Immigration Invasion: Trump/DeSantis/The States/American Patriots v The Regime and The World

Posted On: Thursday - May 18th 2023 4:38PM MST
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I'd wanted to write more about some of the details of the southern (border) front of the Immigration Invasion in yesterday's post on the subject. The post was getting too long as it was though. VDare, as I mentioned, has great writers, many of them Fed-Gov insiders, with so many details.

I've found it difficult sometimes to find specific articles I've read there after a few days, without remember the writers of them. There are many* who've been very busy keeping us up, but I'll mention here Federale, Former Agent , Washington Watcher II , and A.W. Morgan . If you want to know details, political, technical, legal, etc. keep reading these guys.

I also want to mention writer Allan Wall, as I have before. He doesn't post as much as those others, but his are long comprehensive articles. Mr. Wall lived in Mexico for a decade over a decade ago, is married to a Mexican lady, but is an immigration patriot. His specialty is in relating the story from the Mexican angle, as he lived there and knows Spanish well. About half of his articles come under the "Said in Spanish:" header, meaning he will give us the Mexican (or sometimes other Latin American) angle on the story.

Mr. Wall reports Mexican President And Foreign Minister Bash Republicans, Demand Mexican-Americans' Loyalty, Limit Deportees. Well, Mexico IS a foreign country, after all, and its leaders are looking out for their people only... well, their people in Los Estados Unidos de Mexico AND their people in that other Los Estados Unidos, del Norte. That's what you do, at least the first part, if you're a real nation.

Nah, we don't have that kind of thing here unfortunately. Our traitorous leaders and high-level bureaucrats, as discussed in the previous post, are working hard to fight the American people to keep this Population Replacement going. The countries from which the "refugees" / "asylees" are coming from are not only ungrateful for our unwillingly dealing with their riff-raff, but they interfere in our internal politics on this existential issue. They encourage loyalty to Mexico, in this case, while informing us what we must do to welcome the illegal aliens.
Hand it to Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and his foreign minister, Marcelo Ebrard. They’ve quite correctly sized up Traitor Joe Biden and his Border Treason, and of course are behind it 100 percent. At their morning presser on Friday May 12, they not only announced that they wouldn’t “accept” GOP efforts to close the border, but also bashed a governor, a congressman and a senator, boasted about Mexican-Americans being loyal to Mexico, and bluntly said Mexico would limit the number of deportees it would accept. About the only thing they didn’t announce was a plan to retake the American southwest and rename it Aztlan.
Now, I've given President Trump shit for not following through on MOST of what he promises, but he had come through, albeit in his own way, on this issue pretty well by '19-'20. (See our post President Donald Trump: the Bad, **the Good**, and the Ugly from just before the '20 election.) I wrote "albeit in his own way" there, because all of Trump's under-the-radar moves that drastically brought down illegal immigration - at least from that direction - were temporary. We don't have Kings who live as long as QEII. (And, we don't want them.) We need laws and people in power who will keep them in place. We've had none of that.

The politics of the illegal immigration from Mexico and points south was something President Trump did know how to make good deals on. He had President AMLO down there somewhat on board. I'm sure it wasn't all Trump's charm, but threats were involved. I've got no problem with that - that's how you make deals in favor of your own nation, after all.

Mr. Wall says this better, as he has more details in his head:
So what a difference American leadership makes. Just a few short years back, President Donald Trump compelled AMLO and Ebrard to reduce the number of illegal aliens crossing Mexico to get to the United States by threatening stiff tariffs on Mexican exports. Indeed, AMLO was notably conciliatory towards Trump. But now with Biden as president, AMLO is on board with the Biden-Mayorkas Great Replacement plan. Of course, that’s more to his liking anyway.
The following tweet that Allan Wall included shows how these 2 parties, the Mexican and the Potomac Regime, are working against us together:
Sam 🇺🇸 | 🦅 | 📡

DHS is using an encrypted online chat room to tell Mexico where to send illegals to cross the border to avoid TX National Guard and DPS officers. DHS is using border detection tech to track TX law enforcement to alert Mexico where/when illegals should cross. #BidenBorderCrisis
On our side, we did and still do have Donald Trump. We also have Ron DeSantis. Just today, from A.W. Morgan, I read DeSantis Sending NG Troops, State Cops To Help At Southwest Border. Internal Secession Is Moving Ahead. (I LUV LUV LUV that "Internal Secession" part!) It's not an army, but then, if you actually, really, truly want to get the job done, you don't need General Patton's 3rd Army, just the right people and arms in the right places:
Here’s the contingent:

101 Florida Highway Patrol Troopers
200 Florida Department of Law Enforcement Officers, in teams of 40
20 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officers
800 Florida National Guard Soldiers
20 Emergency Management Personnel—including radio technicians, logisticians, mechanics and planners
Five available fixed wing aircraft with monitoring equipment and downlink capabilities with two aviation crew teams
Two Mobile Command Vehicles and two command teams
17 available unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and support teams
10 vessels—including airboats, shallow draft vessels, and mid-range vessels
They augment the Texas Tactical Border Force that Governor Greg Abbott deployed last week. Those troops are stopping the invaders where they can.
So, let's see. We American patriots have many State governments (hopefully Texas Gov. Abbott means it), Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, and a contingent in Congress on our side. The other side is the Potomac Regime and the rest of the world.**

The rest of the world can jawbone us, as does this Marcelo Ebrard, and they can serve as enablers and a 5th column. The Potomac Regime, however, is doing the heavy lifting. I don't think they will sit still if the States get this invasion under control. We're gonna see what Federalism is about, pretty soon.

PS: There's a whole lot more of interest in Mr. Wall's article that I didn't get to.

* For whatever reason, a new writer who was my favorite, one Jack Dalton, hasn't had anything published on the site for 6 months unfortunately.

** Even those countries not sending riffraff while berating us are ambivalent about this problem at best. Perhaps the Euros may commiserate by some point.

The Man With No Name
Friday - May 19th 2023 4:22PM MST
PS The EBT cards say keep proceeding north for the free milk and honey on the back.
Surely someone can track down the radio ads saying the same that play in South America.
The Bluebird buses have "sunscreens" that are so you can't see inside and some others will be taking legacy Americans to the gulag, these have no shades.
There are some trying to escape ruthless gangs and certain nations are telling people to stay put while trying to deal with crime syndicates with better firepower.
Mean tweets and vjay grabbing were just too much for some who can't handle driving their own brain so we all get to enjoy America Last in the *preshus* suicide pact democracy.
Secession and nullification is the way as this Weather Underground traitorgov is null and void.
Friday - May 19th 2023 10:19AM MST
PS: "Nimrata Randhawa or a Tim Scott)" Oh yeah, so the GOP can claim how non-racist and tolerant they are. The ctrl-left won't care about that anyway, still call them names, and either of these 2 will be worthless.
Friday - May 19th 2023 10:17AM MST
PS: Trump failed mostly because he's easily distracted and he's incompetent, Mr. Blanc. However, I take your point that the bureaucracy is Yuge. That's why you start the firings from the top, and your trusted replacements have to keep culling until people get the idea. No, that's not easy.

Anyway, this post was about action by Governors. Federalism may be the only peaceful way out of this, or not, as it may not be peaceful. I don't know how far the States can go before the Feds come down. This is what we need though.

You're not gonna like the next post then, because it's back on Trump v DeSantis as far as the campaign. May as well try ...
Friday - May 19th 2023 7:59AM MST
PS Yeah, we have Trump (already tried and failed) and DeSantis. Before them, we had two Bushes, Reagan, and Nixon. And yet, here we are. The Left have controlled the permanent bureaucracy since the 1930s. And, the permanent bureaucracy is where the business of the state gets done. The Left also control the corporate media (and corporations generally), academia, and NGO-World. They probably aren’t going to allow a Repub to win a presidential election again (unless, maybe, it’s a Nimrata Randhawa or a Tim Scott), but, should they slip up and a Repub should get in, it won’t make any difference, because no Repub is going to do the only thing that matters: formalize the divorce.
Adam Smith
Friday - May 19th 2023 6:17AM MST
PS: Good morning, y'all,

Heaven has a wall, a gate, and a strict immigration policy.
Hell has open borders.

Oh, BTW, Greg Abbott isn't just a cripple, he's WEF...

Just sayin'...

Friday - May 19th 2023 3:48AM MST
PS: I agree, Alarmist. It was a lack of confidence, IMO. Trump figured "well, I don't know this government business, so I'll hire the BEST, the very best out of the Beltway, to get the job done." Just stupid.
The Alarmist
Thursday - May 18th 2023 6:50PM MST

Mr. Trump, being an actor and performer, had no clue how to wield the real power at his disposal. If he had had any real experience recognising and developing the talented people who might actually be loyal to them. In typical US CEO fashion, he thought on-boarding name-brand “executives” would earn their loyalty. Big mistake. Trump was never an executive himself, just a name on the doorplate.

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