Governor DeSantis fights the Bai Dien/Mayorkas-run Invasion

Posted On: Wednesday - May 17th 2023 1:22PM MST
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Liar and Traitor Alejandro Mayorkas / Patriot Ron DeSantis:

Florida is, of course not a border State. (There are only 4 on the southern border, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, going E-->W.) The State of Florida has had its own invasion problem going back through the worst of times, the Jimmy Carter-permitted exile of 125,000 Cuban criminals - dubbed the "Mariel Boatlift" - 43 years back, in Spring through Fall of 1980.

Having had the Jewish/Yankee and Midwestern influx too, Floridians know about Population Replacement. Now that the more comprehensive Population Replacement program run by the Globalist elites has been ramped up for the entire country as run by Zhou Bai Dien and Motherland Security traitorous Mother Mayorkas, we are all experiencing this. Governor DeSantis has been fighting back. His Martha's Vineyard stunt wasn't about numbers but about payback, humiliation (if that's possible with those people) and visibility.

Now, the good Governor has done something to help, albeit temporarily, stem the surge of numbers like 300,000/month* that could be coming once Title 42 is lifted by the traitors of the Bai Dien administration.

Title 42 is something Trump talked about in that "Town Hall" the other night. It was put in place to slow down immigration using the Kung Flu as the excuse. Nobody, but nobody, on either side of the invasion question really thinks this is about disease anymore. Plenty of diseases are being brought in, but the traitors have never been worried about that - even during the middle of the Kung Flu PanicFest - as Population Replacement is much more important to them. The Patriots, including Donald Trump, want this program to go on, even in its weakest form (without the "Remain in Mexico" - until BS-asylum-claim hearings are held - program) diseased people or not. Trump should have stated this plainly the other day, instead of bullshitting about it.

In anticipation of the lifting of Title 42, the traitors have instituted a parole amnesty that will let these invaders into the country more easily (better explanation below and in my link). Gov. DeSantis has found a judge in Florida who issued a Temporary Restraining Order on the parole amnesty. That's for 2 weeks. VDare's Federale reports the details in Biden Regime Parole Amnesty Given A Partial Smackdown. That's just for 2 weeks. It may mean nothing, but at least Ron DeSantis is working WITH us patriotic Americans.

Another VDare writer noted that these uses of judges is usually a thing of the ctrl-left, so they should not be SHOCKED, SHOCKED! about it. James Fulford says the left has been doing for decades. From Federale's post:
The Biden Regime has been using a parole amnesty for mass illegal immigration for almost two years. It took another wild step recently when in anticipation of the end of Title 42 expulsions of illegal aliens, the Chief Patrol Agent (CPA) of the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) authorized mass parole of the increasing flood of illegal aliens that the Biden Regime is releasing, instead of serving the aliens with the official charging document, initiating deportation proceedings: Form I-862, Notice To Appear (NTA) or even the lesser version of the NTA, the Form I-385, Notice To Report (NTR), an order to appear at an ICE SVU office. It gives the lie to the claim by visa fraudster and Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Alejandro Mayorkas that the border is secure and not open.
(VDare has links everywhere.) He included a tweet from our nation's Motherland Security Directorate. I'll just put the text in:
Homeland Security


The U.S. has & will continue to enforce our nation’s immigration laws. The U.S. border is not open to illegal or irregular migration, & U.S. immigration laws remain strict even as the COVID-19 public health Order known as Title 42 ends.

Explained here ➡️
No, it's not open at all.

Complete lying sacks of shit, they are. It's very blatant these days.

Thank you, VDare, for providing ALL the news of the immigration invasion, legal and illegal, with all aspects of the problem described, by a crack staff with inside knowledge. The immigration stupidity is America's EXISTENTIAL problem, and VDare is the site that covers this best. I recommend everyone read it every damn day... till it's over ... one way or another.

* As per VDare's Peter Brimelow's 10,000/day number he quoted in a video interview I watched yesterday.

Wednesday - May 17th 2023 6:27PM MST
PS: That's Bob Seger, 2 "e"'s.

Funny BB article, Alarmist. Thanks. They hardly ever disappoint me.
Wednesday - May 17th 2023 6:19PM MST
PS: An influx of 300,000 Ukrainian hotties monthly is an invasion I could really get behind, Alarmist. You have it so good over there!

Hey, "Rhonda Santis" is a pretty good, I gotta admit. I met a nice neighbor named Rhonda. Each time I think about it, the Beach Boys come on in my head for about 1/2 an hour.

So that Ford in the ad was demonstrating its high torque generation as it climbed Brokeback Mountain? Like a rock... not what Bob Segar intended.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - May 17th 2023 6:14PM MST

Your (surprisingly relevant) daily dose of Zen from the Bee....

Horny the Clown
Wednesday - May 17th 2023 6:14PM MST
PS Rhonda Santis is Jeb Bush with free taco bowls of love for all, please clap.
I wonder what some of the replacements feel about the rainbow bathhouse 24-7?
Especially the peaceful religion.
No vote in the *preshus* demockcracy on the not so great sub 80 IQ replacement.
Lexicon Update-Anti-Government is White Supremacy and to professional voters and apparatchiks, slandering mommygov is blasphemy.

Comedy day continues with old plumbing pipe passed off as a Mach 10 Kinzal in the Kraine and just saw a fabulous Ford ad featuring mud covered trucks on an offroad course that race through some water and one truck is rainbow Jim J. Bullock simply divine after the wash off.
Maybe AI has already taken over and wants us to laugh until it hurts or the programmers are just that stupid.
So until Guam tips Skeletor and Beyond!
The Alarmist
Wednesday - May 17th 2023 3:59PM MST

Well, the Ukie refugees have increased the bikini quality on the beaches. They’re living large on our dime.
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