Skynyrd - Truck Drivin' Man

Posted On: Monday - April 10th 2017 6:01PM MST
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Dedicated to a friend and part-time reader of this blog.

Lynryd Skynyrd's Truck Drivin' Man from "Legend", 1977

The video has got some nice shots of the big rigs too.

"Well there's smoke from the stacks a-blowin'
And he don't care where he's goin'
The only time he feels right is when he's rollin'."

Ronnie Van Zant – lead vocals
Allen Collins – guitar
Gary Rossington – guitar
Billy Powell – keyboards
Artimus Pyle – drums
Leon Wilkeson – bass
Steve Gaines - guitar
Ed King - guitar
Bob Burns - drums
Larry Junstrom- bass

We need more Southern Rock on here.

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