Cry the DeConstructed Country - Part 3

Posted On: Saturday - May 13th 2023 8:41AM MST
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(Continued from Part 1 and Part 2 .)

We're talking about what was a White-run 1st-World country 3 decades ago, coincidentally, just before the people caved to pressure from the rest of the world to go Black!-run, South Africa. Part 1 had some really basic history, and Part 2 was about the destruction of the infrastructure. This post is about the White people still there.

Since 35-40 years ago, a couple of decent-sounding sources come close together at 610,000 or so White S. Africans having left. Right now, there are 4 1/2 million still hanging on there, though.

Check out the Black! influx. Talk aboutcher population replacement!:

(Table taken from this '21 article form The South African site.)

From the same long, depressing travelogue by Michael Witkin, SOUTH AFRICA AT WAR WITH ITSELF, here's some more on daily life nowadays:
It was the weekly garbage day. I peered over the balcony from the second floor of the apartment I was staying at. About ten large bins were hauled out to the sidewalk to be picked up. Within less than a minute a deluge of beggars besieged the bins systematically sorting through the detritus, debris and trash. They would neatly empty the bin then would stuff unidentifiable objects into their pockets and into plastic grocery bags slung over their necks and shoulders like bandoliers. This is commonplace as I saw numerous times poor people fishing in trash cans for something to eat. A crust of bread, spoilage or maybe find an item that could be sold.
"Poor Whites” has become South Africa’s “New Subclass”. These are white families who have lost their jobs and fallen into poverty as a result of the policy of “affirmative action”, that is, preferential treatment for blacks. Living in total abject poverty, this destitute group is rarely discussed or acknowledged but is increasing in size. They survive in informal settlements away from the public eye; mostly in tents and hovels. They are mostly the disinherited, outcast and bereft Afrikaners that are bitter and dejected and feel abandoned.

This situation is depicted in TFI Global’s ‘You don’t need to die to see hell, just visit a white slum in South Africa’:
“White squatter colonies, where there is little food, running water, and no electricity, live in shanties with rusted cars, ditches and pools of filth, and stagnant water with mosquitos swarming. Over two decades, the number of poor whites has steadily increased. ……Over 400,000 white S Africans are estimated to be impoverished. Reverse racism has been rampant and has ravaged the white population in South Africa. Targeted policies of the government has pushed the country to a near apartheid-like situation and the continued regressive policies have pushed South Africa into an era of subjugation of the people once more.”
Published in 2020, the numbers are considerably higher now in 2023.
"Reverse" racism. That's a cuck term that implies normally it's only the White people being racist.
There have always been people begging on the streets; mostly blacks. Now however, they are joined by ever-increasing white beggars. I did see an entire family including small blond haired children with crude cardboard signs saying “Please help – God bless you” .

According to some reports, over 50% of South Africans live in poverty on less than $2.00 a day. Some have no access to sanitation, water or electricity.

Many of them are the Afrikaners, the descendants of the early Dutch settlers who have become dispossessed and feel betrayed, defrauded and deprived of their rights and of their strong heritage and beliefs. A large number of South Africa’s farmers are Afrikaners who unbeknownst to the outside world have been brutally murdered, their wives tortured and raped; their children shot. The government fails to offer any protection to its white farmers and there was a popular EFP (Economic Freedom Party) song, called “Kill the Boer” that the Equality Court ruled “does not constitute hate speech”. People are free to continue singing it and during a debate in Parliament about the farm attacks and the plight of white farmers, an ANC Member of Parliament felt immune to shout:
“Bury them alive.”
The country has a Land Reform policy. As is usual in Communist-transitioning countries, "Land Reform" means "we're taking all your shit." In this case it's the Black!-run government taking land from White farmers, who are the only people there (the Boers, that is) who know how to farm. Gee, that doesn't bode well...

Downtown Cape Town, circa 50 years back:

At the end of the Apartheid, and the end of racial discrimination in 1994, there was joy and optimism and the promise of a unified society known as “The Rainbow Nation”. [ Heh! ]

This expression was coined by the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu describing post-apartheid South Africa with the assurance of a total multi-racial society and a country where everyone has the chance to prosper.
It doesn't work like that. Everyone can prosper, possibly, but White people have to be still running the place! Did he not get that? I don't know if the Archbishop was actually that stupid to believe all that. It's more likely he just wanted the power, making him kind of evil for an Archbishop.
Well, not exactly and Nelson Mandela must be turning in his grave witnessing what has become of the ANC. A caricature of itself, this ‘movement for change’ has itself ‘changed’ having morphed into an organized criminal conspiracy, eviscerating the country of everything it had, and gutting its citizens of all they have left. Today, South Africa is a country of “74 murders and more than 100 rapes a day.” (Business Tech Feb 17, 2023). The police chiefs are corrupt and they do not care for the sanctity of life but rather how much they will collect from another bribe. Of course there are those that do care passionately, and those that give to the country and their communities.
No, that's not it! Just as Eric Blair, aka George Orwell, got it wrong in Animal Farm*, thinking that Socialism on the animal's farm didn't work only because the wrong animals (spoiler alter: The Pigs done it!) were in charge, this writer has it all wrong. It's not just that they've had the WRONG Black! leadership. It doesn't matter who they may have had. It doesn't work like that!
The irony is that the Rainbow Nation does not exist. “Equal opportunity” for whites does not exist. In fact, the abused minority of whites are discriminated against rigorously.

Blacks get preferential treatment in employment, education and other areas. A white male is less likely to get a job over a black male. In fact, employment equity laws make it harder for whites to get work. Jobs in upper management go to blacks further ostracizing whites, and in a sense, sentencing them to more menial employment with the inability to use their talents to further themselves. It seems that today, whites feel that they are being punished for something they did not do.

The government has introduced an odious Quota System, a race-based policy that goes against the norms of society in this day and age.

While “Strict quotas are enforced for the degree in medicine and surgery. The intake of white students is capped at 2%” (Solidariteit Mar 26, 2022), there is a huge shortage of doctors and qualified medical personnel.
Yeah, I bet. There's probably a shortage of people who "ever want to let him cut on me" too.**
The racial quota admissions into universities, across the board, favor blacks over other racial groups. If you are a white student, it is increasingly difficult to get accepted into a university even if you matriculated with distinctions. Those of a darker hue with poor school grades are favored instead. If you did manage to graduate with a degree, you would then again be subjected to the quota system to obtain a Masters.

Why would a white pursue a degree (even if they could get into a university) when there is little future for them; being excluded from society and discriminated against? Today, they are the downtrodden marginalized scapegoats of South Africa.

There is a sense of this is “payback-time…..”
Wait, payback? We've been trying to help. "Revere discrimination with quotas of 2% White? So, wait, you mean Affirmative Action doesn't end when all the quotas are met or exceeded? But, but... they told me this is just a hand up. Nope, we who are not stupid know the reality of it all, whether in South Africa or America. This is about power. The South African Whites gave up all power to the Blacks!. The White man in American has been giving power up gradually (for now!) to, well, pretty much everyone else.***

More polemic indignation to explain how this destruction could possibly happen, or be LET TO happen, will be in the next, probably final, post on this distressing story. We'll also explain why this is important as a lesson for us in America.

* That's our review, titled Animal Farm: Some allegories are more equal than others.

** From one of my favorite obscure Jimmy Buffett songs.

*** In California, right now, in fact, they are doing this some more, to the point of abject ridiculousness.

Sunday - May 14th 2023 2:55PM MST
PS: Mr. Moderator, I don't tightly remember what happened after they realized the signification of the stage name 'P. Botha'. Some kind of a kerfuffle, and probably an apology on my Father's part, but he was really focused on finally getting his Equity Card.
The Alarmist
Sunday - May 14th 2023 9:15AM MST

The Boers weren’t as rapacious and vicious as the Brits of the late nineteenth century. WW1 took a lot of the starch out of them, though, and WW2 finished the job, which is one reason why the British Empire quickly crumbled and is now sinking under its own brown migrant wave.
Sunday - May 14th 2023 4:58AM MST

I apologize for overlooking your previously covering the "Who was in 'South Africa' first?" question in Part I nine days ago.

I would also add, here, something about the way people would receive this info today --- in the age of Wokeness.

It is safe to assume that Wokeness-animated and -driven persons would dismiss the claim that "Blacks" were late-comer migrants into South Africa as a leftover Lie of the White Oppressor to justify their land-grab and exploitation of the morally-superior Black race.

To them I would say: it's not a matter of taking anyone's word for the lack of Congoid "Bantus" in the southern cape region of Africa before recent times. The anthropological record all corroborates the historical record on the point. A trained physical-anthropologist can tell a skeleton's macro-race easily, and its sex and usually approximate age. None discovered from old times, in southern Africa, have been of Congoid-Negroid type.
Sunday - May 14th 2023 3:27AM MST
PS: From the looks of it so far, you're right, Mr. Blanc. I think people are hoping the amped-up wokeness stupidity and the (or including the) reparations talks with crazy-stupid numbers will cause more people to have had enough.

Mr. Smith, those Hiroshima v Detroit memes are great. One can learn a quick enlightening lesson for those memes.

Robert, I remember the man's name. Well, tell us what happened after someone (and who?) noted this White supporter's name on the playbill?

Neo, did Sobran get his newspaper columns taken away. I know about Jimmy the Greek. They just didn't call it "cancelling" then, but yeah.
Sunday - May 14th 2023 3:21AM MST
PS: Thanks for the comment, South Africa, West. I also wrote in that Part 1 something about the Soviet Commies being thrilled to help destroy a White 1st-World society - they were involved in Angola big time, also with the Blacks! as weapons. In S. Africa, the lefty virtue-signaling Whites, and others of them outside the country were their weapons too.

One particular example of the latter would make another blog post - just a quick anecdote.

You are in Mr. Blanc's general area, but he seems to have it OK for now. You heard that directly from one of the Hispanic replacements at the store, or was it some other ethnicity?

You're probably right about Joseph Sobran. It's tough knowing what's wrong with almost everyone else oblivious and not up for listening to you. I remember reading his columns, BTW.
Sunday - May 14th 2023 3:14AM MST
PS: The history of the different "indigenous" tribes in (what's now the remains of) S. Africa is something I covered in a paragraphs in Part 1 guys:

"One important fact that the average history-un-inclined person does not know (and there IS an agenda involved) is that it wasn't like this part of Africa was filled with your standard Africans. It was a wide-open land, with some tribes that were encountered as the colony vastly expanded. These were not the Bantus (standard sub-Saharan Africans, as we think of them), as they didn't live this far south. There were the Khoikhoi, the Bushman, and the Xhosas, the latter in the east with whom the Boers ended up in serious battles."

It's pretty much what Mr. Hail said. I also added a question about how/why the influx of the Bantus was let to happen:

"As the land got settled, built up, and civilized by the White Man, many non-indigenous (keep that in mind!) Bantus did move down. The grass was indeed greener. Why this was let to happen was probably a matter of an inability to control a long border, but also likely an indifferent attitude in a land so vast, and then, as has caused unintended and somehow-never-foreseen problems throughout history for the White Man, the quest for cheap labor. Demography took its toll."

Literally the grass was greener, once the Boers had worked hard to improve the land. Why they let the Bantu population become overwhelming compared to Whites is something else! Was the purposeful, for the labor, or just a matter of a long long border that could not be controlled?

This lopsidedness was baked in almost by the beginning of the 20th century. Look at the tables here:

(For some reason, the table for 1994 is set up 90 degrees differently.)
Adam Smith
Saturday - May 13th 2023 11:24PM MST
PS: Good evening, everyone,

Hey Neo, what if JFK and RFK were the prototypes for getting cancelled?

Just sayin'...

Mr. Hail!

Thank you for yet another informative, interesting, & awesome comment...

Many Thanks...

I hope you have a great! evening...

Saturday - May 13th 2023 8:56PM MST

"Check out the Black! influx. Talk aboutcher population replacement!"

This is actually a much bigger, or longer-term, "issue" than you might think.

What we think of as "Blacks" are people of the Negroid (or Congoid) anthropological type and generally of the Bantu para-cultural-linguistic grouping. All scholarship and history has shown that Negroids/Bantus are NOT native to the region now called South Africa. They are migrants. They almost entirely arrived in any number AFTER White settlement began.

The influx of these "Blacks" in southern Africa, centuries ago, began a process that dispossessed the natives, hunter-gatherers known variously as Hottentots or Khoisan (anthropologically of the "Capoid" type). It just never reached the southern cape region nor the area today Namibia, until after the White colonies began in the 1600s.

Some of the Black tribal groupings of southern Africa that emerged from the flux had assimilated some of these Khoisan along the way. That explains why some of the Bantu-based languages down there use variants of the tongue-"clicks" for which some of the pure Khoisan groups are well known (and so fascinating to the mind, pushing the limits of what we think of as speech). It also explains the odd look of Nelson Mandela, whose tribe was one of those that partially assimilated dispossessed Khoisan. The dispossessed people showing up in Mandela's phenotype.

But the very large majority of Blacks in South Africa are of Migrant origin, with no claim to being natives. They were attracted by the success of White-created institutions and wealth, they did their 'Migrant-ing' and eventually took over. The median year-of-arrival for the median ancestors of a Black in the R.S.A. is later than the median year-of-arrival for the Boer. The White colonists found essentially empty land and pioneered an extension of Northwest-European civilization there, just as was ongoing in North America at the same time.

The "World's Most Important Graph" states that Black (and Muslim) Migrants will have the numbers to swamp and destroy wealthy, advanced, White-liberal societies in the present century. This exact process actually already happened, on one-region scale, in South Africa. It is a story of Migration.
One Is The Neo
Saturday - May 13th 2023 5:15PM MST
PS What if Jimmy the Greek and Joseph Sobran were the prototypes for getting cancelled?
Saturday - May 13th 2023 3:41PM MST
PS: Back somewhere in the early to mid 90's, my Father, an aspiring actor, tried the stage name of P. Botha at a local amateur production. It wasn't until after the play-bills were printed that anyone noticed.
Adam Smith
Saturday - May 13th 2023 2:15PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, gentlemen,

The Alarmist
Saturday - May 13th 2023 12:11PM MST

South Africa is just a replay of Detroit, Baltimore, etc. The White folks built it, and then lost the nerve to keep it.
Saturday - May 13th 2023 10:25AM MST
PS South Africa should be a lesson for white Americans. But it won’t be.
West South Africa
Saturday - May 13th 2023 8:49AM MST
PS Another Joe, a Slovo, sold out his SA homeland to the global soviet internationalists.
Saw some dankness on GAB about Haiti where they didn't care about any help from YT and slaughtered them anyway, with a white people with BLM signs in their yards raised eyebrows underneath.
Joseph Sobran was right about all of it and the stress of being correct in a society that can't handle reality probably shaved years off of his life.
NYC is now asking the comrades to house these economic migrants and they grow surlier by the day locally.
Southside of Chicago is unhappy about the fundamental transformation that they voted for.
As HL Mencken said, give it to them good and hard.
A visit to the Sack-N-Save features mariachi ringtones with a cart full of babies as they drool over the Das Heimat Schutze iPhone.
It is already done and any prattle about 2024 or the worthless useless Grand Old Politburo is just blather.
Here is commentary from a replacement at the ain't nothing, we are taking over your country now, we can't wait to kill you.
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