U.K-ung Flu Cat Culling Considered

Posted On: Saturday - April 22nd 2023 8:42PM MST
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It was the deepest darkest days of the Kung Flu PanicFest, sometime in '20 in the land they (ought to) call Oceania. From "LBC", aka, "Leading Britain's Conversation" (Conversation? Oh, nuts!) a couple of months ago, we read the following about some of the proposed plans of the Kung Flu Panic Totalitarians: Govt considered culling all pet cats at the start of the pandemic in bid to prevent spreading, says ex-health minister. From the short article:
Lord Bethell said the concern about pets underlined how little was known about the disease at the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020.

He explained that evidence had surfaced around possible transmission so the scenario had to be "investigated and closed down".

"What we shouldn't forget is how little we understood about this disease," Lord Bethell said.

"There was a moment we were very unclear about whether domestic pets could transmit the disease.

"In fact, there was an idea at one moment that we might have to ask the public to exterminate all the cats in Britain."

He told Channel 4 News: "Can you imagine what would have happened if we had wanted to do that?"

"And yet, for a moment there was a bit of evidence around that so that had to be investigated and closed down."
Do you see what I mean about the Kung Flu being treated as if it were the Black Death 2.0? Whether they really believed that or just were power-hungry sickos is not clear to me.

They "understood little about this disease". So, OK, their first reaction was to assume it was the Black Death 2.0, and, as a separate reaction from that, that Totalitarian policies were the best way to handle it ...not knowing much about "it", though...

They scared and forced the British subjects into staying in their homes. For many people, it's the pets that help make it home. Imagine authorities coming into your home to take away your pet cat to be exterminated. People have a hard enough time when their pets die of natural causes. "Can you imagine what would have happened if we had wanted to do that?", Lord Bethell asked. I would hope a few Brits would have answered these requests with shotguns in their hands.

Why didn't you think about picking on somebody your own size, Brit Authorities?

OK, we'll lighten it up now. Was this post just an excuse to show funny cat videos? Sure... probably...

The Alarmist
Monday - April 24th 2023 12:10PM MST

Yeah, the lawsuit is a good distraction from Tucker’s full-bore and continuing criticism of the NeoCon war in Ukraine.
Monday - April 24th 2023 11:01AM MST
PS: Thanks for the great comments, guys. You'll get no disagreement from me. I had no idea about Tucker Carlson till seeing your comment a few minutes ago, Alarmist.

Some say it's a 700-odd million $ defamation lawsuit settlement from Dominion voting machines and others this BS:

"Carlson featured in Dominion Voting System's lawsuit. Yet he is also the focus of a lawsuit from his former senior booking producer, Abby Grossberg, who filed two separate suits.

In one of the suits, Grossberg accused Carlson and Fox of sexism and harassment, alleging his show's workplace was replete with examples of misogyny. Her lawsuit claims, among other things, that mocked-up photographic images depicted then-U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "in a bathing suit revealing her cleavage" and that staffers were polled — on two separate occasions — on which of two female candidates for Michigan governor they would rather have sex with."

That was from NPR (cnbc was the only not totally biased source, but I had to resort to NPR).

This is depressing news indeed.
The Alarmist
Monday - April 24th 2023 10:15AM MST

So what did Tucker say that finally got him fired? Did he complain about (((They))) who must not be criticized?
Adam Smith
Monday - April 24th 2023 9:32AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,

Pretty sure they're just power hungry sickos, Achmed.

Exterminate all the cats in Britain?

I agree with The Alarmist. Better to exterminate all the sickos masquerading as "government".

Bill H
Monday - April 24th 2023 7:50AM MST
PS Those ministers, "how little we understood," sound like our leadership after 911. "We were terrified out of our minds that there would be another..." Just what you want to hear from your leaders.
Sunday - April 23rd 2023 8:46AM MST
PS Those Who Rule Us live in Fantasyland. They believe that men who say that they think that they are women really are women. (And, if they don’t really believe that, but only claim to believe it in order to avoid ostracism by their fellows, that is even worse.) So, of course, when they are confronted by a real-world problem, they haven’t a clue as to what to do. Nothing of the sort was taught in their Elite University grievance studies courses. We proles are lucky that they didn’t muck it up even worse. Wait until next time.
The Alarmist
Sunday - April 23rd 2023 6:23AM MST

BTW, the Brits culled feral cats in one of their old colonies, and ended up with a bevy of plague-carrying rats for their efforts. People in government have no appreciation for the concept of unforeseen consequences.We’re seeing that in spades in the UK’s implementation of Net Zero in the ongoing War on Climate.
The Alarmist
Sunday - April 23rd 2023 6:20AM MST

What the SHOULD have done first was to cull all of the government’s ministers, starting with that bloviating rag-a-mop followed immediately by Hands-on-Hanny.
Sunday - April 23rd 2023 5:15AM MST
PS: I agree, Adam. Bobcats weigh 20, 25 lb or so and from pictures I've seen are not so muscular like this guy. He or she looked to be 50 or more lb and muscular (obviously!), but it all happened pretty fast!

Thanks for the video, and I liked the ducks and puppy from your TV Channel too.
Adam Smith
Saturday - April 22nd 2023 9:22PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator, and Friends,

So... They say this is a bobcat...

Mrs. Smith and I think this is a juvenile panther/mountain lion/cougar... (or whatever you want to call it.)

I do not believe this is a bobcat.

Totally off topic...

Happy Sunday!!

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