Et tu, Barry?

Posted On: Wednesday - April 5th 2017 6:18PM MST
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Barry Manilow is gay now. That is all.

No, wait, it's not really a big deal. Listen, if you've lived in the western world for long, you've gotta know that nobody really cares about this too much. Yeah, many people may not agree with that lifestyle, but not 1% of Americans are in favor of STOPPING the practice of homosexuality gaity, so to speak. About the only problem most people have is we don't want it pushed in our face and to be told it is normal.

Musical artists, not to mention cabaret show cast members and hairdressers, have been given a break for a long time - people almost expect this. PeakStupidity just has a problem with the song lyrics from these people, though. With respect to this great obscure Elton John song, we could not figure how the words could be changed properly to reflect the thoughts of a gay man (course, he had Bernie Taupen writing lyrics, so ...?). With the song featured tonight, a beautiful tune from the mid-1970's, it would not be too difficult to change the title and lyrics to "Andy", formerly "Mandy" and make it work. I guess an Andy could "stop him from shaking" just as well as a Mandy, I suppose.

I should probably refrain from interpreting lyrics anyway, what with my chronic case of lyricosis. It took PeakStupidity 3 1/2 DECADES to come to the conclusion that Jimi Hendrix was not gay, from my first impression, listening to him exclaim "excuse me, while I kiss this guy!".

Mr. Barry Manilow "Reveals Why He Didn’t Come Out for Decades: I Thought I Would ‘Disappoint’ Fans If They Knew I Was Gay" He had many girl fans, and I think he made a wise bidness decision.

Lastly, here is Dunder-Miflin Scranton-branch office manager Michael Scott's take on the matter. He seems to always put things in a good light:

Thursday - April 6th 2017 8:43PM MST
Yeah, pretty good stuff from a young guy. I guess Trump is listening to the wrong people, or he has gotten threatened already.
Thursday - April 6th 2017 3:50PM MST
Give this guy a look.

Most of what he had to say I agree with.
Heidi's master
Wednesday - April 5th 2017 7:52PM MST
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