Tucker Carlson ousted from Fox News

Posted On: Monday - April 24th 2023 1:11PM MST
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Though we repeat again here that Peak Stupidity is NOT a news - formerly "current events" - website, this news as conveyed first to me by commenter Alarmist is something that had to be announced ASAP.

I'm not a steady viewer of Tucker Carslon, having been without the idiot plate* for nearly 2 1/2 decades. However, I watch the noteworthy clips, and it's been just nice to know that he's on there and being seen by a millions who still watch TV. I've thought it amazing he WAS still on till now, in fact. I'm more depressed than even pissed off at this news.

My wife showed me a video from last week of NY Senator Chuck Schemer demanding that Fox News fire Tucker due to Robert Murdoch - the Fox News owner, having settled a defamation lawsuit by Dominion (voting machine corp.) I don't know what lies were supposedly told about that outfit. I don't know what judges were involved in that suit, and where they stand politically (which unfortunately matters completely nowadays). I do know that the ctrl-left gets away with lying its ass off for years on each of its ginned-up stories.

Was Fox that upset about the $787 million settlement? That blame's not all on Tucker, is it? Perhaps Schumer and the ctrl-left crowd got to Murdoch and Fox in other ways. Rich long-term New York Senators have ways ...

Then, I read elsewhere that this firing is due to a sexual harassment claim by his former booking producer Abby Grossberg, per NPR (yeah, lazy today) here. Damn, who taught Mr. Carlson how to hire people, Donald Trump?! This one is really stupid, and it'd be hilarious if it weren't for this news:
In one of the suits, Grossberg accused Carlson and Fox of sexism and harassment, alleging his show's workplace was replete with examples of misogyny. Her lawsuit claims, among other things, that mocked-up photographic images depicted then-U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "in a bathing suit revealing her cleavage" and that staffers were polled — on two separate occasions — on which of two female candidates for Michigan governor they would rather have sex with.
Hah! That sounds like it was a fun place to work. I suppose there are those of the ctrl-left who have been taken down this way, but usually the left takes care of its own, and there's always a place within the ctrl-left Establishment to take refuge.

Interestingly enough, some really old news from that article I just read is:
Carlson was by far the network's most prominent personality, stepping in smoothly to replace former star host Bill O'Reilly after a series of sexual harassment allegations forced his departure. (O'Reilly has denied those accusations.)
That seems to be the way to "get" anyone this century.

I hope Tucker Carlson can take refuge somewhere else with just as big an audience. This reminds me of Glenn Back, whom I liked a lot back in the day. After he left Fox News (after CNN Headline News) about 12 years back he could be watched on his own The Blaze. Did many people follow him? Within a few years, I realized he was a complete cuck on immigration and had no desire to see the guy. Tucker, though, is as best as we Conservatives have had on the big network TV since most of us were alive. I hope he can keep that audience.

Peak Stupidity has missed one important anniversary (to be written about this week or next). 30 years ago, Americans watched or heard about 70 American men, women and children getting gassed, burned, or shot to death by the US Feral Government. At that point, I didn't know when it might be, but I was sure that Americans would put a stop to the tyranny before it was too late. After this last bastion of old school free speech has been squelched, I am not at all confident about that. This is depressing.

Finally, one wonders why the J6 Political Prisoners couldn't file a huge class-action defamation suit against NPR for this huge lie:
His work on his show — accentuated by specials on the streaming service — also sparked a firestorm by seeking to exonerate people who participated in the Jan. 6, 2021, siege of the U.S. Capitol as civic-minded people who were being politically persecuted.
It WASN'T a siege, they WERE civic-minded people, and they ARE being politically persecuted, you lying sacks of publicly funded shit! I guess in order to sue, they'd have to get out of the Washington FS African dungeons first...

* ... hooked up to anything but the DVD player, that is.

Tuesday - April 25th 2023 8:30AM MST

See a list of my observations from the evening, and a theory on the Tucker Carlson firing, in the comments here:

Tuesday - April 25th 2023 3:54AM MST
PS: I've found that most people born in earlier generations, say at least 40 y/o now, are fine with the joking about any of these race ethnic things. However, it just takes one. Those H/R ladies and the bosses that are scared of them have that Zero Tolerance policy, which means you can't go wrong by making a molehill into a mountain.

So, then the fun goes away - unless you trust EVERYONE there to be a normal decent human being. (Now there are devices recording things almost all the time, so ...)
The Alarmidt
Tuesday - April 25th 2023 3:02AM MST

Discriminated against .., let me tell you how that plays in NYC. I came back from Switzerland with a couple of those boxes of chocolates made to look like a bar of gold for my colleagues, and pne of my jewish colleagues jokingly and loudly said, "Hey, he brought us some of my peoples' gold." All the jews laughed, all the catholics looked nervous, and most of the asians were non-responsive.
Monday - April 24th 2023 6:53PM MST
PS: "Or was it because of Tucker's report on the J6 political prisoners?" See the next post, Adam. It makes the most sense to me at this point.
Adam Smith
Monday - April 24th 2023 6:01PM MST
PS: Good evening,

I too heard it from The Alarmist first. Many Thanks!

A new lawsuit alleges that one producer taunted a Jewish employee for going to a "Jew bakery" to "see his people."

"A producer on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show mocked a Jewish employee for going to a "Jew bakery" to "see his people," a Fox News producer alleged in a lawsuit against the right-wing media company.

Jewess Abby Grossberg filed the lawsuit in Manhattan court on Monday against Fox News and several of its executives.

Her lawsuit claims that she and other Jewish employees were repeatedly discriminated against for being Jewish."



Did Chuck Schumer fire Tucker Carlson because one of his producers hurt Abby Grossman's feewings?

Or was it because of Tucker's report on the J6 political prisoners?


Monday - April 24th 2023 6:00PM MST
PS: What, they axed her to resign? Oh, "asked" her - been listening to some Ebonics lately, Alarmist.

Yeah, Grossberg was what they call a "bad hire".
The Alarmist
Monday - April 24th 2023 3:26PM MST

Grossberg also accused Carlson of anti-semitism.

BTW, they just axed a UK MP & POC for saying that Jewish folks can’t experience racism.

What did Dave Chapelle say?

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