It's alright, it's alright, you can't be forever blessed

Posted On: Thursday - April 6th 2017 8:31PM MST
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This should have been the very first post of this blogsite. More than 40 years ago, Mr. Paul Simon nails it. Was he a prescient guy writing about the future of his country? No, times looked pretty shaky back then. However, America still had an economy that was by a long shot the strongest in the world, even with the problems we had, and it was still a far more unified place than what we have now.

Since, we recovered from the turbulent times of the late 60's - 70's, aren't we being too pessimistic to write this place off now also, as bad as things look? No, I don't believe so. It IS different this time - you can't be forever blessed.

"American Tune" was off the "There goes Rhymin' Simon" from 1973:

"We came on the ship they called the Mayflower;
we came on the ship that sailed the moon.
We came in the age's most uncertain hour
to sing an American tune."

There are 2 more songs in the same vein as American Tune that we will put up the next 2 nights here at PeakStupidity - 3 songs about coming apart.

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