Tucker Carlson firing methodology

Posted On: Monday - April 24th 2023 3:32PM MST
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I've worked at a few software companies. When you have access to lots of software and especially the big database in order to do your work, the company, at least a Big-Biz one, has to be very careful when laying you off or firing you. With any decent time interval between your being told of this news and then the last working day, hour, or minute at which point you lose your access, you can create all kinds of havoc.* You could raise enough hell to take down the company.

That's why they do it in the following way: They end your access to the software FIRST. Then, they call you in and give you the news. Then, you've got 10 minutes to get your shit out of the building, but really, that 10 minutes is being a little paranoid. Do they expect you might get a close loyal friend involved? It's not that, as you could work that out from home. Is it just so you won't have time to burn some bridges in person? I don't know, but doing the first steps in the right order is very important.

There are videos of Tucker Carlson's Friday (4/21) broadcast in which his closing remarks gave the audience every expectation of his doing his job today, as usual. I believe that Fox News had to practice this same style of firing.

What stories would Tucker have planned for this and next week had he been given a couple of weeks notice? It could have been grand!

PS: I hate to give too many details, but there was this time I thought I'd been fired. There had been word of lay-offs, it was a Friday afternoon, my PW didn't work, a friend looked into it and told me "not a good sign", etc. I took the company laptop with me and was already was making plans for the future including moving away before I got home. This firing didn't take - it was a screw-up.

My local boss asked me on Monday "Why'd you leave so early on Friday?" "I thought I was being fired, so I high-tailed it out of here first with 'my' stuff." It was a weird look this boss gave me...

* I've had many people admonish me on line, that "they can prosecute you, and you'll go to #MeInTheA$$ prison, etc. I believe that's possible, but some people will be too angry to care, or too clever by half enough to avoid this.

Thursday - April 27th 2023 10:50AM MST
PS: "It Can't Happen Here Magic Soil" Nice handle. The racial/genetic angle on Tragic Dirt v Magic Dirt is one thing, but I also interpret your handle as saying that Americans have had it so good for so long that we didn't - some still don't - really believe that bad stuff can happen on our Magic Soil.

Thanks for the comment.
It Can't Happen Here Magic Soil
Wednesday - April 26th 2023 6:31PM MST
PS Saw a great tweet screen grab capture stating that BlackRock sued itself in order to fire Tucker.
They own just under 16% of fake controlled opposition Rupert land FAUX and about that much of Dominion.
Now that the Long March is complete look for the consolidation of everything and the eventual liquidation of deplorable kulak untermenschen.
Tuesday - April 25th 2023 6:10PM MST
PS: Yep, it's like that, Alarmist. It has to be that way, but it sure doesn't feel good. I was there! (Except it was a boo-boo, as it turned out.)
The Alarmist
Tuesday - April 25th 2023 4:43AM MST

Tech types in savvy, heartless companies usually lose their access before they are informed of their termination.

“Hey, is the network down?”
“No, but security is coming your way.”
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