Cry the DeConstructed Country - Part 5: Cold and Hot Wars, and the Commies, of course

Posted On: Wednesday - May 24th 2023 7:07PM MST
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(Continued from Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.)

The Mandela Thug Couple and fellow Commie Yossel Mashel, aka, "Joe" Slovo:

The Cold War was on. It was a different time, you understand ... Really, there are lots of readers who may not understand. Anyone under 40 y/o would not know a whole lot about the goings-on during the 40 year-long Cold War, unless he does some history reading. He'd have been about 6 y/o when it was all over.

During the long Cold War stand-off between the US and the USSR, there were attempted and accomplished "proxy" wars all over the world. These were instigated by one side or the other to try to change governments or help regimes stay in power in order to keep these "non-aligned" nations aligned "our" way. Every continent in the world other than Ant-freaking-artica and arguably Oceania* was subject to this.

We all know about the hot wars in Asia, starting not with Korea, actually, but more like the Nationalist v Communist civil war in China. Of course, there was the East Bloc in Europe, settled very early on, with a few hiccups** for the Communists. South and Central America, well, most countries down there have flipped from Commie to military junta back and forth with the frequency of a cheap East-Bloc radio. (See Mormons, Commies, Shitholes, and Crown Jewels). We all know who backed and rooted for the Communists. These proxy wars came right on up to 90 miles off the State of Florida, with Cuber*** turning Communist in the amazing long-lived Revolución! started by Castro, leading up to some nearly nuclear action shortly thereafter. (The Soviets propped up the place to their - their OWN - very end. Los Revolución in Cuba continues unabated...)

That covers 5 continents, leaving 1, Africa. Africa had a fair share of the Cold War, including hot proxy wars going on, as the next guy continent. There were no serious amount of American and Soviet military men involved though, as with in east and southeast Asia.

I am not covering this whole topic here, but I'll note that the country of Angola, still in southern Africa a couple of countries north of S. Africa had a lot of this going on. Freed from Portuguese colonization 48 years back, during the Cold War, this land is another shitholier-than-thou component of Steve Sailer's World's most important graph.****

The two big political factions in Angola, UNITA and the Communist MPLA were united against Portuguese rule. After that win, they were enemies, and the Soviets and Cubans (yeah, with some of that extra Soviet money) supported the MPLA, while the US and S. Africa supported UNITA. This went on from 1975 right on up through 2002 (long past the Cold War). However, the big struggle, and the time when the superpowers really gave a hoot, was during the Cold War time. I can remember seeing graffiti in places about UNITA and the Commies, at a time when I couldn't give a damn personally what happened to the shithole of Angola. However, the Free and Communist world vied for resources in Africa, as much as for political support or for bases of operation. South Africa has got its share of those African resources - and we sure don't mean Human Resources. It's the stuff in the ground.

Going along with all that, there has been, of course, a Communist component to the destruction of the once great White nation of South Africa. Is it the case that just about anything that involved societal destruction over the last century had Commies behind it, directly or indirectly? Just asking.

Part of the Cold War game was for one side to disparage the ills of the society of the other. The Soviets were at a BIG disadvantage there, once the West got wind of what really went on in the place, well, after Walter Duranty and all that.

The Soviets tried their best, however. Racism, yes, America was racist. South Africa was obviously a racist society. Sure, but that's why it WAS a 1st world nation, only one of previously 2 of them (before Rhodesia fell into Zimbabwe). I doubt that many of the Soviet leaders and spokesmen actually cared one iota about the Black! man in American or Africa. They likely understood why S. Africa was organized the way it was. Still, what they wanted was economic or societal destruction of any 1st World country they couldn't turn. The charges of racism were just some of the best propaganda they had.

Now, in the Conservative America of the early 1960's and prior, that talk would have fallen on mostly deaf ears. "Spout out all the agitprop you want, Khrushchev, we know a hell of a lot more about Blacks! than you do." I'll get back to this in a couple of paragraphs.

What the Soviets could do was infiltrate the politics of countries like S. Africa. There's a good article in the South African site titled The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the Anti-Apartheid Struggle, on the Communist infiltration into S. African politics. This stuff had been going on a long time, starting about a century ago. That page has a wealth of information. Here's a blog with some decent information too, written by "Michelle-Antoinette", actually a guy named Fred.

The Anti-Apartheid Black! contingent in the country were thick with Communists. That was all part of the world-wide external Cold War, with that one proxy operation going on in South Africa. There is more to the story though.

By the middle 1960s in America, the ctrl-left had infiltrated some of the Institutions, to some degree. The universities were one. The media had been infiltrated part-ways, but not completely yet - see Peter Brimelow on high-brow TV long ago and the current S. Africa. The charges of racism by the Soviets may not have swayed Western leaders and South African Whites, but they sure took hold in the ctrl-left of the West. This was part of the internal war against Communism, one which most Americans had no idea we were even involved in.

1980s Anti-Apartheid protests at Univ. of Cal - Berzerkely:

I remember some of this. The infiltration by the ctrl-left of the universities and (enough of) the press, put the anti-Apartheid movement in the forefront of peoples' minds. That Swedish girl in Part 4, not a Communist as far as I'll ever know, was swept along with it all. That also included powerful American and other Western politicians. Immense pressure was put on the White South African government to relinquish power. At one point, its only friend nation was Israel.

That anti-Apartheid movement went against all Free World interests in the Cold War, amazingly ... but not amazingly if you understand the idea of the Communists' internal war. It's not like Mr. Reagan or Mrs. Thatcher would have wanted S. Africa to go native, but the pressure from the left was high. Perhaps it was the Cold War that staved off ruin for the nation of South Africa for a another few years. By 1994, it was done for.

* Papua, New Guinea, and Indonesia are considered part of this continent. There was rebellion brewing in the this area in the late 1950s, and the USSR shipped arms to Indonesia. During the Kennedy administration, the US pressured the Dutch to sacrifice Papua's independence and transfer the territory to Indonesia as part of their relinquishment of their old colonies. The idea was to keep Indonesia on the side of the 1st (free) world.

** There were uprisings in East Germany in 1953, Hungary in '56, and Czechoslovakia in '68.

*** Well, that's what John F. Kennedy called it, back when it was hot.

**** On the west coast/side of the continent, the place is 80% bigger than Texas. It has grown from 26 million people to 35 million over the last only 8 years! (Sure, that's under 1% of that 2100 4 Billion, but this is now, and the fertility rate this past year was calculated at 5.2 births/woman.)

Fred the Gator
Thursday - June 8th 2023 4:13PM MST
PS I think a major turning point in the march toward totalitarian leftism --- a.k.a. the ctrl-left (love that!) came in the early 70s with Herbert Marcuse's evil screed "Repressive Tolerance." I ran into this excrement in a poly-sci class I took in Jr. College. It laid the theoretical foundation upon which the "new left" built its policy of shouting down ideas it did not agree with. Since those ideas were (by definition) repressive, they did not deserve a hearing.

This is similar to the idea that "error has no rights." This is a category error: neither does truth have any rights. People have rights and one of them is the right to freedom of thought and expression (though they do NOT have the right to be heard, since that would impose an obligation on someone else to hear them). People have the right to use their own resources as they desire to attempt to communicate their ideas, as long as they don't infringe on the rights of others or purloin their resources.

Enough ranting. I realized even when I first ran across it that the idea of "repressive tolerance" stunk, and nothing that has happened since has changed my mind about it.
Not Fakebook Not Your Friend
Thursday - May 25th 2023 1:17PM MST
PS The Trojan Horse is the UN army for the next plandemic?

O/T-More Music News-Norsk Black metal legends Immortal return with WAR Against All, Sleaford Mods-UK Grim is out.
Thursday - May 25th 2023 12:11PM MST
PS: As related to these 2 pieces (at least) of bleak news, let me point you all to the transcript of a speech by Roger Devlin at the Scandza Forum in Estonia. (This is the one that Jared Taylor looked forward - likewise, I'm sure - to speaking in front of, but he was prohibited from entering the Euro zone (Shengin?) He is too nice a guy, or is it really naivety to say that the extension of his ban was anything but "capricious" and "arbitrary", but, hell yeah it was!)

Back to Mr. Devlin, it's a long interesting talk that's also very bleak, but with some words of hope at the end:
Thursday - May 25th 2023 12:01PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, that news about the persecution of the Oath Keeper founder Stewart Rhodes, along with this stuff with VDare, shows that we are getting to the endgame of all this. I know I'm not ready, but how many are? What will the rest of the Oath Keepers do? This is way beyond that Claire Wolfe time of "being too early to shoot the bastards".
Thursday - May 25th 2023 11:58AM MST
PS: Alarmist, the salary sum seems on the high side, but then I read that for the previous years, the Brimelow's didn't take a salary. Again, I don't pretend to understand the operation of these LLC's and all that, much less the legal stuff out of the Communist NY Prosecutor.

If Peter Brimelow were a single guy, of course the numbers could be much different. He has the wife and 3 girls and women especially hate to be in limbo as far as resources. OTOH, I do understand that you want the look of propriety, whether you indeed being proper and reasonable or not.

Yes, if they could live off of support from a number of steady well-off patriots, that'd be the best. You'e sure got to trust people with your future then. There are people like that, but then, they can just up and die.
Thursday - May 25th 2023 11:56AM MST

- On the 1970s and Africa -

Rhodesia vs. South Africa in the 1970s offered a contrast. Rhodesia was fighting for its existence and was deeply insecure in its geopolitical-diplomatic position, but was more overtly a pro-White government. South Africa seemed relatively more secure.

In the 1970s, anti-Rhodesia sentiment would far overshadow South Africa (and a few other related matters, like the various insurgencies in Angola, some of which were run by right-wing rowdies from Europe running off mercenary money). Once Rhodesia was off the scene by the early 1980s, all that attention would have nowhere to go but to South Africa.

As far as I recall the timeline, Rhodesia defeated the Black insurgencies throughout their period of independence, 1965 to 1979, a credit to the White man's efficiency and determination under favorable conditions (and a largely unrecognizable 'type' today in the mainstream-West virtually anywhere, except among dissidents).

Then in about 1979, South Africa stabbed its ally Rhodesia in the back by buckling to pressure to cut off oil flows to Rhodesia. Rhodesia had no other source of oil but through South Africa. At that point, the Rhodesian white regime had no choice but to try to either run a "green," oil-less counter-insurgency somehow, or transition to a moderate Black successor government. The former was a pipe-dream. The latter ended up failing and yielding the anti-white fanatic Robert Mugabe.

The fall of Rhodesia coming down to oil is something I've always found fascinating. Oil, the big thread weaving through the whole 20th century and early 21st century, but only occasionally mentioned directly in our history.

But as for Rhodesia vs. South Africa: activists or black-racialists would have a far easier time rhetorically hitting Rhodesia, which gave South Africa a pass. If I'm right that the critical-mass period against South Africa is some time after 1985, that is the better part of a decade after the end of Rhodesia.

South Africa alas did not benefit by its one-time moderate position.
Thursday - May 25th 2023 11:02AM MST

- Oath Keepers leader sent to prison by foreign judge -

Regime judge "Amit Mehta" -- who is, for some reason beyond my comprehension, a U.S. judge, -- says the Oath Keepers founder is a danger ("ongoing threat and peril") to the USA for promoting extreme-patriotism, constitutionalism, election-integrity, a closed border, other nationalistic views, and lending aid and comfort to the ultimate internal enemy: white terrorism, white-supremacy; and for being a conspirator in the supposed anti-Regime coup of January 6th, 2021.

Judge "Amit Mehta" sentences the man to 18 years in prison.

The latest of the ongoing prosecutions and sentencings by the Regime's courts against a wide-net of thousands of dissidents.

One thing interesting is how the Regime judge used the word "peril" to describe the American defendant. The word "peril" was associated with the nations of East Asia vis-a-vis the West since since the late 1890s, a translation of a coinage of the Kaiser of Germany in the phrase "Gelbe Gefahr." It stuck quite firmly in its English-translation ("Yellow Peril"), being still recognizable today to anyone with basic history knowledge. In the 2020s, Regime judges and prosecutors cook up reasons to jail us, and attach the word "peril" to us!
Yuri Bezmenov Love Letter to USA
Thursday - May 25th 2023 9:32AM MST
PS Best meme about GAE, fake and flaming version of the former CCCP from the same place that spent several trillion and 20 years to replace the Taliban with the Taliban.
Online pundit says Iraq is the new Graveyard for GAE empires but the internal Long March CPUSA quislings want humiliation and chaos.
Karl Otto Paetel's National Bolshevism comes to mind since destroyers destroy and creators create.
The demoralization is so complete, no pushback against a millions strong Trojan Horse and the goal is 100 million.
The Alarmist
Thursday - May 25th 2023 5:32AM MST

Mr Mod asked, “Why did the S. Africa anti-Apartheid movement only get going in the late 1970s?”

With the war on Vietnam over and Tricky Dick run out of town, along with the socialists inroads being made in much of the rest of the world, White-run South Africa was as rich a target as a Leftist of the ‘70s could hope for.
The Alarmist
Thursday - May 25th 2023 4:49AM MST

I feel for the Brimelowes. It is definitely a seek and destroy witch hunt.

But, Mr. Brimelow overpays himself and Lydia based not only on the size of the foundation and its reach, but also based on its physical location. In CT, $270k would be supportable, but in WV, he’s pushing it at $200k at gross revenues of anything less than $2.5m. Their private use of the rental cottage may be above board, but it gives the impression of self-dealing. And leaving an active foundation in a Blue state was like walking around with a “kick-me” sign.

Very few people would have imagined two decades ago what we have seen in the past few years with de-banking and de-platforming, but it has been foreseeable for at least the past five years. Doom on Peter for thinking he could continue to live a comfy life out of a very regulated entity while pushing what has become a controversial viewpoint. He’d be better off just asking for taxable, non-deductible donations/gifts at this point, and living off the kindness of other patriots, because it can only get worse.
Thursday - May 25th 2023 4:38AM MST
PS: Yes, I read that whole article, Mr. Hail. I don't usually write about those kind of details because:

1) Just like you, I don't understand all the legalities. I'd be adding to confusion unless I just excerpted the whole story - it's one of Mr. Brimelow's (or writer on there's) longest posts.

2) That's not my type of post.

It is indeed Anarcho-Tyranny and "Lawfare", the latter a term that VDare and John Derbyshire have been explaining. Most of us get the general gist of that idea. As with an IRS audit, even if you don't cheat (just who the hell ARE you?), it costs lots of time, and money if you must get your own lawyers involved. Mr. Brimelow say they have had to do this or it goes badly.

I am still supporting them, of course.
Thursday - May 25th 2023 4:33AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, no, I also don't see the ctrl-left, the hippies, professors, black panthers, general anti-Vietnam-War protestors, liberal "free 'em all" lawyers, etc, as a unified bunch that was part of one organization. However, the people that have been encouraging and enabling all that since the 1930s (only a small bit they could reach at the beginning) - yes, I think there were plans and Communist backers who knew very well what they were up to.

Why did the S. Africa anti-Apartheid movement only get going in the late 1970s? There was the racial "justice" to take care of here that hadn't been "taken care of" here yet. I think anti-Apartheid was just another series in the left-wing causes - it was not ripe yet in the early 1970s, for example.
Wednesday - May 24th 2023 10:58PM MST

(as you haven't mentioned the troubling VDare news yet, probably because of your busy travel schedule the past days, I'll toss this in for general consideration):


-- Regime crackdown may terminate VDare's existence --

It has been revealed that the New York attorney general, a Black woman, is maneuvering to do the following to VDare, as part of a huge lawsuit she is bringing:

(1.) release the identities of significant donors to VDare;

(2.) release the identities of all paid writers associated with VDare who have used pseudonyms (the payments being made to real names, the lawsuit threatens to 'doxx' all of them);

(3.) shut down (bankrupt) VDare for spreading racism and white-supremacy;

(4.) seize VDare's assets, including the West Virginia "castle" bought a few years ago --- which is where one Steve Sailer and others will speak in a few weeks at the VDare conference. (As VDare legally owns this large site, the event cannot be canceled for racism.)

...all this over some technical matter that I didn't understand when reading the synopsis version.
Wednesday - May 24th 2023 10:54PM MST

"By the middle 1960s in America, the ctrl-left had infiltrated some of the Institutions"

I don't know if this is a useful way of looking at 20th-century history, as it implies a unified conspiracy down through history by an unnamed, unseen entity -- an entity you refer to as the "Ctrl-Left."

It's a fun academic debate to have to try to find start-points for this-or-that social-political trend. My attempts at this game have often found that many strands of Wokeness, as we now recognize it, may have their origin-days in the late 1980s across some metrics, with minimal activity before that but strong momentum by the last years of the 1980s.

The successes or public-profile of the anti-Apartheid movement in the USA I think can be shown to date to that time (late 1980s), too; not primarily to the late 1960s, 1970s, or early 1980s.

If proto-Wokeness took over between 1964 and 1969, or so, as some like to claim, why did it take twenty+ years to come around to a vigorous opposition to South Africa's white regime? Some puzzle piece seems missing here.
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