The 3-year-long Emergency is Ovah!!

Posted On: Friday - May 12th 2023 11:19AM MST
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Today is V-K day!

No. Just don't! Did you learn NOTHING about Social Distancing?!!

It's over! We have won, people! The World has conquered the Kung Flu at long last!

It's been a terrible, terrible dea...[/Trump] long slow slog. Thanks to the Globalists who've been fighting for us, tooth and nail shots and masks, this Black Death 2.0 has recently been contained at a long Social Distance and as of today at high noon (GMT*) alcohol-wiped off the face of the Earth. Any and all variants of this virus have surrendered unconditionally to our antibody forces. Generals Gates, Klaus, Xi, and Soros have already signed the surrender documents aboard the USS Emmett Till after the last pocket of the enemy was captured, in a small pond inside a cave in western Yunnan, China.

Unfortunately, this is not the witch from the song:

Our Franklin Delano Roosevelt of the Flu Manchu, Anthony Fauci, has left for Italy for a position as Strategic Advisor at a Bio Lab, hopefully giving him at least enough free time to sit on a Fellowship Chair in Panic Studies at the nearby university.

It's been more like 3 years and 2 months since the PanicFest was implemented in earnest. (I call it at the middle of March '20.)

Someday, we'll all get together at the nearest Chucky Cheese, drinking jello shots and coming together to help each other re-live and make some sense out of these dark years we called Covid-19:

"Michigan was bad. We stayed inside for 6 months straight the first time, with nothing but Ramen Noodles, 18 cases of wipes, and a slow internet connection. We wore face masks for 2 years, even when riding alone in our cars. The Governor told us.... Where were you for the duration?"

"I was at the parks and the beaches, and I didn't get fired for not taking a shot, because Big Biz was desperate for manpower. I wouldn't wear face masks in the grocery, but they were too polite to stop me. Where were you for the duration?"

"I was shoveling shit in Louisiana. That beats the hell outta the first guy!"

PS: Sorry for the autoplay. I should have warned you ... could have, in fact, but ... hahahaa!

* Globalist Mean Time

Saturday - May 13th 2023 5:27AM MST
PS: SMSB: "Just in time for the surge of lifetime CPUSA voters!" Looks like DeSantis obtained a stay for a couple of weeks, but it's getting worse and worse.

Governor Abbott? Things just never seem to really get done. The Texas troops there are supposed to turn over the illegals to the Feds. Then what?
Sewer Mutant Shopping Bazaar
Friday - May 12th 2023 7:04PM MST
PS Just in time for the surge of lifetime CPUSA voters!
They are loving their new iPhone, EBT card, maps of all LEO checkpoints along the border care pack from Das Heimat Schutze and comrade commissar Mayorkas (CPUSA/CCP).
Actually the taxpayers are footing the bill.
Hell, people are so dull and void, they don't even know that Abbott is WEF.
Honk, honk with a Dukes Of Hazzard car horn! (dat's wayciss)
Friday - May 12th 2023 1:14PM MST
PS: What would be the equivalent of the Fatal Attraction denouement, Alarmist, when it comes to the PanicFest? I think we are the bunnies in this one.

Thanks again, Adam. This guy - I think it's the one guy, Exavier Saskagoochie - is pretty good. I hope he will make a name for himself with "The Most Reliable Source of Fake News on the Planet".
Adam Smith
Friday - May 12th 2023 11:46AM MST
PS: Afternoon, y'all...

The Alarmist
Friday - May 12th 2023 11:27AM MST

Nah, it ain’t over.

Remember the ending of Fatal Attraction? The bunny boiler wasn’t dead until Anne Archer plugged with a silver bullet.
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