Hail to You and "A Tale of Two Garlands"

Posted On: Thursday - April 6th 2023 7:35PM MST
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(Image off of Mr. Hail's site.)

Peak Stupidity has a serious amount of hatred of men like Merrick Garland. It probably wouldn't be there if he weren't in a position of great power as the US Attorney General. We've pretty much said our piece on this man a couple of weeks ago in Merrick Garland - The Potomac Regime's Lavrentiy Beria.

It's the complete Anarcho-Tyranny of the arresting and holding of the J6 Political Prisoners that has me seeing this man as no better than a henchman of some tin-pot Latin American Commie dictator. As Mr. Hail added in the comments under yesterday's post:
...I just happened to hear a news report today, few hours ago, in which they gave the names of three or four more arrested January Six'ers. They read the names and alleged these people had "damaged barricades" or something, which helped allow the Insurrectionists to assault police. At least two of the names were women. The news-man announced "the arrests keep coming"...
Someone pinch me, please. I'm still in this silly nightmare in which I'm stuck in Venezuela!

It turns out that Mr. Hail has been spending lots of time researching and writing his latest post - A tale of two Garlands: A study of U.S. political development through the contrast of two U.S. attorneys general, 1880s vs. 2020s. The other Garland in the article is Augustus Garland, a politician from Arkansas, who was also the US Attorney General, but way back in the free America of the late 1800s.

I've read about 1/2 of it, but I'm not up to the good part in which E.H. Hail discusses (I sure hope), how this henchman of Anarcho-Tyranny got to be who his is today. Please check it out. We may not have time for other than 1 or 2 posts here through the end of the week. Good night.

Friday - April 7th 2023 11:30AM MST
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Yes, I did read that last part, Mr. Hail. What I noticed from his bio, is that lawyer Merrick Garland only went beck to private non-government employment when there was a Republican Presidential administration. Uncanny. This was all pretty far back though. Yes, he's been tied to Washington FS a long time.

That doesn't beat Anthony Fauci, but Fauci's got a few years on him. BTW. Fauci has gotten himself a new gig running some germ research program in Italy. Gooda lucka, Italianos!
Friday - April 7th 2023 8:57AM MST

On how Merrick Garland became attorney general:

Public info traces his career and his various positions, which present a neatly wrapped-up little story such as you'd get in short bios or wiki entries. He was so good that he rose to this position, then that position, then such-and-such and so on. There are no obvious holes in the story as given.

The real story of the Merrick Garland career, as I see it, by which I mean the "relevant" story, has two views: a lower-level bird's-eye view and an upper-level bird's-eye view:

(1.) (lower bird's-eye view). Merrick Garland in his early early career dove into Washington DC and never left. He ingratiated himself with the emergent Regime, and long ago snuggled in tight.

Merrick Garland's career as a Regime guy, tied specifically to Washington, will have gone back thirty-six years basically uninterrupted by the time his term as attorney general is up in Jan 2025; -- that's not so far off from our friend Doctor Fauci.

(Compare to Augustus Garland, who was sent to Washington by the state of Arkansas to represent the state/people, and allegedly declined as Supreme Court on multiple occasions.)


(2.) (upper bird's-eye view). Merrick Garland is from, and represents, the new class and a new ethnopolitical current in the USA. The rise of this new class or new ethnopolitical current is a political-cultural wave people have been observing for some decades but which in the lifetimes of working-age people today been taboo. That this group has such huge sway in the formal positions of the upper government, by now, is not a surprise.

The big point of my investigation into the two Garlands is the degree to which they represent certain archetypes of their times and of their peoples, ethnoculturally speaking.


Related: Depending on when you clicked onto the "Tale of Two Garlands," you may have missed the updated section: "Garland vs. Garland: Personalities"."

That "Personalities" section has some indirect info on this question of how Merrick Garland rose to power, comparing him directly in personality with Augustus Garland.
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