What's wrong with President Trump?

Posted On: Monday - April 10th 2017 5:18PM MST
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Is this guy Trump going to dash our hopes into the ground? The latest wrong move by him is the lobbing of cruise missiles into Syria, of which the news could be found everywhere over the last few days. PeakStupidity's and, we reckon, most patriotic Americans, disappointment about this is not the stupid neocon move itself, but whether this means that the man is not, or never was, or is no longer, good for his word.

The continuation of the endless warfare state (only seen to this degree in the country of Oceana in the book 1984) goes against what Trump rightfully argued in his campaign for president. True, he was never going to be a Ron Paul. He came across as being against the US being the "world' policeman" more for practical than libertarian reasons. It was also not the biggest issue, which was out-of-control immigration. That's what got him elected. Mr. Trump, though he never had the grasp of history and politics like a Pat Buchanan, seemed to learn from the right people and lean the right way once he did learn about an issue.

The immigration thing is a good example. Trump not only picked Jeff Sessions of Alabama for Attorney General, but the had sought him out for good advice on the immigration issue way back during the primaries. Another example is the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. This is a guy from NY City, remember; his world was one in which his bodyguards could carry arms, he and the rich and famous and well-connected were the only men who could seriously consider getting "approved" to legally carry a gun in NYC, yet he ended up thinking and talking the right stuff during the election for a very early endorsement by the NRA (well, it was against the HIldabeast, so you know ...)

The Syria thing is worrying for a number of reasons, each of which will be short a separate post to come:

1) Why is Trump being a neocon warmonger, when it is against what he seemed to believe before? Is it that he is under control of the "deep state"? How? If not that, is he running America's foreign policy to please his daughter and son-in-law?

2) If Trump has flaked out on his foreign policy positions, what else will he flake out on? The immigration issue has more of the rest of the US gov't involved, but he could have gotten a lot more done already.

3) How long will it take, or how many more stupid things like this, for Trump to lose the enthusiastic support of us patriotic Americans? Will it just be another George Bush (any one those worthless bastards) administration, meaning no slow-down in the stupidity?

It's just really disappointing so far, what we're seeing from this guy. He's just one guy, as I said, and needs our support in a multitude of ways. There are major impediments all throughout the Feral Government, but this Syria thing was a Commander-in-Chief decision; it's on Trump alone.

Tuesday - April 11th 2017 2:33PM MST
Hey, there is no editing on the comments, so I've done the same. The web site needs lots of software work, but it's coming.
Buck Turgidson
Tuesday - April 11th 2017 1:33PM MST
"blimp".... how about blip. I'm not even drinking yet. Better not post any more here this pm.....
Buck Turgidson
Tuesday - April 11th 2017 1:32PM MST
Ann C has really come around. She now is one of my favorite political commentators. She is like me -- immigration is the #1 issue, if we don't fix that nothing else matters. I was w Trump from Day 1, I think Ann was as well. Last year I took all kinds of crap from naysayers telling me to fuhgedditaboutit, Trump never can win! I didn't fight but said, not so fast, he has a good message and he has his own money. That nearly everyone seems itching to get a rifle and jump on a plane to Syria and start blowing up anything that moves is amazing and disappointing. That's where we are today as a country. I hope this is a blimp for Trump, we gotta fix that $20T debt and we gotta stop immigration.
Tuesday - April 11th 2017 8:49AM MST
Yeah, see, I thought he knew enough already or just had the common sense to NOT listen to these people!

I agree with you on Ann Coulter. From my vague memories, 10 years ago and back she would have been one of the neocon pundits trying to push this crap, but I think Coulter has changed much for the better in her writing.

This is disheartening, Buck.
Buck Turgidson
Tuesday - April 11th 2017 8:22AM MST
Agree 100% P.S. WTH has happened to Trump? Missiles into Syria? Has he lost his friggin mind? I thought we were going to start to pull out of that 7th century sand pit and just leave those people alone. The only person in the media who seems to see the insanity of all this is Ann Coulter. I have listened to her a few times post-Syria, she is totally perplexed and said she had a knot in her stomach. I feel the same way. I have been 100% pro-Trump since Day 1 .... and now he decides he is going to give us another Dumbass Dubya administration? He has the same kind of military and "foreign policy expert" morons talking out of their rear end. "Oh this is just a pinprick...this is just strategic...this won't take long ... this actually will create a huge flow of cash into the US." and then none of it ever comes true. Will we never friggin learn.
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