Merrick Garland - The Potomac Regime's Lavrentiy Beria

Posted On: Saturday - March 25th 2023 6:24AM MST
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I want to thank commenter E.H. Hail for clueing me in on the recent story of yet more Americans being taken Political Prisoner by the Potomac Regime for the events of 1/6/21. I saw the number 2,500 - to be reached - in a search result blurb by The NY Times, but I will not click on the old defunct "newspaper of record". The Gateway Pundit keeps up with this, and it's been I being remiss about checking there daily. His latest post is TUCKER Shows MSNBC Video of Trump Supporters on Jan 6 Throwing Things at Capitol Police – They Were Doing This Because Police Were Killing Rosanne Boyland. Rosanne Boyland was one of 4 Americans known to have been murdered that day by Regime police. Peak Stupidity has only concentrated on the shooting of Ashli Babbitt by Capitol cop Michael Leroy Bird, as that was the most clear-cut murder.

The guy in charge of Federal prosecutions is the head of the Department of Justice, the Attorney General. Zhou Bai Dien appointed SCROTUS-wannabe Merrick Garland to this position officially on Jan 20th of '21, but the news of this selection came out 2 weeks earlier, on Jan 6th. How timely!

I waded through the wiki file on this guy for "just the facts, Ma'am censors". Here's my quick take from that:

Merrick Garland has spent a long career in the Federal legal system. (I'm not gonna label it "justice".) He was mentored and employed by various high-up justices, most of them left-leaning. He'd get his better jobs when the Democrat party had the power to employ him, and sometimes go back to corporate litigation** or academia (at his Alma Mater, Harvard) during the years when he was not on the Feral payroll.

As a prosecutor,. Garland got involved heavily in the Oklahoma City bombing case and whatever else was considered "domestic terrorism" (Yes, that does fit the OK City deal, but who the real terrorists are is still an open question.) Though normally completely opposed to the death penalty, Garland was instrumental in seeking the death penalty for Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols. Was he told to put that one to bed?

As a judge, Garland has tended to side with the Feral Government when it comes to regulation (siding with government agencies) and when it comes to "National Security". He likes the 1st Amendment but not so much the 2nd.

The long ratcheting-upward career of Merrick Garland kept slipping when it came to the grand prize, appointment to a position as a Supreme Court judge. In '09 President Øb☭ma had him as one of 9 finalists to replace David Souter, but wise Latina Sonia Sotomayor got the job. During the next year, Judge John Paul Stevens retired, but, though Republican cuckolds like Orrin Hatch supported Garland even, Øb☭ma appointed Elena Keegan. By this point, one might well have wondered exactly what Merrick Garland thought of Affirmative Action. Suck it up, cupcake!

That's not all, as far as Garland's tough time clawing and scratching for SCROTUS. When Judge Antonin Scalia died under somewhat mysterious conditions, BTW, in Feb of '16, Øb☭ma nominated Garland (first out of 3 lame-ass picks) for the job. Finally! Well, except Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, in a rare moment out of his shell, went along with other Republicans who had already stated that that they would not consider any nominee put forth by Øb☭ma, and that a Supreme Court nomination should be left to the next president of the United States.

Under McConnell, the Senate's Republican majority refused to consider Garland's nomination, holding "no hearings, no votes, no action whatsoever" on the nomination. Per Wiki's political scientists and legal scholars, this was "unprecedented". It's called playing hardball. The GOP ought to play that more often.***

Poor, poor, Merrick Garland. They stole his dreams and paid him with regret the position of Attorney General. It may have been better, with less regret, for Americans if this guy had gotten onto the SCROTUS. He wouldn't have nearly the power he now has.

Was he appointed due to his expertise, so to speak, in dealing with "domestic terrorists"? Bai Dein's, or whoever's, decision could very well have been made right on that day, 1/6/21. He is ultimately responsible for the taking of simple protestors, trespassers, and at the worst, rioters, as Political Prisoners for years now without trial. In the meantime, as we all know, a whole summer (in some places, still ongoing) of burning and looting in big cities around this country by antifa Commies and BLM thugs resulted in almost ZERO punishment. Some of them are getting paid off by city governments for their "work" in this destruction.

All the people that Wiki quotes say that Merrick Garland is a most brilliant legal mind. Does he not see the hypocrisy and unequal treatment of the J6 vs antifa/BLM, not to mention the blatant violations of US Constitution B.O.R. Amendments VI and VIII? Well, he's a brilliant legal mind, so he can work the system well. That doesn't imply he's a person of integrity who will apply the spirit of the law.

He's not. Merritt Garland is an evil individual. Where does this come from? How'd he get on this evil vendetta against the White population of America? From Wiki, this is kind of weird, but interesting:
In April 2021, Russia imposed sanctions against Garland, including prohibiting him from entering Russia. This was in retaliation for U.S. expulsion of 10 Russian diplomats, a sanction imposed by the United States against Russia for its SolarWinds hack, aggression against Ukraine, and interference in the 2020 U.S. election. [Ahhh, geeze... that last was the HUGE purchase of $100,000 in Facebook ads by some Russian dude or something. This is SERIOUS.- ONE! HUNDRED! THOUSAND! DOLLARS!]
There's the over-a-century-old feud going on, see, between the Garland family, that's Garfinkle at the time, and the Russian Empire. Per Wiki, Merritt's grandparents fled said Russian Empire early in the 1900s, to come here and foist a fortunate grandson on the American people.

The big excuse for the taking of what may be 1,500 or so MORE Political Prisoners is this White Supremacy angle, as if there's any group of these bigger than 2 people in America that isn't composed of Feds. However, whatever it is, protests about election fraud, pushback against the Population Replacement project, refusal to be berated and eliminated under DIE, it's all White Supremacy nowadays. The apparatus to enforce this evil is something I could have warned the reader about 21 years ago, 'cept I didn't have a blog. Motherland Security and the War on Terra provides the method for the Totalitarians that infest the Potomac Regime.

The writers on Wikipedia seem fine with all this. A current nominee for the Newspaper of Record (along with The Babylon Bee), The New York Post, takes a different view from that of Wikipedia - Merrick Garland’s deranged ‘one-sideism’ on terror by a guy named "The Post Editorial Board. (Just give your name next time!) Thank you, NY Post. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees this evil Attorney General for what he is.

I'm pretty sure everyone but the seriously stupid, your AOCs and Nancy Pelosies, know that there was no Insurrection and these people were generally harmless. (The Regime cops who killed 4 is another story) This is in contrast to the "harmlessness" of the massive antifa/BLM riots and arson. That's not the point though. Merrick Garland knows too - his point is to warn patriotic Americans that, next time they think of protesting the Totalitarianism of The Regime, they could most easily be taken Political Prisoner and held for YEARS in a Washington, FS gulag under terrible conditions. Even 2 years after the fact, they can just be taken. ("Show me the man ...) Best to stay out of it and let it all happen... collect your measly paycheck and eat ze bugs... that's how they want you to think.

My original point, long lost to this post till now, is that I want to know where and how long ago you'd have to study to have an example of Totalitarianism that we see right in front of our eyes, regarding our fellow normal Americans. Besides GateWay Pundit, check out the videos on J6 Truth site to see this 3rd-world Banana Republic behavior. (Even in those places, this stuff happened only during those swings of the pendulum to Communism and back.) The USSR of much of the 20 century provides an example. China from 1949 till the death of Mao in 1976, but arguably now provides another.)

The treatment of the J6 is simply not America. The Potomac Regime's actions are that of a Communist country. Merrick Garland is its Lavrentiy Beria. "Show me the man, and I'll show you the crime."

* As for how it's going for some of these Political Prisoner in the regime gulag, here's a quick story from the same pundit, from over 700 days in there already: J6 Political Prisoners at DC Gulag Leak Heart-Breaking Video from Inside Jail Praying and Singing National Anthem – VIDEO

** Interestingly, one of his cases involved his acting as counsel to an insurance company suing to reinstate an unpopular automatic seat belt mandate. I freaking HATE those things. (At a motel on a long road trip in some '90s Eagle(?), I made the mistake of opening the door when I wasn't quite stopped yet - the thing jammed, and I had to use the emergency latch for the rest of the trip.)

*** Once Trump got in, he nominated Neil Gorsuch, who was confirmed by the Senate. President Trump got 3 judges in there. I hope they don't go native.

Thursday - April 6th 2023 5:49PM MST

On Merrick Garland versus his predecessor Augustus Garland, mentioned here in the comment dated "March 26th 2023 9:07PM MST."


(published April 6, 2023)
Saturday - April 1st 2023 9:45PM MST

Yes, I'd said D.I.E. with periods would solve the problem of non-initiates thinking one intends to shout (ALL-CAPS) the word "die!" which can cause confusion in many sentences.
Monday - March 27th 2023 12:30PM MST
PS: How about a compromise, Mr. Hail, with the use of D.E.I. with the periods. Even the most woke will recognize it and think these are typos and eventually come around to realizing "Hey, they are mocking us!"

Thanks for the summary of the history of this one Garland, aka Garfinkle. I will be glad to read a post of yours on Garland v Garland. Let us know on here if you have a new post, whatever it is.

That's interesting about Max Blumenthal. So, he basically admitted he's got his own personal reasons behind his opinion on the war. Then again, because the Iraqis hated his Dad, G.W. Bush may have had more than the usual Neocon reasons to start the long, useless, and costly 2nd Iraq war.

I appreciated the map, Alarmist.
Sunday - March 26th 2023 9:42PM MST

The Alarmist says that the "dedication to Greater Ukraine" by U.S. Jews is "misplaced affection."

One must distinguish between:

(1.) the entity of Ukraine as a state, which really became a medium-term political project (a state-molding project);


(2.) the Ukrainian Christian population.


Some instinctual anti-Russianism, plus generalized anti-White-Christianism, plus leftover Trump Derangement energy and the narrative-commitments to Russia involved therein, are enough to explain U.S. Jews' support for the Ukraine war.

Then there are the roles of specific Jews, like the slippery "Colonel Vindman" of Ukraine, hailed by the Left as a great national hero of either Ukraine or of the USA (it was never really clear who he was). And of course there is the Jewish comedian-president. These roles are further boosts. Remember the hero-worship for Zelensky quite often mentioned that he was Jewish.

Support for the "Ukraine state-molding project" as one of many such projects around the world also firms up support for the Ukraine War on a less-emotionalistic front. The ongoing project allows them to bypass the fact that Ukrainian Christians never liked Jews, which fact recedes into unimportance when all these pins are stacked in favor of the pro-Ukraine position.

This also reminds me of one of the most surprising scenes at the anti-war protest in Washington one month ago: One of the main speakers, a born agitator by name of Max Blumenthal, let slip that he was against support for Ukraine because Ukrainians had "killed MY people, had done pogroms against MY people." Max Blumenthal said that, I presume off-script, near the end of his speech.

Americans of our time are famously clueless about anything related to Jews and politics---or really Jews and anything, except for a kind of hero-worship. The minority that is not clueless about Jews is also well aware of the taboo against talking about them. It is for that reason that so few people at the really seemed to understand even what Max Blumenthal was even saying, judging from the lack of a reaction. Max Blumenthal did not use the word "Jews." He kept it vague with "Ukrainians killed my people!" without specifying that he meant the Jews. You had to pick up on the signaling to get the full meaning, but even so it seemed a little tone-deaf. He may have been trying to signal fellow Jews that it is okay to be pro-Jewish and anti-Ukraine War. Or he might have just gotten carried away in the moment.
Sunday - March 26th 2023 9:07PM MST

-- On the two "attorneys general Garland," 1880s vs 2020s --

I've written this before here in Peak Stupidity comments, but there was once another "Attorney General Garland":

Grover Cleveland's attorney general, 1885 to 1889.

That 'other' Attorney General Garland, if teleported to our era, might have more likely find himself in sympathy with the Charlottesville torch-parade marchers. He would (needless to say) be disgusted by his same-named distant successor, the so-called "Merrick Garland."

The 19th-century Attorney General Garland had been a member of the Confederate States of America legislature for four years, was a long-respected lawyer and constitutional scholar, and had views typical of the state from which he came: Arkansas.

It's interesting that these Garfinkels, arriving some decades after the career of this first "Attorney General Garland," would choose the surname "Garland" for some of their descendants, including this man who ended up rising (somehow) to the highest law-enforcement office in the land.

There is something poetic about the these two (legally-)same-named men, separated by a century-and-a-half, both from the Democratic Party. What is poetic how totally different they are. The juxtaposition between the two Garlands is a useful tool to elucidate what U.S. politics is all about, IMO. I hope to find time to write more about this (the two attorneys general Garland and what their vast differences tell us) at another date, as a post at
Sunday - March 26th 2023 8:04PM MST

"whatever it is, protests about election fraud, pushback against the Population Replacement project, refusal to be berated and eliminated under DIE, it's all White Supremacy nowadays."

Opinion I've nursed for some time, ever since Steve Sailer popularized "DIE":

Converting the anti-white acronym "diversity equity inclusion" from the original "DEI" to "DIE" is the wrong approach, in part because outsiders don't know what "DIE" is supposed to mean and often won't even know it's supposedly to be an acronym (mistaking it simply for some ALL-CAPS-ing the word "die"). Even when they do 'get' it, "DIE" is probably too direct for really effective satire.

Consider this version:

"Today we hear that President Biden and his top Wokeness advisers crowing about the historic-low in 2023 of White-Christian-origin males at a number of U.S. universities, crowing on MSNBC and CNN and in their friendly newspapers that it is a clear victory for D.E.I. (pronounced "die"). They're patting themselves on the back and calling to keep on with this "D.E.I" crusade."

Keeping the recognizable "D.E.I." and slipping in that "(pronounced, "die")" may be better satire than converting every appearance to "DIE."
Sunday - March 26th 2023 7:57PM MST

Opinion: It is worth writing the name of this person as "Merrick Garfinkel" with regularity,

...and adding something like this: "professional name: Merrick Garland" in brackets for clarification, when it is thought needed.
The Alarmist
Sunday - March 26th 2023 6:19AM MST
Sunday - March 26th 2023 5:48AM MST
PS: "Like many Jews who bear a grudge against the Russians, his family emigrated from the Pale of Settlement, much of which comprised modern-day Ukraine, so their dedication to Greater Ukraine is misplaced affection."

Thank you. I had never seen where this "pale" was on a map before.
The Alarmist
Sunday - March 26th 2023 5:05AM MST

Beriya was described by one of his unwilling mistresses as “witty, cunning and a great personality.” Stalin feared him, but considered him highly intelligent and talented.

I doubt the same can be said for Merrick Garfinkle.

Like many Jews who bear a grudge against the Russians, his family emigrated from the Pale of Settlement, much of which comprised modern-day Ukraine, so their dedication to Greater Ukraine is misplaced affection.
Saturday - March 25th 2023 2:07PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, I call the government part of America the Potomac Regime now. Yeah, the rest of the place isn't doing so well either.

"Merrick" didn't work so well for the Elephant Man, though, SafeNow. Nature sure didn't help him out, that's for sure. That was a pretty good movie they made about him.
Saturday - March 25th 2023 11:15AM MST
The baby name “Merrick” is of Welsh/Scottish origin and means power and fame. I would think that the parents did their baby-name homework, and
decided to go with this “power” name. And, they were far from done. During child-rearing, they instilled and rewarded, rather than traits like “fairness” and “decency,” the trait of “power.” This reinforced the genetic inclination in that direction.
Saturday - March 25th 2023 9:56AM MST
PS “The treatment of J6 is simply not America”. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but, yeah, this is America. This is how things are done now. And, it’s only going to get worse.
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