Happy St. Padraig's Day and the flight from American

Posted On: Friday - March 17th 2023 10:47PM MST
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That's Padraig... or something like that. I'm sick of the multi-culti stuff, even if it's from the Irish, even from people descended from Irish people that came here 150 years ago who know nothing more of that heritage than getting sloshed on green beer once a year... and every other weekend on regular-colored beer.

Peak Stupidity posted thoughts on this last summer in our post Local Multi-culti, thoughts that came from our time spent in the British Isles. There was even that story of a friend of Irish background who gave his best shot at Scotland the Brave on the pipes in our front yard at midnight. (He used to wear and even make kilts, but that didn't mean the bagpipes came naturally ...) Everyone but regular Americans is supposed to be so proud of their people from the olde country.

You're American now though, right? No matter what those old Irish wives tales said, you were always White* and you still are now. So act it, and quit with the damned ridiculous spellings. Meighan instead of Megan? Graeme for Graham? Now, it Padraig? I saw this header on VDare today:

This Padraig Martin has written an important and first-hand account of the Anarcho-Tyranny that was applied in Charlottesville, Virginia at the "Unite the Right" rally* back in the summer of '17. Though this multi-culti business irks me, I won't let it detract from my respect for this guy and my intention to read his book. This "Neil Kumar" post, “Unite The Right Was The Last Day Of The United States”—Padraig Martin’s A WALK IN THE PARK, is a great reminder of what happened and a review of Padraig's book.

Still, Padraig?? WTF? Spellcheck is not helping me it this either. Just call yourself Patrick, man, and be DONE with it!

Steve Sailer has long had an idea he calls "flight from white". Any American who can find some way to be considered other than a White person in the eyes of government or Big Biz does so. This phenomena is fairly new, maybe 30-40 years old, as the various new actual demographic groups or made-up ones, are all treated better than the White man, especially.

Now, even pure White Irish people** feel the need to distance themselves from those plain old Americans. This isn't about AA or any free stuff. The multiculturalist brainwashing has just taken hold.

Well, I'll tell you what. If I were to get this book from the writer, I'd want it signed by Patrick Martin. Otherwise, keep it - you aren't a uniter, of the right or anyone.

H A P P Y S T. P A D R A I G's P A T R I C K's D A Y!

PS: Is that too harsh? I could blame this on Padraig's parents, I suppose.

* Peak Stupidity wrote a number of posts about this travesty and this early reminder by the Regime of what happens when those on the right try to assemble peacefully and in not large enough numbers. (Maybe just assembling peacefully at all is something we can no longer do.)

See Anarcho-Tyranny at Charlottesville.

** Conveniently, VDare has a James Fulford article on this point today too - St. Patrick's Day Is NOT Immigration Day—Irish-Americans Are White, And Being Replaced Like The Rest Of Us.

Saturday - March 18th 2023 4:02PM MST
PS: Yes, Alarmist, the Welch and the Scottish too, all of them should "sell some vowels" to Vanna White and buy back the right ones.

That is some old-timey music, SafeNow. Thanks for the listen.
Saturday - March 18th 2023 4:01PM MST
PS: Good summary of the American Irish political ties over the years, well, centuries now, Mr. Hail. It is indeed unfortunate. Of the 3 big groups of immigrants from that 1880s - 1921 window, Irish, Italians, and E. Europeans - Jews (mostly?) at least 2 out of 3 have supported the Democrats since long ago. As for the Italians, maybe most of them too, or was it simply every group of new people that didn't get assimilated quickly* that voted this way.

There was a subthread under an iSteve post with a guy claiming these groups - he was concentrating on the Poles, claiming but all of them - were pro-Communist. No way. He did not mean the Jewish immigrants from there, as he would have said so, plus he used the term "ethnic neighborhoods", as in Chicago.

No, the Irish and Italians were anti-Communist in general, like most Americans. That other group is a different story.

"Yes, the Irish-Catholic ethnopolitical instinctual loyalty to the Democratic Party is very certainly another (historical) Irish-Catholic identity marker."

It IS a shame that the Irish, being such a large group too, could not get over their 19th Century mindset on American politics, back when it would have mattered lots - say the 1964 Presidential election.

You could probably lump in Bill O'Reilly in the same category as Sean Hannity. O'Reilly was Hannity's "Sean the Baptist", as I remember him from 1998, the last full year I had a TV signal.

* Your post on Ron DeSantis' family is an example of an assimilated family, making the difference politically?
Saturday - March 18th 2023 10:43AM MST

Here is “Clancy Lowered the Boom.” It is a really fun song, in case you haven’t heard it you might give it a listen. When I was growing-up, a long time ago, Irish kids were the toughest. My ancestors were from Nottingham; yes, as in Robin Hood. But I couldn’t very well walk around 6th grade with a longbow slung over my shoulder, so I gave Clancy a wide berth. The song:

The Alarmist
Saturday - March 18th 2023 4:58AM MST

There’s a cute movie called Leap Year with American Amy Adams trekking across Ireland to propose to her dickish American boyfriend in Dublin (spoiler: She falls for the Irish taxi driver played by Matthew Goode), where she comes across a chap wearing a football jersey with his name, Eoghan, which she prounces as “Ee-oh-gan” and is promptly corrected with “That’s Oh-wen.”

Why can’t the Irish learn to spell?
Saturday - March 18th 2023 4:38AM MST

All peoples have something good to offer, and that definitely includes the Irish-Catholics. When I have met "real" Irish-Catholics in the world, they are usually pleasant and interesting to talk.

However, the unfortunate fact is that the Irish-Catholic ethnopolitical identity in the USA has had a basically negative (political) impact upon the USA. This began to be felt by the third quarter of the 19th century already in places, and continued for most of the 1900s. To some extent is still felt today.

Take Joe Biden himself. As far as I'm aware, Joe Biden inherited an Irish-Catholic political sensibility and IMO it is this identity-inheritance that kind of explains his whole political career. It made him instinctually a member of a (permanently vaguely aggrieved) political quasi-class, and as loyal to the Democratic Party as to the Catholic Church or any other ancestral-identity tradition. This ethno-political tradition is a diluted form of what our Hebrew friends do with such passion, the Irish-Catholic version being wider in breadth (more Irish-Catholics than Jews) but shallower in intensity or discipline or ferocity.

Yes, the Irish-Catholic ethnopolitical instinctual loyalty to the Democratic Party is very certainly another (historical) Irish-Catholic identity marker.

It's been observed that this Irish-Catholic traditional loyalty to the Democratic Party is not really even ideological, and that from the mid-1800s when they began arriving and holding through the end of the the 1900s, their political affiliation has held. Crucially, it has held regardless of what the Democratic Party was saying or doing at any given time. That explains, in my view, what has been so often observed about Joe Biden himself, as someone who always seems to just insert himself into the Democratic Party's own center, wherever it is, from year to year and decade to decade.

We observe this in a number of other recent politicians: Senator and vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine, the neoconservative Samantha Power, the longtime wrecker Ted Kennedy, even John Kerry claimed the Irish-Catholic Democratic-Party tradition. The only Irish-Catholic on the "Right" among comparable figures may be the showman-entertainer Sean Hannity. Of the various crops of right-wing presidential contenders in recent cycles, I don't think any were overt Irish-Catholics.

In short, it's not a good thing to have a large class of people who see themselves as persecuted minority against the vague historical villain that is the Anglo Protestant. I know, it's now something virtually all groups do. I don't know if it's fair to directly trace the genealogy of the current version to the Irish-Catholics of the 19th century, but the phenomena are similar.
Saturday - March 18th 2023 3:56AM MST
PS: Yes, time goes by, Mr. Kief!

Thank you for the song. I liked it, but I did keep thinking it was going to speed up at some point. I like the fiddle/mandolin/banjo music. Maybe one out of those 3 that play in bluegrass music is not the from original Irish music?

I spent 10 days in Ireland one summer over 3 decades ago, when it was still pretty much all Irish. It was friendly, yet chilly (for the freaking summer!)
Dieter Kief
Saturday - March 18th 2023 3:39AM MST
Damn Mod. - - - one more gone!

- I'll rumble on -

as one of those half-Irish, spread-out all over the world, I salute as O'Keeffe today - and here 's a song to play

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