Oh, this country sure looks good to me... but these fences are coming apart

Posted On: Friday - April 7th 2017 6:32PM MST
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at every nail.

This is another song, from 37 years back this time, in which the lyrics would make one think it was written today. Neil Young was pretty left wing, and musicians in general are not to be listened to on politics. These lyrics just happen to ring true, like the stopped clock once or twice per day. It's also got the great backing vocals of Nicolette Larson, who also sang on Comes a Time and Sail Away.

"Hey, hey, ain't that right?
The workingman's in for a hell of a fight.
Oh this country sure looks good to me,
but these fences are coming apart at every nail."

"Coming Apart at Every Nail" from "Hawks and Doves"

I think you could talk to 10 Neil Young fans, and only 1 would have heard of the album "Hawks and Doves". It's a great album and I listened to it for the 1st time off a cassette tape one night while traveling across this country on a train. The 2nd cut "The Old Homestead" was pretty freaky in my head, as I recall - I don't know what Neil was on when he wrote this.

The first song in this series was American Tune by Paul Simon, yesterday, and there's one more to come.

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