Trump v DeSantis: Round 6 - Quantity of Hatred Generated.

Posted On: Saturday - March 18th 2023 11:46AM MST
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The higher, the better, of course. I'm not one part of the contingent who hates The Donald, just in case the reader may have that wrong. I like the guy. I like any of the occasional politicians who like Americans.* I just HATE how much President Trump screwed the pooch.

Previously in this series, Peak Stupidity has posted Part 1 - Personalities - - Part 2 - Immunity to Kung Flu Panic - - Part 3 - Immigration Invasion - - Part 4 - Tag Team? and Part 5 - The Ukraine/Russia War(mongering).

In some Unz Review discussions, I have been told that Florida Governor and GOP Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is getting money and support from the wrong people. First of all, that may have changed quite a bit since his statement on the Ukraine/Russia war (Part 5). That notwithstanding, yes, the ones mentioned, your ¡Jeb!s, your Karl Roves, and even your Paul [sorry, just through up some of that green candy] Ryans, are THE WRONG PEOPLE, no doubt. However, they are supporting him because they HATE HATE HATE Donald Trump and always did. If something happens to keep Trump out of the general election race (his looming arrest per news I've read being a whole nother thing entirely), these people will turn on DeSantis in the same way.

The Lyin' Press doesn't have to pretend to like Ron DeSantis, as they have picked the ctrl-left long ago - there is no pretense even left in them that they are in some way balanced on the UniParty. I've read nasty headlines already, and let's not forget the HATE against Governor DeSantis for his lack of awareness on the Critical Danger of the Black Death 2.0 , errr, Flu Manchu. He about killed the whole State off, from what I've read in the headlines and in the take by this fucking guy. For this careless disregard of human life, the Lyin' Press and the Panicker crowd of any ideology HATE HATE HATED him for his freedoms.

I gotta admit that Donald Trump has the upper hand in this round. He had a big head start in being hated, of course. That's one thing. Also, because they know the man still can't be bought or blackmailed, the Deep State, Swamp creatures, Neocons, the sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, dickheads... they all HATE him - they think he's a righteous dude. [He's very unpopular - Ed(itor)]

Yeah, as a commenter put it, supporting Donald Trump is like sticking one's middle finger at the entire Establishment, i.e., the ctrl-left, i.e., the Communists. However, with Trump not being much more than a well-intentioned bullshitter, sure we can just keep that middle finger up as rigor mortis sets in while we are being bulldozed into big ditches by these Commies. No, thanks.

As soon as Ron DeSantis ends up the GOP Presidential candidate - I mean, we have the topic key ready - the entire left will turn on him the same way. I could be wrong - maybe I've been fooled, or maybe he'll be bribed or blackmailed**. Failing that, they will HATE DeSantis just as they do Trump. This aggressive interference with the narrative and plans of the Globalist elite and Commie bastards must not stand!

As for the Haley's, that Indian guy, and the other Neocon-sympathetic goers-along, you'll know whose side they are on when the HATE subsides. Instead we will get the Overton Briar Patch treatment:
Here's how it goes: The ctrl-left will act OUTRAGED at the (supposed) Conservatism, far-far-Rightism, and even Hitler-adjacent policies of the GOP high-office holders. This will be the case even when said GOP high-office holders are the most worthless, traitorous, compromising squishes and not Conservative in the least.

Some of the ctrl-left with what we may think of as having, or have thought of as having,Trump/Bush/Bush/Reagan Derangement Syndrome may really be outraged, but these are the most deluded psychotic sickos. I believe most of them just act like they think said office holders (I include notable Senators and Congressmen too) are actually Conservative. Why come up with these huge exaggerations of the supposed Conservatism of these politicians? It's a tactic of theirs that works very well .

The effect of this tactic is to get Conservatives to actually believe "their" high-office holder is working hard, doing the right thing for them. "If they hate him so much, he MUST be doing a great job!" Well, that can be true, but not if that hate is based on exaggeration, lies, or plain insanity.
Note I included Trump in this one, due to this being a tactic taken with officeholders who aren't actually acting Conservatively.

The HATE for all the Conservative, Inc. squishes will be fake, as explained. For anyone who actually DOES ANYTHING to stop the plans toward Globalist Communism, yeah, it's real, and it's rabid. That's the case for Ron DeSantis and Trump, well, they hate him cause he won that time ... or two. I'd call this round a draw. These two are able to draw equal amounts of hatred.

* He's good people. They're all wonderful people. Wait, I'm starting to sound like the guy , which is something I most definitely DON'T LIKE!

** No doubt it's more likely than with Trump, as Ron DeSantis is not a super-rich known playboy.

The Alarmist
Tuesday - March 21st 2023 8:32AM MST

Good Schools ... lulz.

Over here, in some political subdivisions, you can find lists of the favorite first names for babies born the prior years. And still by only two genders too !
Adam Smith
Monday - March 20th 2023 8:17AM MST
PS: Good morning, Achmed,

Yeah, it was pretty cold last night. ~22° Gonna be kinda cold today, but it's clear and sunny and not so windy at the moment. Looks like the plants can go back outside tomorrow or Wednesday. 76°/52° on Thursday. Nice after that.

I too imagine the 14th (especially the northern part) is pretty nice. Mostly rural, semi-mountainous with lots of open space and lots of trees. Good demographics, mostly white, some hard working Hispanics, and not many blacks. In coded language they might say good schools. (Not sure how good the schools are but I do think they're pretty safe by today's standards. Still better to home school.)

Happy Monday, Achmed! I hope you have a great day!

Monday - March 20th 2023 7:30AM MST
PS: What's the saying, Adam, hard cases make bad headaches... or something. Good question on the hypothetical OK/NY extradition dilemma. I never heard back from Jack D on this, surprisingly. He gets busy replying to a lot of people though.

Have a nice day there. That's some crisp clean air you got there. I've been looking up stuff on MTG now. The GA 14th district looks like a nice area demographically, as does yours.
Adam Smith
Sunday - March 19th 2023 5:00PM MST
PS: A couple quick edits...

So it would seem, contrary to Jack D.’s opinion, that extradition is not necessarily mandatory.


Adam Smith
Sunday - March 19th 2023 4:47PM MST
PS: Interesting link there, Achmed,

Lots of talk about fugitive slaves and the right to travel. I guess some of that is archaic and even moot. Interesting read though. Thanks!

I’ve read a few conflicting things and it seems that it may be Missouri and South Carolina that are not party to the Uniform Criminal Extradition Act. (Maybe it’s Mississippi and maybe it’s Missouri? Whatever.)

The Uniform Criminal Extradition Act is codified at 18 U.S. Code § 3182...

Some more details about extradition can be found here…

“treason, felony, or other crime”, hmm…
Does this follow the common law principal that all “crimes” must involve an injured party?

Then behind this link…

we find this nugget…
“The US Supreme Court has upheld a state’s right to refuse extradition.”

I thought this right was allegedly over turned in 1987.(?) hmmm?

And from wikipedia……

There are only four grounds upon which the governor of the asylum state may deny another state's request for extradition:

1. the extradition documents facially are not in order;
2. the person has not been charged with a crime in the demanding state;
3. the person is not the person named in the extradition documents; or
4. the person is not a fugitive.

And here we find another interesting tidbit...

“Other cognizable issues examined in relation to extradition are mental competency, constitutional and jurisdictional issues, and bail after habeas corpus proceedings. It is noted that despite references to the extradition process as a 'summary executive proceeding,' executive and judicial discretion pervade the process under the UCEA.”

So it would seem, contrary to Jack D.’s opinion, that extradition is not mandatory under the Constitution. There are indeed circumstances and situations when the executive in the asylum state can refuse extradition to the state that has requested extradition.

Which invites some obvious questions…

What if the alleged “crime” is not a crime at all?
What if the alleged “crime” is a politically motivated attack on a political opponent?

Would the governor in the asylum state have any duty to arrest the fugitive? Would there be a situation when the executive in the asylum state has a moral obligation to not arrest or extradite the fugitive? To provide asylum for said fugitive? (What about a Julian Assange or an Ed Snowden? For example.)

What if DeSantis refused extradition? Would the federal “government” take action against DeSantis if he refused to extradite Trump? What sort of action might they take? Would they arrest DeSantis? If so, on what grounds? How would the screaming harpies in the media react?

Or, as you suggest, could Trump simply hole up somewhere in South Carolina for a while? Would the injustice department send the U.S. Marshall to apprehend him? Ship him back to New York City?

Let’s hypothesize a little different situation.

Let’s imagine that Oklahoma makes it a crime to aid in an abortion. And let’s imagine a doctor from Oklahoma is charged with murder for performing an abortion. If this doctor avoids arrest and flees to New York would Kathy Hochul have a legal obligation under the Uniform Criminal Extradition Act to extradite this doctor to Oklahoma to stand trial for murder? Would she have a moral obligation to do so? Would the injustice department interfere with her decision if she refused extradition? How would the lyin’ press react in such a situation?

Well, you get the idea.
Happy Sunday, y’all!

Sunday - March 19th 2023 3:16PM MST
PS: Adam, I just read your material. Thanks.
I went to my usual "Constitution Center" site, and this one small part was interesting. It's not about the Constitution, but the laws made to allow Federal involvement. Before this, as you've read, it was the "moral duty" of the Executive Authority of the "Demanding State" to turn the guy over, but not the Fed's job. Per 17th paragraph on the following page:

"Today, the Uniform Extradition Act has been adopted in 48 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands (but not in Mississippi and South Carolina)." Interesting. I haven't read the UEA yet, but are Mississippi and S. Carolina possible outs? I'm sure someone in either place is ready to put Trump up for a while.


"The Extradition Clause covers “Treason, Felony, or other Crime,” and the Supreme Court has interpreted the crimes for which a person is subject to extradition very broadly, to include every offense punishable by law of the state in which the offense was committed. It is not a requirement that the accused consciously fled to avoid prosecution, only that the person did in fact flee from justice." That very last part conflicts with your source, but who knows? What's the definition of "fleeing", then? What if you just moved, and then out comes the indictment? This is pretty interesting.
Adam Smith
Sunday - March 19th 2023 2:07PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Mr. Moderator,

"The question I have is on the "fleeing" part. Trump did not flee from justice on this..."

The Pro-"government" extremists have an interpretation of Article IV, Section 2, Clause 2...

Although a person must be charged with a crime to be a fugitive from justice under the Extradition Clause, the Extradition Clause does not require the state demanding extradition (the "demanding state") to have charged the fugitive before he left the state. Instead, the Extradition Clause only requires the accused to be located in a state different from the one in which he is charged. Moreover, the accused may have left the state for reasons other than avoiding justice because the reason the accused departed is immaterial.

A little info on the Interstate Rendition Clause...

Sunday - March 19th 2023 1:26PM MST
PS: "The problem would be that the lying left controls the lying media. The media factor would probably overwhelm his personal qualities and his record." This is why Trump spent so much time on Twitter, etc., but he'd have been better off getting to work instead. But he was ALREADY President at the time I mean.

Good point on DeSantis there.

"And, when he shakes hands with Newsom at the debate, Ron will be 5 inches shorter…game over?" Well, see, first, that's the problem with "our" having let women vote. I say, the Governor can claim Social Distancing and not shake. He can tell the Moderator that his medical advisor told him that AIDS can be spread via hand contact.

"Are you implying I am gay?!" - Newsome, hoping to nail this guy for homophobia.

"No, not at all, AIDS hits everyone equally. You don't have to be gay... not that there's anything wrong with you... errr, that..."
Sunday - March 19th 2023 1:21PM MST
PS: OK, this is embarrassing, at the extradition language is in the Constitution, Article IV on States, Citizenship, New States, Section 2, Clause 2:

"A Person charged in any State with Treason, Felony, or other Crime, who shall flee from Justice, and be found in another State, shall on Demand of the executive Authority of the State from which he fled, be delivered up, to be removed to the State having Jurisdiction of the Crime."

The commenter we all know and don't always love, Jack D. on the Unz Review, had a run-down here:

Yeah, the guy IS pretty sharp on details, and I'm sure he's a lawyer, as he maintains. The question I have is on the "fleeing" part. Trump did not flee from justice on this. I'll write the man and ask him myself. (No, not the Manhattan D/A, I mean Jack D.)
Sunday - March 19th 2023 12:57PM MST
“As soon as Ron DeSantis ends up the GOP Presidential candidate - I mean, we have the topic key ready - the entire left will turn on him”

Turn on him, yes, agreed, and it might happen even before that…during the campaign. DeSantis is extremely smart (Yale, Harvard Law back when that degree meant something). Articulate. Tough. No problems there. The problem would be that the lying left controls the lying media. The media factor would probably overwhelm his personal qualities and his record.
(And, when he shakes hands with Newsom at the debate, Ron will be 5 inches shorter…game over?)
The Alarmist
Sunday - March 19th 2023 6:06AM MST

If Mr. Trump does indeed die in a NY jail or prison, does it still count as Arkancide?
Sunday - March 19th 2023 6:04AM MST
PS: Thanks, Mr. Smith and the Alarmist. I hadn't known what or whose charges they were when I wrote earlier. Though I'd heard the name Stormy Daniels before, I have been completely off of the TV news and anything close to infotainment, as I know it's all a distraction. I knew she was some bimbo, but that's about it Of course, you all know this is a distraction too, but, if, for Americans, all this (just like the Russia Collusion!) crap is "the story" then I guess it matters to some degree.

So, here we are with Manhattan D/A charges, State of NY charges whatever. This is even more juicy than the chest of Stormy Daniels (from what I've read ...) It's a GREAT opportunity to demonstrate States' Rights, aka Federalism to the left and to the country in general.

Yes, the entertainment value is something else, and who knows whether Trump actually appreciates or will appreciate the arrest rumors/action, as he is an entertainer more than anything. Some commenters are righting that if this guy gets arrested, he's got the nomination in the bag. That's too bad, really.

Yes, it may be all part of the show, Adam. As to what Alarmist wrote, if this is more than a show, and Trump gets Epsteined, I hate to say it for Trump's sake, but I think this would be a hell of a good scenario for the country. It'll wake up the rest of us. Actually, one could say Trump doesn't deserve any help were he jailed at Sing Sing, as has he done one thing to support the 1,000 J6 Political Prisoners?
The Alarmist
Sunday - March 19th 2023 5:24AM MST

It’s a NY State charge. To actually arrest Mr. Trump, NY’ governore would send an extradition request to DeSantis, who, if he was smart, would drag his feet as long as possible (otherwise he is seen as siding with the Dems as well as opportunistically taking out a rival), though it is not clear that he could block it entirely.

Here’s where it gets fun: If NY indicts with a felony charge, Florida officials or even private citizens can apprehend him pending a hearing. So if that Dog the Bounty Hunter guy or someone like him is still active on TV, he could be used to bring Trump to “justice.” Heck, Trump, ever the entertainer, might hire the guy himself. You’d know it if the Secret Service detail stands down.

I suspect, though, that Trump will fly to NYC to “be arrested” and perp walked, because he really believes the Manhattan DA can’t make the charges stick with a NYC jury. He probably is that arrogant, possibly that dumb. It will be hard, but not impossible, to run for President from Sing Sing, especially when he is held in solitary for his “protection,” where he’ll likely be Epsteined.

Mr. Trump’s best bet is to set up camp in the Bahamas and enjoy his retirement.
Adam Smith
Saturday - March 18th 2023 5:11PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

"Wouldn't the Feds just come out of whatever local office (Miami) and do the arrest, State of Florida be damned?"

As far as I can tell, if Trump is charged with anything it will be by the Manhattan DA's office. As these are not federal charges federal agents would have no reason to apprehend him.

It seems that the Manhattan District Attorneys Office has been on a witch hunt for years, trying to charge Trump with anything they think might stick. While the "hush money" payments to Karen McDougal & Stormy Daniels are not crimes by themselves, it seems that Alvin Bragg might charge the Trump organization with falsifying business records concerning the Stormy Daniels payment, which would be a misdemeanor and likely would not be an extraditable offense. Some people also seem to think that Trump's "hush money" payments to Karen McDougal & Stormy Daniels might be a violation of campaign finance law...

Even if they somehow charge Trump with a campaign finance violation, it is unclear to me if that would be a civil or criminal offense. Trump seems to think that Michael Cohen's involvement in the Daniels payment will shield him from liability.

I think that if Trump had committed a real crime they would have charged him by now. That this has dragged on for years is simply harassment. Lawfare against a political opponent, ya know, some real third world country nonsense.

I guess it's all part of the show.

Saturday - March 18th 2023 3:42PM MST
PS: I'd never even thought about this aspect of it, TMTBCoH. Wouldn't the Feds just come out of whatever local office (Miami) and do the arrest, State of Florida be damned? If it were a call by Ronny D, then he could show what he's made of (Federalism) hopefully, and stop any extradition. I'm no lawyer, so I don t know what the deal is. Do you have a link?

Very true about the GOP and the cheap labor for its donors, errr, constituent donors. Pay to play. Then, the other squad wants the votes and the DIEversity, while the Globalist elites behind it all simply want to terminate the White Middle Class.. with extreme prejudice - there's a legal term for ya'.
Two Minutes Two Brain Cells Of Hate
Saturday - March 18th 2023 12:18PM MST
PS Just read that Emmanuel Trumpstein will be arrested Tuesday and that Ronny D could have the final say due to FLA law about extraditing felons.
An astute commenter says this is all Grand Old Politburo because they are fellow travelers in the Long March to burn down FUSA.
The Grand Old Politburo branch of the Uniparty wants Trumpstein gone just as much as the CPUSA and probably more.
All that talk of walls could upset the meat packing plant underage minor workers and chamber of commerce golf course.
Comradette Leticia was put in place and she only had one job to do, get the Orange Roadrunner.
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