The future's so dark, I gotta wear night vision goggles

Posted On: Monday - March 27th 2023 2:56PM MST
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There may be gleaming bright trains, planes, and cities in China, but that title describes what I see for the future of the place. Peak Stupidity knows more about the Middle Kingdom than your average American, so we have commented extensively about the place. The reader ought to know that we try to be fair. We call out stupidity worldwide, most of it here in America, because WE LIVE HERE! Also, per our Peak Stupidity apology to our Chinese readers, we have had plenty of good things to say about the country, when it fits.

Our take on the quickly rising Orwellianism in China being that's being enabled by the amazing level of electronics/sensors/software of today's world is mostly contained in our 4-part review of the book We Have Been Harmonized by German writer Kai Strittmatter. See Part 1 - - Part 2 - - Part 3 and Part 4 . If you want to scare the BeJesus out of yourselves, read the book, not just the review.

Thanks to the commenter "Truth" on The Unz Review , I got to see the 5-minute video (shown below) that really drives home just a part of what's going on.

HBO's title is China’s "Social Credit System" Has Caused More Than Just Public Shaming. I'm glad someone gives a damn enough to make a video like this without extolling the system shown. Take a look:

Commenters on humorously compared what's going on in this village in China to the experience with Home Owners' Associations. Though they joke, they may understand this as I do, that with the use of the electronic systems, this is not just HOAs on steroids. This is 1984 II: Big Brother Strikes Harder.

This is what hard-core busybodying and do-gooding can come to. I don't think Miss Zhou Ai Ni is doing this just for the 50 bucks a month. That won't get you anywhere in China these days. No, Information Collector Zhou LIKES doing this.

You'll see what this is coming to near the end, when it comes to being able to buy (and I assume sell too). Well, Information Collector Zhou's neighbors don't have to wear bar codes on their foreheads, as we had thought would be the way of Revelation back in the 1980s and '90s. They don't even have to get an implanted chip, as far as I know. They just can't do much without that piece of iCrap iEspionage on them, in addition to dealing with the human espionage lady.

I understand the point of and reason for the existence of Equifax and the financial credit scores. Then, there came CarFax* with some scores on our cars, which I don't want much to do with. Now, the Chinese have social credit scores. Hey, I have been doing very well over the last 20 years with a financial credit score that reads: "- - - ". (No data.) I try to deal with local friendly mechanics who don't care about my CarFax. (If you're not planning on selling the car, it seems an intrusion into my privacy.)

From an encounter with the usual problem neighbor recently, I see I might have a problem keeping a social credit score of more than 400, using about the same scale as Equifax (and the others). How does one live with a low one of those? You're gonna be hungry. You'd have to live in cave in Yunnan with the Kung Flu bats in order to maintain dashes.

At 2:03: “Now in our community, neighbors get along very well. There are no fights.” Yes, everyone's got it bottled in nicely. Everything will be all nice and serene, in these villages ... till it isn't. One episode of the old 1990s comedy Seinfeld covered this. Lloyd Braun explains the future of China, if this stuff continues:

BTW, I didn't see subtitles at that spot, but I swear I heard this busybody Big Sister's name as Zhou Ai Ni. How appropriate is that! The given name (last 2 syllables) mean "I love you." Yes, they all love you, Big Sister Zhou. Sure, that's why they're smiling. It's not because this may as well been a particular one of those Twilight Zone episodes come to life.

To end the post, how about some music? Just in case you somehow missed the better of the1980s pop music (what, were you not born yet or something? That's no excuse!), here is the song from which our post title was taken.

The band had a clever name - Timbuk 3. This song from their 1986 debut album Greetings from Timbuk3 was this American band's only hit. Timbuk 3 was not your usual pop band at all, officially consisting (at the time of this album) of the husband and wife duo Pat and Barbara MacDonald.

* Dang! There's ANOTHER post I meant to write.

Tuesday - March 28th 2023 9:36PM MST
PS: OK, I just came across an ad (apparently serious) for something called ---

Jiggerobics ---

run by a Jigger!

The internet can be so confusing.
One LARP To Rule Them All
Tuesday - March 28th 2023 5:23PM MST
PS It has already reset and normal isn't coming back.
The problem with new normal is that it only gets worse.
Once it was realized that anything could be believed due to fear of mortality, they would be foolish not to go for it all.
I always pay attention when there is talk of resets and transformations and assume that they mean it.
Tuesday - March 28th 2023 12:47PM MST
PS Alarmist: “Do you think that the Dindus will put up with this [bleep]?” Of course they won’t. They don’t put up with any of Whitey’s bleep. And as long as Whitey is at least nominally in charge, they’ll be given a pass, just as they’re given a pass on everything else. Robbing, killing, rioting, looting, burning. But Whitey’s days are numbered. If the Chinks wind up in charge, it will be a different story. It will be back to mass incarceration. Look for capital punishment to make a big comeback. With very unequal outcomes. If the .Indians wind up in charge, it will be a somewhat different story. .Indians come from India, where chaos is the norm. But they do know how to keep the lower castes down. The Mexicans, being Mexicans, won’t wind up in charge, but they don’t have to be in charge to know to deal with Negroes. Negroes are delirious with joy at seeing Whitey being seen off. But once Whitey is gone, they’ll realize, to the extent of their capacity to realize, that it was Whitey who kept them going.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - March 28th 2023 1:44AM MST

Actually, this number might make for a good, upbeat Woke propaganda theme song.

It’s a Beautiful World
The Alarmist
Tuesday - March 28th 2023 1:33AM MST

How do you live on such a low social credit score? Resort to crime. Kill your neighbors, steal their food and goodies.

Do you think the Dindus are going to put up with this shit?

Since you mentioned bar codes on our foreheads, I’m reminded of Devo’s album, Duty Now for the Future.

Please rise for your corporate anthem:
Trebark Camo Trail Cam
Monday - March 27th 2023 8:08PM MST
PS Stealth and evasion will become the new pastimes along with finding ways of paying less taxes.
Anarchotyranny can be used to your advantage but the CBDC order that follows it will be a disadvantage with too much external control.

Monday - March 27th 2023 5:15PM MST
PS: Haha, Safenow, at least you gave it a try. Thanks. I'm not saying this is the best of the '80s or anything. Yeah, there was a time - 1981 to 1990 maybe - in which a lot of creativity was put into the music videos of lots of popular music. That was before MTV turned into NTV.
Monday - March 27th 2023 5:13PM MST
PS: Indeed, Mr. Blanc. There might be support from it, but I don't know if most people can really understand the full consequences. Maybe they don't want to.

Yeah, the American student are way too dumb to understand the consequences. They just want everyone else to be nice, no matter what that takes.
Monday - March 27th 2023 5:11PM MST
“what, were you not born yet or something?”

As you know, for me it is the “or something.”. That’s because I am ancient, and my brain was wired for modern music during the mid-60s and a bit thereafter. My music wiring finds it very very hard to adapt to Mr. Moderator’s music. But I always try. I will say that I found this video be quite engaging because of the creative visual aspect.

Monday - March 27th 2023 5:00PM MST
PS I can’t speak for the Chinese. Perhaps there’s wide-spread support for this sort of surveillance in China. There certainly was a time that people of northwestern European heritage would have found such a system appalling. These days, I’m not so sure. Go to any elite university and describe the system to the students. Don’t call it “social credit” and don’t mention China. I would not be surprised that you’d find a majority of them would support it. Fortunately, I’ll be with my ancestors in a decade or so. I won’t have to deal with it.
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