Cry the DeConstructed Country - Part 2

Posted On: Tuesday - May 9th 2023 1:52PM MST
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(Continued from Part 1.)

"How did your nation get destroyed?"

"Gradually, then suddenly."

The formerly 1st World Nation of South Africa - that'd be only 3 decades ago - is in the latter phase of the famous answer in that passage from Ernest Hemmingway.* Here's the article, as mentioned in Part 1 and discussed by VDare's Patrick Cleburne: SOUTH AFRICA AT WAR WITH ITSELF. It's a personal account by S. African 1976 emigre (to California and then Michigan) Michael Witkin of his visit to his ex-beloved country very recently**, 10 years since seeing the place the last time.

This is a hell of an account, as things are truly going to hell there.
Hovels, hoks [slang for makeshift dwellings] and hellholes line both sides of the national road to Cape Town from the airport. Corrugated tin, cardboard, black trash bags, petrol drums and burlap hobbled together with string and wire are used as building materials. Cape Town has always had shanties but now it was overwhelming and extended as far as the eye could see. This slum makes the favelas in Sao Paulo look luxurious by comparison. Smoke oozes out from a shanty saying, “this is my home, someone lives here.” A stray cow walks on the side of the road while an African child strolls with a herd of goats.
Well, I mean, this IS Africa. No, but that's not it. It was Africa in 1976, when this writer left the place. It might be that they ARE Africans... as in, not White Afrikaners or ex-Brits.
“Danger–Gevaar–Ingozi” These are the words in English, Afrikaans and Zulu on signs with a red background and a crudely stenciled skull and crossbones that are now part of the urban fabric. Angle-iron bayonets affixed at an acute angle to the walls that support twelve strands of electrified wire, add further anguish to the painful broken glass crown and sinister cloak that safeguards, protects and shields those that are held hostage unto themselves. The streetscape and thoroughfares in residential neighborhoods have been transformed into hostile environments, devoid of people.
That's the urban landscape. This article is pretty long, so let me put in excerpts about the failing infrastructure. (I will skip important parts of this article on the politics and the poor Afrikaners, as they will be discussed in subsequent posts. Oh, and we'll have more on the airlines. If you read, you'll encounter that stuff first or mixed in.)
Besides no airlines, no postal service and no trains, there is a dwindling electricity supply. They have rolling blackouts, euphemistically called “load shedding” which can last as much as 10 hours per day in Cape Town. Johannesburg is worse. People survive by always keeping their thermos flasks filled with hot water, using small gas camping stoves and using rechargeable lanterns for light and a healthy supply of batteries and candles at all times. Food rots in refrigerators so one needs to purchase small amounts of groceries just for a day. Few people can afford to have a generator, let alone the exorbitant cost of diesel fuel. Without electricity there is no viable economy. Retail stores, restaurants, businesses and factories cannot operate. The employees are idle and cannot do their job. As a result they are unable to earn a livelihood.
"This ain't no party. This ain't no disco. This ain't no foolin' around!" Rather than Life During Wartime***, this will be no temporary situation. The country will exist like this, as the rest of Black! Africa does, other than when interrupted by colonization or famine-relief airlifts.

(Image from a different article.)

One portion of destroyed infrastructure leads to more destroyed infrastructure:
The sick irony is that the trains that transport coal to the power plants which are their life-giving arteries, no longer operate and cannot deliver coal because the rail lines were stolen off the tracks.

The cartels also sell the best quality coal to China and the inferior coal with “rocks and metal” has to be used.

In the agricultural sector, including processing plants, the lack of electric power has led to the culling of poultry, some 10 million chicks in January of 2023, the wastage of fresh milk without refrigeration and the inability to irrigate crops.

With South Africa being a large exporter of fruit to the UK and the EU, this sector of its economy is now also in serious jeopardy due to inadequate refrigeration.
It's not irony. It's Africa, taking back what is rightfully its.

I will get into the very obvious reasons for all this, the state of the White population in S. Africa, and how its doomed future foretells a fairly likely future for American in the next parts. I just want to explain how that Hemingway line may be in operation over there now.

Peak Stupidity has noted the increasing incompetence seen in many aspects of American life recently - Demographics to DIE for from and Competence is dying is a short intro. Then, we recently had the 5-part series Harvesting the fruits of a half-century of Affirmative Action - Part 1 - - Part 2 - - Part 3 - - Part 4 and Part 5. We are not at the stage of active railways being torn up for scrap metal yet, so just a very introductory taste in the hotel business is described in Hotel Haiti - Part 1 - - Part 2 - - Part 3 and Part 4. In other words, we've been all over this subject, but we know we are still in the first part of that "gradually" stage.

From 3 years ago, the article I got the 2nd image from is Theft and destruction of railway infrastructure continues unabated. From that article in South Africa Today:
The continuous damage and theft of infrastructure within the rail environment has far reaching consequences to the Grand Economic Strategy of this country. While the value of the actual property damaged or stolen may run into 10s of thousands of rand, the impact of this on the other hand runs into hundreds of millions of rand.

The lives of our people are actually brought to a standstill as many millions of people rely on the rail environment to travel to and from their places of work. This is a situation we as a country cannot afford to continue given that we are all trying to rebuild the economy from devastation of the Covid-19 we are currently experiencing.
It's a cascading thing. It's one thing to have some previously unheard-of destructive happenings on occasion, be they costly and annoying. That's still the gradually stage. We notice more of the incompetence, more of the criminal activity, more corruption, and so on.

How does a nation's ruination rate go from gradual to sudden. It's a continuous function but with an inflection section****. The inflection section is when the damage to infrastructure that affects our daily lives starts to cascade, as per that last paragraph excerpted above. It's not a matter of one's commute being interrupted by protestors on the road, or seeing closures due to overturned trucks driven by incompetent drivers monthly or more anymore. What if we can't count on regularly getting to work? What if, rather than receiving more and more shoddy parts for our manufactured assemblies that can be picked out or reworked, there is no guarantee anymore we will get any good ones each day, if they get delivered at all?

White, Black!, colored, what-have-you, they can no longer live normal 1st-World-adjacent lives over there in South Africa. It's not that one remembers how lots of small stuff and a few major things used to be better. All of life has gone from a decent existence to a struggle in this newly founded shithole. .

On that high-note, let me advertise our continuation of this series in a few days. I want to first get in some short posts with inflation piece-wise anecdotal data.

PS: A difficult but interesting project would be the creation of a mathematical model of the destruction of a nation, starting with the state of the economy and with the best human functioning models (based on race) to see if one ends up with this 2-slope "Hemingway Curve".

* "How did you go bankrupt?" was the question, in The Sun Also Rises.

** He didn't say exactly when, but the article is from this March ('23) and he says his last trip was in '12.

*** I am shocked that PS has not featured this Talking Heads song as of yet, but there'll be a time and post.

**** "Inflection point" is mathematically incorrect, I think. The slope of the curve changes, but it doesn't change at a point. That'd make it a piece-wise function, which I don't think is the case. Plus, they're harder to deal with.

The Alarmist
Wednesday - May 10th 2023 8:57AM MST

Sad to say it, but on this and other visits to the States these past few years, the decline is increasingly obvious. I used to joke that Europe was the USA twenty years in the past, but South Africa is the USA in twenty years, if not sooner, unless Heritage Americans decide it is OK for them to exist.
Tuesday - May 9th 2023 7:24PM MST
PS: There are international airline flights to Jo-burg and Cape Town. That's for now. How long will the airport infrastructure be OK for use? If the fuel is out, airlines could tanker fuel in, but that means not taking full loads - that may be too costly for them to keep operating there.
Tuesday - May 9th 2023 7:22PM MST
PS: M, yes, the slope must change in sign to be an inflection point. That makes sense, as that is in theory one point, where, as you wrote, the slope is zero. You have it right.

This one is a section (maybe segment is not the write word) with a fairly large 2nd derivative vs. the rest of the curve. It's the inverse of the Michael Mann (of Climate Calamity fame) fudged-up "hockey stick. Of course, at some section it will have a change to a slope that's still negative but closer to 0, as things have gotten about as bad as they can.
Tuesday - May 9th 2023 2:17PM MST
There aren't really many exponential growth curves in reality - at the point where they would take off is also where they get choked off because they've burned through the readily accessible "fuel". This is as true of bacteria as of innovations.
So you end up with an "S" curve instead.
It's not much consolation though to realize that the crime which was (more or less) invisible 10 years ago but is now ubiquitous, is not going to become much more so - this is now as bad as it gets. It's still pretty bad.
I note that South Africans who wanted to flee now cannot - if there's no flights, you're either trekking through the surrounding countries (which are even more criminal) or you're on a slow boat somewhere (if one can be persuaded to dock - is there anything left to trade?)
Tuesday - May 9th 2023 2:10PM MST
Inflection point is apparently where the slope is zero, but it's because the slope is changing from negative to positive, or positive to negative.
I'm not sure what the formal name is, but I think you're referring to the point on an exponential curve where it "takes off". I tend to call it the "woah" point, but that's just me.
Tuesday - May 9th 2023 2:08PM MST
PS: I've heard that one before, Possumman. Yes, this is proof. The world has seen proof before, all over that continent, but "I see nothink, nothink!"
Tuesday - May 9th 2023 1:56PM MST
PS You know what they say about a pile of bricks and a house of bricks---this just proves it!
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