Trump's disgust and media lies upon lies upon lies

Posted On: Saturday - May 13th 2023 9:02PM MST
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The screenshot above is the closest within 1/2 a second I could get to the exact point of Donald Trump's visible display of disgust with "moderator" Kaitln Collins in that town hall the other night. This was after this woman had asked him 4 times to get at whether he would honor the results of the '24 election* without regard to whether he thought it was fair or not. (Start at 1:00:45 for the questioning and 1:01:20 for Trump's look.)

Trump's answer that it would depend on whether the election had been conducted properly is fair enough. This grilling of Trump was not fair. The Lyin' Press would never question a D-squad candidate who questioned an election after a close one with strange discrepancies and a more crooked than 3rd-World voting system. Trump or whoever should just blindly accept the fraud? Screw that!

I cannot sit and watch or read the Lyin' Press for long. I get so sick of lies. It's lies upon lies upon lies. I was picking out a Rolling Stones song for the end-o'-week music, and the album Some Girls (1978) had this song, one I'd completely forgotten about. It's not really that great a tune, but it's good loud rock and roll. There's no way I could understand more that one or two lines of the lyrics until the internet told me just now:

Lies, dripping off your mouth like dirt.
Lies, lie in every step you walk.

Well that was a productive but pretty downer of a week, subject-wise, here at Peak Stupidity. Next week, we'll get to those movie reviews, finish on South Africa, discuss the border invasion surge, and have a little Kung Flu residue (that one is humorous), and we'll call out other a la carte stupidity when it's served up to us by this mad, mad, world. Thanks to all for reading and commenting.

* Assuming he's in it. If he's not, he won't care a wit. It's all about him, or it's nothing to him.

Tuesday - May 16th 2023 9:10PM MST
PS: AAtW, thanks for that info. I hadn't known that the phrase BAMN went back to far.
All Along The Watchtower
Tuesday - May 16th 2023 5:06PM MST
PS Just read that Trump declassified the Crossfire Hurricane documents that BS Durham released years too late and that is what the Mar-A-Lago raid was looking for.
Converting the G.Edward Griffin-More Deadly Than War-The Communist Revolution In America to mp3 on the offline box and Archive dot org still has the video from 1969.
Comrade commissar Billy Ayers (CPUSA) said that 25 million Americans would have to be liquidated by any means necessary in his 1973 Weather Underground manifesto Prairie Fire and now you know what the replacements are for.
The Alarmist
Monday - May 15th 2023 11:57AM MST

Crossings down? More likely that counting are down.

If only we had border guards with the tenacity and ferocity of the French tower guards in Monty Python’s Holy Grail…

Fetchez la vache.
By Any Means Necessary
Monday - May 15th 2023 8:56AM MST
PS Enemedia was on about Trojan Horse invasion force crossings down %50 during the morning agitprop two minutes hate.
Yea, they grew tired of the free milk and honey and a wide open country to take over due to weak willed spinelessness.
Could you imagine being so dull and void to believe that?
No thanks.
Comrade commissar Abbott is WEF and the hats and mouths are big in Kotexas.
Love that old Sex Pistols shirt of the two cowboys that needs no description.

Furious Monday Morning Music Morale Maintenance Mission with-System Of A Down, Tearstained, Slayer, Hellkrusher, The Exploited.
Sunday - May 14th 2023 6:34PM MST
PS: "Reading about Levis gender fluid jeans...". Thanks for the head up on this, and thanks for the links, Adam. Alas, it was a day too late. I bought a number of pairs - no, not THAT kind - due to the help from Alarmist. However, I shan't (is that how you say it?) be patronizing Levies again - that's mostly because I think, I hope, I have enough blue jeans to never have to buy them again. I really don't like shopping.

Alarmist, yes, "When the Whip comes Down" was ready to play in my head after this - not from any concert though, alas. My favorite on that album is "Respectable" which I feature on the site some time ago.

Spiritual WAR, thanks for the comment. I did see a video of that so-called meeting. This is the kind of thing we need - like the Leninites and the Trotskyites, except with extra tattoos, 50 extra lb apiece, and on average 40 lower IQ points per Comrade ...

I like that vibrant chamber pot of diversity. The VCPoD, yes!
Levi's Gender Fluid Jeans
Sunday - May 14th 2023 12:43PM MST
PS: Meanwhile, in 🤡 🌎...

The Alarmist
Sunday - May 14th 2023 11:27AM MST

Followed by “When the Whip Comes Down.”

The Stones Some Girls tour concert that I caught had the Doobies and Van Halen too.

Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end.
Spiritual WAR
Sunday - May 14th 2023 7:51AM MST
PS Speaking of Bolshevik enemedia agitprop Pajeeta Haley of the Grand Old Politburo chamber of commerce is on teevee talking of the border crisis on one of those meet the depressed type shows, how I love the mute button.
I wonder what other members of the rainbow diversity unity coalition think of this bean dip tray 24-7. (honk!)
You know that border crisis where a bolt of lightning struck and just opened it right up. (honk!)
A Twit feed is reporting a riot breaking out at a CPUSA (D) town hall meeting in Minnesomalia! (horny!)
How about that vibrant melting chamberpot of diversity.
Honk it loud and proud until the walls come down.
Mystery Babylon Be
Sunday - May 14th 2023 5:01AM MST
PS I still think Babylon Bee altered her name so she wouldn't cause any trouble for them.
Truth is the mortal enemy of the sewer pipe of evil Eye of Sauron in the district of cesspool here in Under Satan's Authority.
The drooling dementia demon will finish the job of the fundamental transformation.
Trump is a cope for those who feel powerless and pwning an apparatchik media could be done by the I can count to potato girl of meme fame.
Emmanuel Trumpstein was the last chance for the former republic but obviously too much Peak Stupidity is in play as dullards are happy to be wards of the Bolshevik state.
They can open up their empty nests and southside of Chicago utopias to the replacement comrades, no shirking, we're all in this together, si se puede!

O/T-Reading about Levis gender fluid jeans and a report from 2019 called Corporate Cancer predicting the KGB labs WOKE mind fungus causing companies to pander to tiny segments of the glorious unity collective.
Sunday - May 14th 2023 3:04AM MST
PS: Thanks, Mr. Hail. From the CNN-given time and that Trump is standing up here, I take it this is all from the same sequence of her 4x question on the '24 election?

About this event in general: Even were this lady the opposing candidate in a debate, one still doesn't interrupt every thought halfway through sentences. (Trump had to keep taking through her interruptions.) If she were the other debater, she would wait her turn. Maybe she wouldn't be able to nitpick all the details in the normal debate format based on time and trying to keep everything in memory, but that's how debates work.*

I noted plenty of things that Trump got wrong. Miss Collins could have gotten plenty wrong too, as she seemed to come at this from some "official" story - the Lyin' Press narrative. This letting himself get distracted by details is one of Trump's problems.

I know almost nothing about the sexual harassment business, for example, but I could see that instead of getting into "I saw here in the elevator... blah, blah", just (as he said - don't know it's true). "I had never met this lady, and don't know who she is. This is a distraction just like the 3-year-long Russian collusion story was. I was not involved in anything wrong or illegal. Next question."

"But, this sexual harassment charge...."

"This is.a distraction. I did nothing wrong, and my lawyers are handling this ... Next! Question!"

Trump was generally telling the truth on the big picture. I think getting into small details of which probably both of them made up things was the wrong way to do it. Even on the big picture stuff, Trump can be a bullshitter. That's the case on the border wall. Then, "If I don't win, the country is f___k", he said, in so many words at the end. Haha! Maybe that works on a lot of people though. They want a savior in him.

* Plus, this was, of course, NOT a debate between the 2 of them.
Saturday - May 13th 2023 9:26PM MST

Some other shots that attempt to capture Trump's exasperation with the pestering, schoolmarming, and insta-FactChecking going on:
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