Cry the DeConstructed Country - Part 1

Posted On: Friday - May 5th 2023 3:55PM MST
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I could tell this subject matter was going to be more than could be chewed in one post, so this will serve as not much more than an introduction, with more next week.

Patrick Cleburne, "handled" off of the Confederate General, the "Stonewall of the West"* has posted a lot of articles on VDare lately. One that is of widespread importance, heralding easily possible doom for America is his South Africa Today—America Tomorrow? And Why?.

In his article, Mr. Cleburne refers the reader to a fairly lengthy article by a former South African on the fall of his formerly beloved country in a website called Lay of the Land - that link is not worth too much generally unless you want to read about the Middle East. Why one has to go there to read on this is another story.

I reckon that most Peak Stupidity readers will think this is not necessary, but I'll lay out just some short history here for those who (like me, say, 25 years ago) know nothing but a bit from History class and then what the Lyin' Press tells them. I'll condense this greatly from the wide-ranging (in time and space) complicated story of South Africa for these few points.

After shipwrecked sailors at Table Bay off the Cape of Good Hope - at the south end of Africa - had lots of good things to say about the natural resources in the area, the Dutch East India Company saw value in establishing a fort at Cape Town and an expedition led by Jan van Riebeek sailed down in 1652. Mr. van Riebeek governed the colony for 10 years Various groups of Dutchmen immigrated to what was then just a small colony at the Cape. Over the next few centuries, some of the "Boers" became TrekBoers and spread out to expand this land for farming and pasturing far in all directions.

The English came down starting as an invasion force in the late 1700s only due to their warfare with France, the French Revolutionary forces having control of the Netherlands at that point. Conflict between the Boers (Afrikaners, but the terms are not quite synonymous) and the English were many, and 3 bloody Boer Wars at least are named. I imagine your average American doesn't even know about the 2 different White groups who've inhabited the place for nearly 400 and over 200 years. Let's see, who were the most indigenous people, anyway?

One important fact that the average history-un-inclined person does not know (and there IS an agenda involved) is that it wasn't like this part of Africa was filled with your standard Africans. It was a wide-open land, with some tribes that were encountered as the colony vastly expanded. These were not the Bantus (standard sub-Saharan Africans, as we think of them), as they didn't live this far south. There were the Khoikhoi, the Bushman, and the Xhosas, the latter in the east with whom the Boers ended up in serious battles.

As the land got settled, built up, and civilized by the White Man, many non-indigenous (keep that in mind!) Bantus did move down. The grass was indeed greener. Why this was let to happen was probably a matter of an inability to control a long border, but also likely an indifferent attitude in a land so vast, and then, as has caused unintended and somehow-never-foreseen problems throughout history for the White Man, the quest for cheap labor. Demography took its toll. Still, the British-run but also widely Afrikaner-populated South Africa kept the much larger Bantu black population under control under different laws in a program called Apartheid. For the whole 20th Century, South Africa was a real part of the 1st World. That system and status lasted until the rest of the West put the screws to the White Men in charge, due to ... justice, no, not "no justice, no peace" as it turned out (not like it wasn't foreseen!), but "justice" causing no more peace.

My attention had already been on world political events as this anti-Apartheid agenda, sanctions, and pressure came at that Beloved Country from all over the world. (The Cold War was still on during half of this time - the Communists of the USSR were "loving it" too - they were up for any chance to socially destroy the 1st World. I think I've read at least an inkling of the Communists being involved within the country.)

So, there we were, in 1994. The anti-Apartheid forces had gotten their way. The new Black!-run Government would get their chance to rule this prosperous land, which was only fair, you know. The recent example of White, prosperous, bread-basket-of-Africa Rhodesia turning into hyperinflation-ridden shithole Zimbabwe, oh, and a dozen or 2 former colonies, now Black!-run, throughout the continent didn't serve as good examples, apparently. I write that sarcastically, as the agitating black population and the White sympathizers likely did know but didn't care**, and the White population knew but were defeated politically by their enemies in the rest of the 1st World.

Well, you probably knew all that and possibly know more than I do on the subject. You also may know how bad things have gotten in South Africa over the last almost 30 years, happening at a faster rate over the last 5-10. The example is something Americans should follow closely for a number of reasons. For one thing, the White people there are getting killed by blacks regularly, and the economic plight under this still-AA-for-Black system is getting terrible for those White people who are sticking (by choice or not). Also, as Mr Cleburnes title worries, are we next? South Africa is falling into ruin, and we've seen some of that here already.

His article is an important one, but I'll get more into the longer and more personal account titled South Africa at War with Itself in the next part.

* The original came over from Ireland, originally Country Cork in around 1850, ended up in Arkansas. He fought and led many battles in the War Between the States in the Western theater. The "West" meant roughly across the Appalachians - Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi in the South, and he fought at Shiloh, Stones River, Chickamauga (Tennessee), Richmond (Kentucky), Ringgold Gap (Georgia) and Franklin (Tennesse) where he was shot and died.

** The Black! leaders just wanted to be Big Men, no matter what happened to the place, and the White sympathizers wanted to prove a point. Their point? The White Men just shouldn't be in charge. They just shouldn't, and yeah, it would all work out fine, because it was a 1st World country. What could possibly go wrong?

Sunday - May 7th 2023 10:02PM MST

RE: Islamification of Britain (by Mark Gullick, VDare)

(following up my previous comment)

The argument is on Ramadan festivities in London. They were large in scale, ordered and funded by the left-wing "devout Muslim" mayor. This mayor is, in background, similar to the prime minister in almost every way except religion (Hindu vs. Muslim).

I am not convinced that Islam is ascendant in Britain just because the Wokeness-regime supports it. That is a possible future scenario, but it is not a present-reality. The Wokeness-regime rather wants to promote Muslims and Islam (see, e.g., "muslima chic" of a few years back) because they think it's good for Wokeness.

The contradictions of running a Wokeness-centric regime (or satellite-regime of the USA), on one hand, and promoting Islam, on the other hand --- this contradiction has not quite "hit home" yet.

Various sorts of populist-politician tried to demagogue on this obvious contradiction in the 2000s and 2010s, without any real lasting success. I am thinking of Geert Wilders of the Netherlands of a kind of quintessential version of this kind of figure. Likewise with the early 2020s: Italy's neofascist prime-minister Giorgia Meloni may end up appraised as being closer to one of these "Muslims are bad because they threaten feminism" types.

The Wokeness-regime and its supporters seem to think Islam is just one more banner to fly in the Wokeness-parade. An ally to fight the eternal plague of White-Christian particularism, the dangers of White-Christian ethnonationalism. It's not a well-thought-out plan, but people have been pointing out its incoherence for a long time so far without the kinds of major successes we need, as far as I can see.
Saturday - May 6th 2023 4:45PM MST

"Islam’s Symbolic Occupation Of Britain"

Before reading that link to see what the argument is, I note that the first non-white prime minister of the UK is a Hindu, U.S.-permanent resident, from a billionaire-family, with all kinds of elite ties, and a slick politics-player in the worst sense, who conspired with another Sub-Continental of some sort to bring down that short-lived White woman's government last year.

That is to say, the prime minister is not a Muslim. But he is in the UK only because he is a trans-continental with ancestral ties to various posts in the old British Empire, the same as the Muslims. Except for the Shoe Bomber, Cat Stevens, and that one 1990s-era skinhead militant who went nuts in prison and converted, there are no native-White converts to Islam in the UK.

By the way --- say that this man, Rishi Sunak, is himself a kind of immigration-patriot, (ironic, if true...!). But his presence is so obvious a sign of serious trouble that it will be an east signpost in future histories of the West, just as we do with Roman emperors.
Adam Smith
Saturday - May 6th 2023 10:28AM MST
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Some parts of America (and Canada) are already equivalent to parts of the so called third world...

Some commercials are so stupid that the AI will easily do a better job. Here's one more spoof commercial, not AI, but supposedly the script was written by a chat bot...

Happy Saturday!

The Alarmist
Saturday - May 6th 2023 9:57AM MST

I have a flat in London, but I live on the Continent.

As I watched them hoist the crown above Charlie’s big ears and proclaim “God save the King,” all I could think was, “God save the English.”

Scotland, NI, and Wales don’t know how good they have it in today’s United Kingdom.
Saturday - May 6th 2023 8:52AM MST
PS: Alarmist, I hate to alarm you, but this VDare article is so depressing. I know, it's about London for the most part, and I don't know where you reside. Anyway:

"UNION JACKAL ON IMMIGRATION: Charles III’s Coronation And Islam’s Symbolic Occupation Of Britain"
Saturday - May 6th 2023 8:50AM MST
PS: OPL and Happy Mutant. Yes, you can do that. Additionally, with the browsers I've used, even when you see a message such as that one Mr.Hail pasted in, there is and avenue to the site - you just go through 2 or 3 stages of scary warnings.

Now, you all, and other regular readers, know that there is no way to lose money on this site*, so what's the harm in continuing (or doctoring up the URL to delete the "s"). However, other people who click for the first time from somewhere will get scared off. From my look at the numbers of visitors last time I f__d up and forgot about this, the site takes a big loss of views.

Even google has me 2nd on the list today for a search on directly "peak stupidity". That ought to change back soon. Yahoo, has been a trooper on this, standing by our side. ;-} That's probably because their web crawler didn't get to the page with warnings so far...

* Except by betting someone you can "search up" some old post, haha! When will I work on this?
Saturday - May 6th 2023 8:44AM MST
PS: Thanks to all for the concern and feedback on the SSL (security layer) problem. It SHOULD be fixed at this point - I will check on an unbiased computer shortly to check. Adam was correct - this was my fault.

Adam, those links remind me of what the original article (that Pat Cleburne refers to) discusses. The infrastructure is failing quickly at this point.

Regarding the AI Pizza ad, I gotta say that it's not bad compared to the work of your average corporate marketing department. That doesn't say much for those marketing departments though. The Trump one was trippy - I don't know what to think. Do some of these AI programs get sentient and aware enough to take virtual mushrooms?
The Alarmist
Saturday - May 6th 2023 8:33AM MST

One of my colleagues in London asked if I ever intended to move back to the US, to which I jokingly relied, "Sure, when the Republic is restored."

I knew by her accent that she wasn't a Brit, but I couldn't quite place it, because it wasn't Aussie, but it wasn't quite South African, so I just asked, and she told me she was from Zimbabwe.

"You mean Rhodesia, right? That makes you a refugee like me,"

Nervous laughter from all around. The smarter Whites in the UK are beginning to sense they are screwed, even though they are still >80% of its population. They're just not up to doing something to preserve their culture because that wouldn't be nice.
Sloth the Happy Mutant
Saturday - May 6th 2023 1:40AM MST
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But be careful not to provide any important information like bank accounts, debit/credit card numbers when using the non-secured site as it might not be safe.
Oafs Pinch Loafs
Saturday - May 6th 2023 1:38AM MST
PS No freedom of association=no republic.

Drop the s off of https to view.
Commenting at a page and the evil G was eating comments or saying captcha cannot be reached.
You are doing something right if there is FLAK.
Friday - May 5th 2023 11:49PM MST
PS: Yeah, guys, I gotta make a few phone calls to the hosting company.

Thank you both for the info and help. I'd first thought this was some blocking thing at a hotel.
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Pepperoni Hug Spot...

Drumph Goes Fishing, Catches an Octopus and Cooks It...

Adam Smith
Friday - May 5th 2023 9:49PM MST
PS: A little more info about South Africa under 𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤! rule...

Adam Smith
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