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Posted On: Friday - May 12th 2023 2:44PM MST
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I'm gonna write this post now before the last image left from a dream last night is gone. This was not one of those weird dreams at all - everything was pretty normal...

I was talking to 4 roommates who were renting a house from me. I've done this in the past, but I'm not now, and the 4 guys in the dream were not people I recall.

They were telling me nicely that I owed them just over $800. They'd had to stay in hotel rooms for a couple of nights. Why? I figured that my property manager/ friend forgot to tell me something happened, such as he had to cut off the water or something like that. OK, well, not good, but stuff happens... no, wait, what?

"No, we had to move out for a couple of days because of Covid-19", the one guy told me.

"Uhhh, oh ...", I was trying to get a handle on this. "You guys got nothing to worry about with this thing though. You're young and in good shape."

He agreed, but informed me "Yeah, but we're gonna graduate soon."

Then, I realized "... oh, you guys have to make sure you don't test positive in order to graduate?" (This somehow all made sense in the dream, and, sadly, in reality too a couple of years back.)

"Yep, that's it."

"Oh, I see. Alright," (Somehow I owed them another 900 bucks too, but that part of the dream is gone. The $900 wasn't Covid-19 related.)

"That kinda sucks", I thought, while I was already gone from talking to them. Finally, it came to me: "This is bullshit! I'm not paying for this crap because the University is part of this PanicFest!"

This dream - OK not exactly normal because the times are not exactly normal - was right at the end of the official "emergency", but it's not like I've put much thought into the PanicFest in a long while. Oh, yeah, this dream could have been induced by my seeing some young guy at the Starbucks drive-through wearing a face mask in his car the morning prior. Yes, with the windows up. You're freaking me out, man!

Sunday - May 14th 2023 3:30AM MST
PS: Neo, the first sounds pretty Biblical. The latter one was just a little wishful thinking, I guess. Good place for a lair though.
Neo Is The One
Saturday - May 13th 2023 5:14PM MST
PS I had one over ten years ago about boulders falling from the sky and people clamoring to get into camps only to be devoured by lions, another one was sitting in an underwater lair with Rommel who said you country is being destroyed you must fight.
Saturday - May 13th 2023 7:40AM MST
PS “I woke up and now it seems, everybody’s having them dreams….”
Saturday - May 13th 2023 5:55AM MST
PS: Thank you for the Paul Gilbert music, Mr. Smith - I just can't listen now due to office computer having no working sound. I tried!

You can count me in that "us" too, as I've never heard of this Living Jarboe(TM) either. That must have been a fun time.

SafeNow, the only thing is, I was outside talking to these guys. The house, though, was known to me to be the same one though. If I thought about it 10 seconds after waking up, I might have a better handle on it.

It was not a terrible dream or nightmare, of course, just some weirdness about thoughts that I figured were gone...
Saturday - May 13th 2023 5:50AM MST
PS: EPoS, I wish Donald Trump was more of a thinking and numbers guy. When he talked about Title 42 he, first of all, should have been straight: "I used this to slow down the invasion, from x per day to y per day. If it goes away we will have z illegal aliens coming in daily, as many as live in the whole Seattle area every 3 months!"

Use something that people can understand. That moderating attorney could have grilled him as long as she wanted, but it needs to get out how bad this latest surge is and has been.

Yes, it's the plan though. It could be stymied if Americans really knew how bad it is.
Saturday - May 13th 2023 1:45AM MST
It is generally understood by shrinks that in a house-with-rooms dream: (1) The house represents one’s self-identity; and (2) the rooms represent challenges to, or undiscovered aspects of, the identity.

We are not finished, because the dream-formation mechanism, a clever rascal, is “over-determined.” Thus, you must assess whether these particular challengers are challenging your Covid mindset, or, represent something different entirely. (or both!! ) Ask yourself if your identity in some OTHER area was challenged - - recently - - look for so-called “day residue.”
Saturday - May 13th 2023 1:28AM MST
PS: Quick edit...

even though none of have heard of her,


even though none of us have heard of her...

(you get the idea)

Adam Smith
Saturday - May 13th 2023 1:25AM MST
PS: Completely & totally off topic...


More completely and yet more totally off topic...
(And yes. This is so so completely and totally off topic I really don't know why I'm even mentioning it.)

Jarboe (yes!, the Living Jarboe!™)(unbeknownst to me and/or the lovely 🥰 Mrs. Smith) once upon a time unexpectedly visited our house one afternoon. (Our house atop the mountain! Where we are to this day!) I have it upon the highest authority that Jarboe does not eat beans... "'cause she's an adult..." (or whatever)

PS: I asked miss Jarboe who she has jammed with.
Her answer...


Which is actually pretty much true...
Seriously! Jarboe has jammed with almost everyone worth jamming with! (even though none of have heard of her, she has collaborated with many interesting/influential people in the music industry.)

I think she was a little disappointed (and or taken aback!) that neither I or the lovely Mrs. Smith 🥰 had ever heard of her. or swans for that matter...

She seemed like a horribly sad person.

Which is most unfortunate.

I hope she has somehow found happiness since she visited our home ~12 or 13 years ago...

Evil Pounces On Stupid
Friday - May 12th 2023 7:00PM MST
PS The SPARS 2025-2028 PDF is still available from the event 201 crowd.
These things are only possible in Peak Stupidity.
The dastardly Black Death 2.0 COV-LARP was so contagious they never closed the border.
Corpse commandos would come through with loudspeakers saying bring out your dead.
The animals and homeless were piled up everywhere for they had no face panty obedience muzzle.
We get those United States of Blackrock, the worst government ever bought, every two months with the we want to buy your house form letter.
It does have the names of local businesses, stores and addresses in order to fool seniors.
Evil sick societies for $0.00 Alex.
Friday - May 12th 2023 3:39PM MST
PS: Not bad, Dr. Freud. Had I woken up a few minutes later, I'd have thought about raising the rent from then on, cause there's usually a next time.
The Alarmist
Friday - May 12th 2023 2:55PM MST

The interpretation: Larry Fink’s Blackrock is going to make being a small-time landlord so unprofitable that you’ll have no choice but to sell to them.

You will own nothing, and you will be happy … or else.
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