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Posted On: Thursday - May 11th 2023 6:54PM MST
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... a time for the facts.
A time to hate,
a time to debate.

A time for the truth, I swear it's not too late.

Yes, there is a time for bullshitting, and Donald Trump is just the man for it. I don't meant that this bullshitting has to necessarily conflict with the truth always either - it just means that I don't expect any follow-up action after the excellent points Trump made in the hour-long "Town Hall" held last evening in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Peak Stupidity readers (at least the commenters) are on the ball and have probably seen more of this than we have. I'll go over my one or two highlights, but I also would say this about the entire thing: What a breath of fresh air it is to see an American come out with the truth that the Lyin' Press HATES, in front of millions and millions of American viewers!

I was especially encouraged by Mr. Trump's forceful pushback against the over 2-year-long narrative of lies about the J6 riots and Political Prisoners. He DID note the anarcho-tyranny of it all as compared to antifa and BLM riots. He also did not hold back in calling out the "thug" who murdered Ashli Babbitt in the Capitol that day. I still don't know why nobody important will ever mention the thug's name, Michael Leroy Byrd, the Capitol Cop who committed murder and did not even get arrested for it. Trump talked about pardons for most of these protesters and gasp! trespassers on Federal property. The host was not amused by talk of letting these people out of that Washington, FS hell. (Yes, Trump went there, too.)

I was very impressed with Mr. Trump's answer, repeated multiple times for the Miss White-Outfit to a question about the Russia/Ukraine war. The host - more on this piece of work after the video - kept asking the juvenile question "who do you want to win?" Even with his egotistical take (Mr. Wheeler-dealer here) and simplistic language, Trump tried to get through that he wanted the war, hence the killing, to stop, period.

I used Rumble this time for the video, but I cannot get to work the simple "start=t" feature. ("t" is starting point in seconds from the beginning.) The part about J6 and Ashli Babbitt is at ~13-14 minutes in. One could go to 45 min, 46 min, or 47 min in to see the original Ukraine question, the beginning of Trump's actual answer, and the best part, respectively.

From that 1 hour, 2 minutes, there's lots more one could discuss about DonaldTrump's opinions, personality, and (yeah, right!) plans. I may not get to it, due to my wanting to go back to other subjects. However, that CNN interviewer deserves a post of her own. Bikini pictures would be the only good news I'd have for you, as she is a real Regime Media piece of work!

Is that how you moderate a "Town Hall"? I don't think so. Introducing the questioners and keeping an eye on the clock is her job. Instead, this extremely annoying Lyin' Press sycophant figured her job was to interrupt Donald Trump anytime she saw that he was off the Regime Narrative, on some kind of tangent toward the real truth. She acted as a prosecuting attorney would doing a cross-examination, but without the wit, logic, patience, politeness and general intelligence.

These are Rumble commenters (the first 2 on there), I had to remind myself, but I like it!
13 hours ago
wow....she is quite the rude, obnoxious, moronic little cow huh.
Cow? No. I agree with the rest, but she's quite hot. I think that'd be good for a few nights, but that's ALL.
13 hours ago
She was a disgrace, she kept on trying to cut him off from making his point. She kept trying to lead him into saying something that could be used as ammunition, she kept saying he was wrong. The job of an interviewer is to ask a question and listen to the answer. I honestly don't know how he can sit there at take it. Compare the questioning to how Joe biden gets interviewed, questions like his favorite ice cream. What a disgraceful interview.
True, dat!

Just about half a minute before the end, Trump's expression showed exactly what he thought of this lady and her detestable performance. Then, he said a standard platitude - that's his thing.

Were I in the audience, I'd have been booing this woman loud and long enough to be pulled out of there... hopefully not as a Political Prisoner.

Finally, what do I mean by a time for bullshitting? I don't pretend that voting for the one "Mr. Right" is going to fix the country. (OK, sometimes I do, but readers and I know better...) I don't take any of Trump's talk about he'll be a great President and fix things in '25, as he still says he was and did in '21. No, but having all this truth be told in front of a large TV and internet audience is what we need sometimes. Nobody else well-known I could thing of could have done this better!

For every season, turn, turn, turn ...

Saturday - May 13th 2023 6:16AM MST
PS: PS: Ooops, I cut off the very end of Hanania's mock candidate statements and then my conclusion. (This was due to the text having a less-than or greater-than sign. I am sure of this, so be careful out there!)

Anyway, Mr. Keif, I hit the back button a few times and got to it:

"Republican voters: cheers, laughter"


Total bull! We all know that Gov. DeSantis fought the PanicFest pretty early on - the beginning of summer, '20 would be the latest. The vaccine was not around then. The vaccine mandates was not some issue DeSantis just wanted to get in good graces with the Conservatives on. He wanted nothing to do with all of the PanicFest and that included mandatory vaccinations, once they came around half a year later.

Actually, I would bet he had no idea he might run for President SOON, until a year or more later, when the opposite from what Hanania says happened, happened. The Conservatives, like myself, realized that here was a guy that gets it! Here is a guy that fights it, too, and sometimes wins.

OK, anyway, thanks for another blog post suggestion, Dieter. (The other would be that general post on modeling of the Earth's climate.)
Saturday - May 13th 2023 6:08AM MST
PS: I got 2/3 of the way through that Hanania article, Dieter, and I hate to say it (not really), but this guy Hanania is not very bright at all. He gets everything wrong. This is another post, on this very article.

Just as an example (in case you figure, based on history and probabilities, that I'll never get to it, haha):

As you've read, Mr. Hanania tries to make this into an Alpha v Beta male thing - a question of confidence in one's self:

"Trump, meanwhile, says he’s had a booster, and has attacked DeSantis for refusing to discuss his own vaccine status. When he gets booed for it, Trump backs down, granting something to his followers, but in a half-hearted way. The DeSantis conversation goes something like this:

Republican voters: We hate vaccines!

DeSantis: Oh my God, you hate vaccines? You won’t believe this, but I hate them even more!! Other guys talk about leaving you alone not to take them, oh, but we need to go much further. I’m calling a grand jury to investigate this, we’re going to lock Pfizer up! It’s about time us conservatives started pushing back against these tyrants…

On the other side:

Trump: You know, I was boosted. The vaccine was a great accomplishment of my administration.

Republican voters: Boo! We hate vaccines!

Trump: Fine, whatever, do what you want, let’s talk about something else. Hey, did you guys see that women’s weightlifting thing?

Republican voters:
Dieter Kief
Saturday - May 13th 2023 12:46AM MST

Something which is not at all usual - a politician that makes a noticable diffeence

Name: Donald Trump.

As always: Wishes and reality collide. On all sides of the politicacal spectrum; and here on the blog. - But seen from the perspective of this 1 minute clip*** - it is a no-brainer who did rather well and - who didn't.

***imagine somebody seing it in outer space - - or in one hundred years - -
Dieter Kief
Saturday - May 13th 2023 12:08AM MST
A good Trump-article by richard Hania - he gets an important part of Trump's success - and he - already! - - waves good-bye to Ron DeSantis' campaign- -
Friday - May 12th 2023 1:26PM MST
PS: I'd like to see an actual debate, without the moderating offense attorney [sic her(e) ...], between Trump and DeSantis, with 1/2 an hour devoted to arguments on the handling of the Kung Flu. I know who would come out the better. This goes along with your:

"It's a well-known Trump personality-quirk to never admit fault, always redirect, always blame someone else. "

Yes, that showed up in his discussion about the "wall" - Seriously, if you seriously cover 90% of the border with breaks to be finished soon and exception for impassible terrain, that's something that "I'm gonna finish". The 20% built - depending on how you rate a "wall" doesn't mean much at all.

He did a lot more of this in just the short portion I viewed. It must be a deeply ingrained habit. Still, he's a force for good, if you look past all this.

I just got the 2 talking heads confused in my head along time ago, Mr. Hail, and haven't watched enough of these talking heads to ever get it straight. I did see that lady Mrs. Brezinski in a clip recently, and I wondered about that name.
Adam Smith
Friday - May 12th 2023 1:07PM MST
PS: Greetings, Mr. Hail,

"refusing to ever admit fault or error, always blaming someone else or attacking" really creates problems all up and down the line of organizations.

Yeah, narcissists are toxic in any organization.

"I guess the Orange-Man has been a "good businessman"..."

I'm not so sure Mr. Hail. It appears that Drumph and his various business ventures are heavily indebted.

The national debt under Drumph increased by almost 36% to $27 trillion.

That would not have happened under the stewardship of a good businessman.

Friday - May 12th 2023 12:28PM MST

I wonder what the origin is of your mistaking Fox-talker Neil Cavuto for MSNBC-talker Joe Scarborough.

What I remember about Joe Scarborough is that when he was brought onto MSNBC he was hailed as a Red-America centrist not beholden to proto-Wokeness of the day, maybe of the old "Blue Dog Democrat" type in its waning days. He was promoted as this sort of person for some years. If he ever was anything like that, it didn't take too long to abandon it.

Scarborough became known in the 2010s as a solidly-leftist Regime-Media guy. His pro-Regime credentials were cemented by his marriage to the daughter of Zbig Brezinski, who was and is his co-host.
Friday - May 12th 2023 12:05PM MST

-- Idea for a Trump "town hall" I'd pay to see --

I'd like to see an event roughly of this that was 100% about the Covid Response and related (direct follow-on) "issues." (Rather than the CNN Town Hall of May 10, 2023, which was 0% about 'Covid,' lockdowns, mandates, masks, vaccines, etc.

By this I mean a sharp and critical host hitting him on his weak points on all aspects of the Corona-Panic as he was involved in it, probing for his views and challenging those views, as a hostile interviewer would, and elicit audience questions both pro-Panic and anti-Panic; and asking if he thinks he or his team made mistakes and what he would do if another "NEW CORONAVIRUS!!" were deteced.

It's a well-known Trump personality-quirk to never admit fault, always redirect, always blame someone else. It can be entertaining, but it's generally a poor character-trait. It's also a warning-sign of poor leadership.

I guess the Orange-Man has been a "good businessman" in many ways, over his fifty years in business. I don't really know, but he does/did have a huge business empire, transitioning to entertainment in the 2000s in a big way, with the political career an extension of that.

But if one thinks over one's life under authority figures, be it from school-days up to entry-level jobs up to real jobs and dealing in the adult-world with quasi-equals as in civic or church groups or etc., this "refusing to ever admit fault or error, always blaming someone else or attacking" really creates problems all up and down the line of organizations.
Adam Smith
Friday - May 12th 2023 11:47AM MST
PS: Facetious?

Friday - May 12th 2023 10:09AM MST
PS: Wow! 6 in a row from me - can't do THAT on "The Unz Review", not in an hour anyway.

OK, for Mr. Kief on the Climate Calmity™ and model that includes cloud (and surface too, I'm sure) albedos (reflectivity), yeah, that goes right along with what I've been saying. However, that doesn't mean I think that Dr. Clauser knows the answers either. I don't either. However, I DO know how difficult mathematical modeling of that big a system of fluid flow and heat transfer is. I will write a post on this, so thank you for the motivation.

"Trying to distract him is like shouting at a two lokomotives freight train rushing by in oder to stop it." Nice one. He really did his best to keep plowing ahead during the hundreds of attempted interruptions Yes, like an old steam locomotive with a cow catcher in from - get it?
Friday - May 12th 2023 10:01AM MST
PS: In reply to the commenters including Mr. Hail regarding the CNN reaction. I saw just a couple of videos. One had Joe Scarborough. For the life of me, for the last 15 years, I though Joe Scarborough is the guy who is actually Neil Cavuto - does business reporting. I don't know, I just don't get out ... errr, don't stay IN much, not in front of that idiot plate, anyway.

Scarborough is definitely not Cavuto, and the former had a much more unhinged look from the get-go. Anyway, the 1 1/2 minute clip I saw had him ranting with Mr. Potato head on the right panel saying nothing. I may have seen the latter ranting on his own somewhere else.

Yeah, did they make a mistake, (a) trying to become "center", if that's even possible without putting the current line-up of personnel into ditches and (b) having Trump on. Hey, the hot (not in the manner of a cow though! haha) lady did her best. Unfortunately, the man that the Town Hall was for, got too many words out.
Friday - May 12th 2023 9:54AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail wrote: "It was more of the usual when Trump appears or is dealt with--- TV-entertainment. Trump is a "reality-TV" guy, and was so throughout his political career. CNN and these people actually love this, though they mix it with irrationalistic hate."

Right - that's a good point. The TV viewers, the viewers on youtube and rumble, The interested skimmers like me, and then the commentary videos (those seem to come up to in the search, a bit annoying, because I wanted NO commentary - it starts HERE, dammit!)... anyway, that is a very good thing for CNN as far as viability and respect. Then too, decked-out Kaitin has got to be thrilled for millions to have seen her nice long shiny hair, and shapely body in that white suit. The girls can't help that.

OTOH, they HATE HATE HATE Donald Trump, especially when he doesn't go along with any part of the various narratives that they've put a lot of damn work into over the years.

It's a love/hate relationship - that goes both ways. As everyone knows and you stated, Trump is Mr. Reality TV and doesn't feel himself unless people are listening to him and watching him. He got on here and had that going, but then he was very disgusted with the lady. Again, that is at the end. What a look from him! (Maybe I can get a good screenshot.)
Friday - May 12th 2023 9:44AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, it was your comments under the previous post that got me interested, exited even, about watching this hour video. (Well, as you wrote, I missed some intro stuff, and maybe something at the end?)

I should have referred to those comments, as I was somewhat repetitive. Once I saw how this moderator was going to act, I just couldn't get myself to watch the whole thing. I skipped to specific parts - harder on Rumble, but that may be my browser. I lucked out upon the "DeSanctimonious" bit, and yeah, maybe a couple of people chuckled. That's not a good look, his disparaging a guy that seems pretty much on our side - yeah, I could be wrong.

I think less of this moderator, the way she acted here, than you do even. It was exasperating. You mentioned the Ukraine question earlier, as I did here. I'm pretty sure she asked 3 times "Who do you want to win?" Trump was very solid on that, not letting himself get peer-pressured (as another TV person) into answering it.

Then, he brought up the money, who's paying too much for support of the Ukraine in this war and who's not paying enough, and that's when one can see that the guy's got good common sense, but no principles. Everything is just a good deal or a bad deal to Trump.

Same with the border and Title 42. He brought up the health reasons for lifting it - I gotta admit that the white-suited lady cross-examining wanna-be attorney was right there. If this is about health, it's over. Trump just stuck with his story, rather than, right then: "We tried to use this to stop the invasion. That's what this is about."

Speaking of that, right, there was no mention of the Kung Flu at all. One reason might be that Trump knows his base thinks he was a tool and a squish on the whole thing. Then too, the audience, with their highly-vetted questions (I also assume) didn't ask anything. The moderator didn't bring it up either I assume, because the Regime Narrative is still "Vaccinate of we all die!", and President Trump was the one who "moon-shotted" the experimental gene therapy along.

There'd be no argument on that. What would be the point then in bring it up? After all, it WAS her job to cross examine Trump as the opposition, wasn't it?
Friday - May 12th 2023 9:26AM MST
PS: RT&T says "Trump is no George Washington and Tucker is no Howard Beale."

I agree with the former. I can barely remember that movie, but I think Tucker has a lot more on the ball than that Howard Beale.

No, Elon is pretty bad on some issues. He may be a visionary, but he's not that smart is some ways. (Maybe he went along with the Climate Crisis™ BS just for business reasons.)
Friday - May 12th 2023 9:23AM MST
PS: Alarmist, Mr. Trump uses the wrong wording all the time, when he could have been more accurate with the right wording. I guess that applies to his description of the girl (I assume not the Town Hall Mod, but the skank - see, there ya' go! - involved in that suit or charges that I have been avoiding following in any way.)

Also, as I listened, I heard a number of those really sloppy grammar mistakes that Trump does, reminding me very much of this guy, with his Trump on Scooby Doo routine:

Hilarious! I don't hold that stuff against him, as I was just glad to hear him speaking to millions against the Lyin' Press narrative.


Mr. Smith, regarding your link in the 2nd comment here, I can't tell if that was made to be facetious, as in "No more bullshit in '24, OK, Charlie Brown?" I know your comment was.
The Alarmist
Friday - May 12th 2023 9:17AM MST

Do not look directly at Happy Fun Ball.

We were dining at an Asian Fusion restaurant popular with the local surfer crowd, and for some reason two of the big screens had MSNBC. Youngsters these days.

Anyway, no audio, but the chyron said something to the effect that the town hall was a good thing. Hmmmm!
Global Chemical Unlimited
Friday - May 12th 2023 9:04AM MST
PS: Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball!

Friday - May 12th 2023 8:45AM MST

RE: Man Tilting at Clouds

Potato-man and ex-CNN-star Brian Stelter was recently given a job at "Vanity Fair" magazine.

Vanity Fair has was given the fired potato-man a regular column titled "Inside the Hive" (interesting name), and the right to pen columns when big 'cable-news' news breaks.

Stelter's "Vanity Fair" articles so far:

Fox News’ Greatest Rifts, From Tucker to Trump
MAY 11, 2023

Tucker Carlson Is Daring Fox to Stop Him From Doing a Show on Twitter. Will the Network Bite?
MAY 10, 2023

The Tucker Carlson Implosion Continues
MAY 4, 2023

Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon Are Out but Not Down
APRIL 28, 2023
Man Tilting At Clouds
Friday - May 12th 2023 7:57AM MST
PS Fox will hire Don Lemon?
The Stelter potato is a WEF sh1t golem now.
No Howard Beale would be allowed.
Everything fake and flaming is no way to be, there has to be a better way.
Trump had put tremendous dents in the media armor and then along came the COV-LARP.
Only good guy Elon with his Baphomet shoulder pads can save us now. (honk!)
If you need a good laugh go on GAB and see people proclaiming that Elon is some angel while the profile pic has him in the 666 shoulder pads.
Societies too stupid to exist will be put out of misery.
Friday - May 12th 2023 6:59AM MST

By early and especially mid-2022, CNN was said to be planning a concerted shift to the political "center." It would be a major "re-branding." There do appear to have been major steps taken in this direction, and hosting this "Trump town-hall" in New Hampshire can only be seen as one of them. But it's been imperfectly executed.

Do you detect signs from this event, which it seems you watched in the Rumble format, that CNN is trying to shift to the "center"?

The event aired at 8:00pm EDT and with commercials ended about 9:20pm EDT. It is said lead-in commentary dominated the 7pm hour and and post-event commentary by expert panelists and hosts was live until 11:59pm, which means it was "Trump Night" on CNN, a full five hours' worth; then the next day was largely "Trump Day," given the fall-out.

The feed I saw gave the initial five to ten minutes of the post-event commentary. I wish I could find it again, but I recall the left-wing Jewish CNN'er Jake Tapper, so-enraged-he-looked-queasy, going on a two-minute denunciation of the event immediately after it aired. Apparently other panelists, paid CNN contributors, bashed CNN itself live on CNN during this 9:20pm to 11:59pm period, for hosting Trump.
Friday - May 12th 2023 6:46AM MST

There is a lot of anger at CNN over hosting Trump, including from CNN's own people. It is said that MSNBC and CNN both devoted the majority of their influential evening-commentary programming to fallout from the Trump town hall.

Anther justified criticism is of the way the moderator inserted herself as an insta-FactChecker and sparring partner. That is not the traditional role of the moderator in events like this. We aren't supposed to remember or particularly notice the "moderator" when political debates or "town halls," so-called, are held.

This "town hall" had all the earmarks of being stage-managed with planted questions (no one would believe those were spontaneous questions), but it was also poorly executed because the host ends up staging it like a debate between her and Trump. Or was it more like an old-line schoolteacher putting a rebellious student in his place. It seems she started the debate trying to be moderate, but it didn't work.

Almost no one asked meaningful questions. I am not the only one to note that COVID, the end-of-the-world apocalyptic issue of two to three years ago, got ZERO seconds of coverage, not even alluded to. Nor were any substantive foreign-policy "issues" discussed except the made-for-TV-drama Ukraine War.

In short: It was more of the usual when Trump appears or is dealt with--- TV-entertainment. Trump is a "reality-TV" guy, and was so throughout his political career. CNN and these people actually love this, though they mix it with irrationalistic hate.
Friday - May 12th 2023 6:37AM MST

See my initial comments on the Trump CNN town hall at the bottom of the comments at:
Happy Fun Ball Taunter
Friday - May 12th 2023 3:48AM MST
PS Cows? That's how the controllers view us!
I fart in their general direction.
Will the dullards ever figure out that we are the CO2 based life forms to be reduced?
I taunt happy fun ball a second time while enjoying an elderberry gummy.
Dieter Kief
Friday - May 12th 2023 1:11AM MST
PS - - OT particle physics high altitude thermal processes & climate change

Mod. - here is a man, that claims to have proven, that sub-atomic particles can - aw - actually: Do communicate over large distances - and in doing so surpass the speed of light. That is the cherry on top of that.

Aha - and he also finds the following to be true Mod. - and this is something for your phsicisticity, ok, and a fact that - - puts large holes in Dr. Hossenfelders theory you already said would not be all-encompassing, as far as higher altitude thermal-exchange processes are concerned: Look here, in all refreshing shortness and clarity, it's - physicist nobel-laureate Dr. John F. Clauser thinking here:

 Dr. Clauser has criticized the awarding of the 2021 Nobel Prize for work in the development of computer models predicting global warming and told President Biden that he disagreed with his climate policies. Dr. Clauser has developed a climate model that adds a new significant dominant process to existing models. The process involves the visible light reflected by cumulus clouds that cover, on average, half of the Earth. Existing models greatly underestimate this cloud feedback, which provides a very powerful, dominant thermostatic control of the Earth’s temperature.


CO2 Coalition Announces Election of Nobel Laureate Dr. John Clauser to its Board of Directors - PA Town Hall
Dieter Kief
Friday - May 12th 2023 12:33AM MST
Mod. - öhh - this is a delicate one, which I nevertheless am about to - öhh - trumpet out hehe: Cows DO get hot! Getting hot is no human thing, it is a mammal thing and - this is just me now, I could imagine a biologist contradicting me here: Cows just stand out as mammals; they are extraordinarily mammalesk mefinds. But I've know quite some cows, ok, since I grew up not least amongst farmers...oh yeah and the comment from Teresa_64 caused my first laugh tody - - a gift to start into the day this way!

What the Trumper is concerned - I saw him a few minutes - and I agree: He did well. TV is one of his - - this is sociobiology now, heheh: natural habitats. Trying to distract him is like shouting at a two lokomotives freight train rushing by in oder to stop it.
There's an old sayin' in Tennessee...
Thursday - May 11th 2023 11:16PM MST
PS: Just sayin' ☮
Radial Tires and Teevees
Thursday - May 11th 2023 10:19PM MST
PS They just want to Trump pwn the media for a few seconds.
Weak sauce.
Trump is no George Washington and Tucker is no Howard Beale.
The clown car circus of 2024 is going to be so epic PT Barnum will crack a smile from the beyond with HL Mencken.

O/T-Mr. Mars WEF Elon hired a DIE pioneer to run the Twit. (honk!)
The Twitterati won't even notice as they gaze at the navel and demand that people be censored for a thought outside of the hive.
Adam Smith
Thursday - May 11th 2023 9:32PM MST
PS: No Moar Bullshit!!!

Fool me, you can't get fooled again.

The Alarmist
Thursday - May 11th 2023 8:13PM MST

I only heard a few excerpts, and some were kind of funny. I do wish Mr. Trump could find a more hifalutin way to call a girl nasty so that it didn’t look so unmanly.
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