Whether high IQ like the •Indian judge Amit P. Mehta or low IQ people from Somalia, almost NONE, maybe 0.1% of the newcomers to this country, give a damn about any American ideals that Stewart Rhodes and the Oathkeepers do. They make their way through that citizenship test, if they even bother, but it’s just about better economic conditions (for now) than where they came from. Nobody comes for the Constitutional Republicanism.

How will the old White guys who really understand and care about the ideas of the Constitution fill their ranks? We are getting outnumbered much more quickly than how it’d have gone with the progeny of the 1970s population. From the Fox News article I linked to above:
Mehta applauded law enforcement who responded to the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

"The heroism of those who were protecting democracy as we know it. They laid their bodies on the line.… There is nobody more emblematic of keeping oaths than those police officers," the judge said. "You, sir, present an ongoing threat to the safety of this country."
Really, so Michael Leroy Byrd kept his oath to the Constitution by killing a defensive 100 lb. woman? Maybe that's some different oath, one taken by loyalists to the Potomac Regime.

Finally, regarding the post title, I refer to the Paleo-Libertarian/Constitutionalist Claire Wolfe from the Pacific NorthWest whom I occasionally read from back in the day, maybe 20 years ago. The quote of hers that I most remember, which applied at the time was
“America is at that awkward stage; it's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”
I'm starting to think that innocent age is past.

PS: Claire Wolfe's most famous book was 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution: Ideas and Resources for Self-Liberation, Monkey Wrenching and Preparedness. That was 26 years ago, but some of her homeschooling and other off-grid ideas Claire Wolfe apply even more so now. It may be the best peaceful solution.

I will refer the Peak Stupidity reader now to an excellent speech (transcript) by Roger Devlin given at the Scandza Forum in Estonia recently. (Jared Taylor was to speak there too but was kept out of Europe by the Polish government, via his 3-year ban of '18 being purposefully extended to the time he was to give his speech.)

I beg our readers to read the entire fairly long Roger Devlin speech. It covers about all of what's going on, but with some hope at the end. That hope goes along with what Claire Wolfe implored Americans to do 25 years back.

Saturday - May 27th 2023 3:04PM MST

Mr. Kief says: "Left wing authoritarianism and - - -narcissism are highly correlated," citing Jordan Peterson citing a recent study.

The study says:

"Considering these results, we assume that some leftist political activists do not actually strive for social justice and equality but rather use political activism to endorse or exercise violence against others to satisfy their own ego-focused needs."

What does it say about "us" that the forces running the West today use such people, knowingly, willingly and gladly?

The Charlottesville protestors of 2017 were attacked by mobs of exactly these sorts of people, but the Regime and its courts has cracked down on the victims (the pro-Lee Statue protestors and Alt-Right activists), which empowers and legitimizes this kind of toxic politics.

U.S./Western 'Regime' signals have been in this direction (empowering cynical supposedly-left-wing toxic-narcissists) for years and years. When the social momentum of the Corona-Panic happened and took over society in 2020, it allowed them to do a large-scale anti-White "pogrom" with near-total impunity.

I remember well the days of the anti-White "pogrom" riots, three years ago ('well,' not fondly; the results, combined with the ongoing strength of the Corona-Cult, were terrible). I have written of how I witnessed some of the riots up close. I can still hear some of the sounds and see some of the sights of those nights. It was a surreal period, but something drew me to the scene. There are so many scenes that cannot easily be captured through photography or even video. One I will sketch here, because why not? ---

Four or so Black females were parading down a street, amidst some hundreds of people loosely marching or wandering, protesting White-police racism, the murder of George Floyd by White Racism, the genocide of Blacks by Whites by Institutional Racism (or whatever). All traffic had been stopped. In comes a hot-headed White male in his twenties, who stupidly rode a bicycle in amongst these people. He said little but did seem to be challenging them. He was alone. A one-man resistance, even if just symbolic. One of the Black females seemed to sense this young White man's spirit, then exchanged some brief words, then he replied but it was something not to the Black-female's liking, and -pow!-, she slugged him in the face -- punched, not slapped. The White-male bicyclist counter-protestor fell down, but offered no physical resistance. He was stunned. Feeling completely alone and hopeless, he said something I remember hearing at a distance but cannot now recall the exact words -- it was a pathetic version of something like this: "If you're going to kill me, get it over with."

The Blacks went off, not really laughing nor taunting, just moving on -- as if the bicycle-victim was a stray cat they had "shoo'ed" away, to be ignored. He got up and collected what little dignity he could, and left. Before he had left, though, a Woke-White-female had also sensed something of the scene and come over to yell at him to "get out of here and don't come back!" --- It was all over quickly. Within a stone's throw of the site of this little attack, there were many Woke-Whites as well; but only a few people had seen the incident, as things were going on everywhere. I saw it because I happened to be well placed to do so.

The victim was fine, alas, and left the scene before I had any chance to say anything to him, if he'd needed real help I'd have given it. It was best for him to make a dignified exit and he did.

There is symbolism in that little scene. Similar incidents were going on by the millions in mid-2020, followed by institutions all using their power and influence to do the same.
Saturday - May 27th 2023 2:26PM MST

More notes of (more-than-)historical interest on F. Roger Devlin ---


(1.) see what may be Steve Sailer's earliest reference to this man, in a blog entry published at the old, circa late May 2004:


Victor Davis Hanson, Classicist vs. Victor Davis Hanson, Polemicist

(by Steve Sailer)

Speaking of the Ancient Greeks, the article "The Case of Victor Davis Hanson: Farmer, Scholar, Warmonger" by F. Devlin Roger in the Occidental Quarterly is terrific.

The first half consists of an appreciation of Hanson's profound contribution to understanding the crucial question: Why the Greeks? What happened during the Greek dark ages (roughly 1100 to 800 BC) that transformed the fairly conventional culture that produced Achilles to the unique culture that produced Homer and a host of great men in his wake? (...)




(2.) See Steve Sailer's 2010 blog discussion of a Weekly Standard magazine article that profiled Devlin and his theories on the marriage-relationship-sexual marketplace in the West that had evolved by the 1990s and 2000s (which I mentioned earlier)


(quote from Weekly Standard, Feb. 2010) "(...) F. Roger Devlin...Trained as a political philosopher—he has a doctorate from Tulane—Devlin holds no academic post, and his oeuvre, besides a published version of his doctoral thesis on Alexandre Kojève, consists of a series of essays and reviews concerning relations between the sexes for the Occidental Quarterly, a paleoconservative publication whose other contributors tend to focus obsessively on the question of which ethnic groups belong to which race.

“The sexual revolution in America was an attempt by women to realize their own [hypergamous] utopia, not that of men,” Devlin wrote. Beta men become superfluous until the newly liberated women start double-clutching after years in the serial harems of alphas who won’t “commit,” lower their standards, and “settle.” During this process, monogamy as a stable and civilization-maintaining social institution is shattered. “Monogamy is a form of sexual optimization,” Devlin told me. “It allows as many people who want to get married to do so. Under monogamy, 90 percent of men find a mate at least once in their life.” This isn’t necessarily so anymore in today’s chaotic combination of polygamy for lucky alphas, hypergamy in varying degrees for females depending on their sex appeal, and, at least in theory, large numbers of betas left without mates at all—just as it is in baboon packs. The aim of Mystery-style game is to give those betas better odds." (end quote from Weekly Standard)

(begin quote from Steve Sailer) By the way, Devlin recently reviewed at Tatu Vanhanen's The Limits of Democratization: Climate, Intelligence, and Resource Distribution. (end quote from Steve Sailer, end of blog entry.)



Steve Sailer blogged about Roger Devlin about four other times in the 2010s according to the archives.

Devlin, meanwhile, became a semi-regular feature of VDare beginning in early 2009, although between mid-May 2012 and mid-November 2017 he published only four specifically VDare articles. (see

-Sailer vs. Devlin divergence -

I don't know how old Devlin is, but maybe he is roughly the same age as Steve Sailer himself. These two men were in much the same milieu in the 2000s, and into the 2010s; but by the late 2010s and especially early 2020s, they have diverged.

We see Devlin embracing ethnonationalism (whereas he avoided it before), whereas Steve Sailer now engages in what seems to be hobbyism, with less of the kind of sharp and fearless commentary he made back when he (Sailer) was gathering fans and loyal readers in earlier years.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - May 27th 2023 2:35AM MST
Re: No. 2 to Mr. Hail's Tik-Tok/Narcissim remark - -
Left wing authoritarianism and - - -narcissim are highly correlated - new study finds, thatJB Peterson tweeted out - haven't read yet though
Dieter Kief
Friday - May 26th 2023 11:32PM MST
Mr. Hail - - - now comes a detail ---
I want to elaborate on your : Tik-Tok-Self-Centeredness (Our Über(=Latin super)-Me-Decade) Cocaine-reference - : - - Peru is now making Cocaine with the word HITLER imprinted on the full length of the 5-Kilo Chunks. The flip-side of the Cocaine-chunks shows a Swastika.
End of the story: Custom officials who detected it found out it's supposed destination - - - Bruxelles/Brussels - where the EU and its huge beauraucracy is located - - - .
Btw. - - since you also mentioned Hegel: He did use Marihuana at times. Schelling (and quite some other romantics) - - Opium.
Friday - May 26th 2023 8:38PM MST
PS: I also don't trust the truth of the charges as Fox News reported, Dieter. They may be officially "conservative", but they're still part of the Regime media, IMO. Yeah, "democracy as we want to call... our Regime", as Alarmist puts it, though slightly differently.

Mr. Blanc, it's important for normie Conservatives to realize that those rights don't mean much. They need to make their plans accordingly.

Mr. Hail, you have a very good memory. The post, from almost 2 years ago, is:

"Site note and excellent VDare article'

I called Roger Devlin "based" in that post - he was criticizing Charles Murray in a book review for not wanting White people to get tribal. The post I referred to is:

Charles Murray's FACING REALITY: Ruling Class Must Accept Race Differences—Or Provoke The "Disaster" Of White Identity Politics
Friday - May 26th 2023 7:37PM MST

-- Thoughts on Dr. Devlin and his place in early-21st-century Western --

Do you remember when you first heard of F. Roger Devlin?

You may have mentioned this somewhere in the Peak Stupidity archives back a few years; if so, a link would also be of use.

I remember him from the late 2000s as a writer, associate with the Occidental Quarterly (and Occidental Observer), and he was then primarily a kind of early Men's Rights Activist talking about divorce culture and the problems of male-female relationship stability and quality in the West by the 1980s-1990s-2000s era.

He was a popular writer from the start, at least in the relatively small circle of Occidental Quarterly-type readers---which means long-form intellectual analyses and political essays.

He also wrote something I remember reading that was like a more-serious approach to the End of History idea, which is virtually always brought up, attributed to Francis Fukuyama in the early 1990s, and always mocked. Dr Devlin wrote a long article about the real philosophical origins of the End of History ideas back to Alexander Kojeve and even Hegel, I think. It is exactly the kind of material that would cause a Tik-Tok watcher to be shocked at its boringness for dealing entirely with ideas and not snorting lines of outrage-info-hits. The Tik-Tok'er would swipe onto something else, be it a cool hot-take by someone like Richard Hanania or any number of people, including cheap info-thugs like Alex Jones or A. Anglin. (The former, Jones, would likely bring up the End of History book only to allege it was a globalist conspiracy to kill billions, and/or was published by satanists, and/or that the money for publication funded by child-sacrifice rituals; and that he has the documents that suggest this is all true, believe him).

The latest output from Dr. Devlin makes it seem he is willing to embrace White-racialism more openly than had been the case in the 2000s, at which time he hung around racialist circles but kept an academic distance. This is my impression.
Friday - May 26th 2023 3:19PM MST
PS There’s little to be gained by lamenting the disappearance of the 1787 Constitution. Those Who Rule Us do what they want, when and as they want, with little regard to anything but what they want. The Constitution isn’t going to stop them. Their behavior is, ultimately, self-destructive. Those of us who are around when that destruction occurs will have an opportunity to see what can be reconstructed of Western civilization in North America. The Constitution will have little to do with whatever they are able to accomplish.
The Alarmist
Friday - May 26th 2023 12:29PM MST

Dieter, whenever you hear one of our elites, US and EU alike, talking about protecting or defending “our democracy,” it means prexcisely that; they wish to protect the “Democracy” that has ensconced them as our overlords and masters.

Democracy for the rest of us is the freedom to work, sacrifice well more than half of the fruits of our labours (far more than was demanded of Medieval Serfs) to support the parasite elite class and their hired hand enforcers in the military, police, and bureaucracy.

“15 Minute Cities” is just a catchy way of saying the intent is to once again binsd us to the land and force us to work for its owners. Serfdom.
Dieter Kief
Friday - May 26th 2023 10:12AM MST

Amit P. Mehta's praise of the law-enforcement has a wording that rises my suspicion, I'd have to admit: He thanked for the defense of "democracy as we know it." - Uh -huu. Aha - ok. - That's what's up: The defended his democrycy? Nightingale I hear your claws - torturing the ground - -
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